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  1. If’s and but’s we would have had a perfect season. LOL! Lack of execution was a pretty damaging factor. Also, didn’t we have a lot of new coaches on staff this year? That has to factor into the equation. So much turnover can’t be good for the cohesiveness of the team.
  2. True. Sark has a lot of issues but players need to make plays to win games. Take for instance. On the seam route Kollaman refered too, Sanu was wide open initially but Matt threw the ball too late. Could have been an easy TD.
  3. Game plan aside, I thought he was using Shanny’s playbook.
  4. They will only get better. I do love the direction they’re headed in.
  5. Not to mention getting off the field on defense. Way too many 3rd and long completions for 1st downs. Also, they had dumb penalties negating TOs.
  6. It’s the true causation of our ineptitude this year. Not to mention the dumb penalties that negated good plays.
  7. The Falcons’ red-zone efficiency fell from 9th (64.6%) to 23rd with (49.2%). It was a leading cause in our decline.
  8. Gesicki and Andrews are my favorites and could go anywhere between 2nd and 4th rounds.
  9. Watch some Pen State games this year and he looked really good. He and Andrews are my top TEs in the draft.
  10. Yep. Can’t execute well and keep drive going with those variables factored into the mix. Not to mention the ill timed penalties.
  11. True. Also, we gave up too many 3rd and long conversions. That, with ill timed penalties taking away good plays on offense and TOs on defense.
  12. Just thinking we could have had a better former Alabama OC if we could have waited.
  13. Worked for the Rams game. Should have continued with a similar game plan for the Eagles.
  14. Philly’s defense had harassed Matt all day. I think they just wanted to by him some time to make a play.
  15. The way we’ve been drafting I don’t see that changing. There will be plenty of opportunities to find young studs in the future. People can say what they want about DQ, but he has brought this franchise to a level never seen before.
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