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  1. As we have in the playoffs. Pedal to the metal. Keep doing our thing.
  2. Where is that troll random variable now?
  3. Actually live in Houston but born and raised in ATL baby. My heart will always be with my boys. RISE UP brotherhood.
  4. LaFleur as OC for Super Bowl champion Falcons or OC for LA Rams. Which would you choose?
  5. Tiffany Blackman, NFL network, reporting on the Falcons all week said, "Quin took Mack off the list because he was going full speed in practice Friday". "That He felt really good".
  6. I agree with you on this one. Seems like a lot of the patriots routes rely on YAC.
  7. The patriots did not face a single QB to finish in the top 10 and passer rating this year. Looking over their schedule, they didn't face any offenses that really scared you besides Seattle and we all know how that turned out.
  8. We need three or four stops in the game to make a difference. I believe the Patriots will get their points, but we need to hold those points to as many field goals as we can.
  9. If you think that Pittsburgh is better than Seattle then you have lost your mind!!!
  10. Same can be said against your team. But, the only good team you guys played against, you lost! Seattle Seahawks.
  11. I honestly don't think they have an answer for our running backs. Of course, no one has!
  12. Bellichick and Patricia Are now magicians. A lot of their success this year came against not so stellar offenses.
  13. The only good team they played this year was Seattle and they lost.
  14. I just feel that their schedule and the quality competition they faced really helped their defense. I just feel that their schedule and the QB's they faced really helped their defense put up good numbers. Our offense is in another league compared to the ones they faced this year.
  15. That's true. Completely forgot about Him since he was such a non-factor.
  16. Yes, but Rothlisberger wasn't playing very well lately. Also, his WRs did drop some very catchable balls.
  17. Getting Pressure on the quarterback is the key for both sides. We need to get Brady b***ing and moaning like he did against the Texans. Hopefully, get him and their offense out of rhythm.
  18. I agree, it's much more difficult now is days to string great seasons together and go to the Super Bowl. I strongly feel the NFC is much better than the AFC. There are more quality teams in the NFC than AFC. New England is and has been a great team but the quality of competition in the AFC could add a little bit to the reason why they win every year. I can't wait for next Sunday. To show that Atlanta does belong and will belong with the elite for years to come.
  19. I know that every assistant coach dreams of being a head coach but why would anyone want to coach San Francisco. They are a mess. Their GM made so many horrible decisions the owner decided he had to go. They have so many needs and holes to fill and it's gonna be a long time before they even become good. He has a really good now with Atlanta. He's a great OC and would be a good head coach so I don't see why he couldn't wait a year or two find a much better team to lead. I guess I'm just being selfish on my part.
  20. Matt did pass for over 4,000 yds. He needs an OL that can protect him!!!!
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