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  1. New OC calling plays with some else’s playbook. Hmmm... The NFL is a different animal than the college scene. One year removed and guys are slamming. I agree, there have been some head scratchers but overall he’s done an adequate job.
  2. That’s what I said in an earlier post. He had the inside leverage on the CB and would have more than likely scored. Him falling down totally disrupted the entire play.
  3. Yep. Lack of working together throughout the offseason and preseason really cost them this year. Also, in Hindsight, maybe more playing time with Sark and the #1 offense might have helped.
  4. Funny that the Bills hired former Alabama OC Brian Doball.
  5. Agree. It seems like DQ/TD philosophy is to draft well and sprinkle in FAs as needed.
  6. Agree. It all depends on who is available at 26 DQ/TD has on their draft board. Levitre isn’t going anywhere. Also, I does seem DQ has confidence in Wes.
  7. Yeah, that’s a tough assignment for a young guy.
  8. Live in Houston. A lot of Saints fans here. Work too. Going to love hearing them ***** and moan.
  9. Not sure. You would think they would have that latitude. They’ve earned it for sure.
  10. Sum it up. He didn’t know why they didn’t run a QB sneak today on 4th and 1. He was for it but Haley called something else. Not once but twice. Also, said he doesn’t know why they don’t usually run one and can’t remember the last time they ran one.
  11. Fo sure! People talk about DQ and Sark but well respected coaches Tomlin/Haley made some bone head decisions today. Two dumb 4th down calls and an on side kick. Man, did Rothlisberger throw Haley under the bus.
  12. Yeah, that’s the other side of the equation.
  13. I was thinking that. Just imagining Julio and Watkins outside with Sanu in the slot. Dreaming out loud.
  14. Yeah, your right. Sign OG in FA. DL/LB is a need. What do you think about WR Watkins in FA?
  15. Yeah. Matt just can’t seem to throw the fade. Doesn’t leave enough room for the WRs to catch the ball in bounds.
  16. I believe Matt rolled to get away from the Eagle’s pass rush. It was stifling him all night. Looked like an out route for Julio. Good thought, but the play was actually doomed when Julio slipped and fell down. Completely disrupted the entire play.
  17. The play was doomed once Julio fell down. Completely Disrupted the play.
  18. Yeah, the red zone issues were a real head scratcher. We were pretty good until the we reached the red zone and then unable to execute. Real ??? i think all the heat DQ got from not running the ball in the SB resignated throughout the offseason and continued this year. Hmmm...Yet, we didn’t run the ball 1st and goal last night when Teco was gashing the Eagle “D” on the final drive. Also, I thought Sark was to run Shanny’s System with minor adjustments he wanted to add.
  19. Again, does anyone remember the years pure ineptitude of this organization before they remade this team.
  20. You’re right. Matt and CO. deserve some consistency around them. Can’t blame Shanny for leaving but we can’t keep changing OCs every time there’s some kind of adversity.
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