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  1. So true. They seem to forget the years of pure ineptitude of this organization.
  2. Probably the truest statement we’ve had on this board
  3. Hard to get a pass rush when most of Foles’ passes were quick ones. Quite a few RPOs.
  4. Maybe interior DL in the 1st, OG in the 2nd and LB, FB, TE somewhere in the middle rounds. Need someone to go along side Debo and Campbell. Beasley really needs to be a permanent fixture on the end across from Takk.
  5. Agree. I think back the 1st year Matt & CO. ran Shanny’s offense. I likened it to learning a foreign language. They Looked very unorganized and sputtered. It took a whole year and then some of the second season to start clicking. I believe it’s the same issues Sark had this year. Going from something he was comfortable with to something entirely new takes time to learn and adjust. Plus, getting used to the speed and style of NFL play is an adjustment in its own. It reminds me of college players in their 1st year in the league. I’m not saying his 2nd year in this system will be completely
  6. Combination of the two. Ultimately, it’s the players job to execute the play calls.
  7. Agree. The only play call I disagree with was the shuffle pass on 2nd down. You’d think that one of the two passes to Julio would have been completed. Although, it seems Matt has issues with throwing the fade. I see why they rolled out. More than likely to avoid the relentless Eagles pass rush.
  8. McVay was already hired to be the Rams HC before the SB.
  9. Both sides of the lines for sure. I think OG in FA then interior DL 1st round. Also, TE like Andrews out of Oklahoma would be nice. What about Watkins in FA?
  10. And yet we were 5 away from being 5th in the league.
  11. True. Sark did get better as the year went along. Our offensive numbers weren’t that bad considering all that plagued them. Hopefully next year he and the offense will be much improved. 2016 will probably never be replicated but maybe, just maybe, we’ll be closer to that version than this one.
  12. Using him mostly LB is definitely not his position but I don’t think we had a better option.
  13. This was one of the strangest years with all the crazy stuff that happened. I agree. There were tons of issues but lack of execution was our Achilles.
  14. They’re just pissed off and need to blame someone. Logic after a season ending loss goes out the window.
  15. Granted, but we did face the #4 defense in the league.
  16. Because he was double and even tripled team all year in the red zone. Even Julio can’t be expected to beat that.
  17. Everyone expected a low scoring game with the way both team’s defense have been playing. Why are most surprised?
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