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  1. I think when it's all said and done we're all going to say the FO/DQ did exactly what they had to do to make this team better. Besides, they are the professionals and we are not. Wouldn't you much rather give 14 million to the pro bowl CB Than a DT with back problems. I know it's apples and oranges but look at JJ Watt this year. He missed most all the season and may never be the same again.
  2. I see that most everybody has settled down from all of the talk on Thursday. What I've been saying all along. We are in really good team. The defense should be pretty darn good next year. These are some of the things I've been mentioning an earlier posts: http://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2017/03/11/4-reasons-the-falcons-are-being-so-quiet-early-in-free-agency/
  3. Agree. I think it's more important to extend Tru, Ryan and Free. We will find another FB.
  4. I'm with you on this. Sure it might be nice to add quality FA but I won't complain if we don't. We were a really good team last year and I believe we will only get better know DQ is here to stay (hopefully). TD has already said we need to keep our core players. I'm all for that! I'd rather extend Tru, Ryan and Free than over pay someone else. Am I wrong? My impression is that really good teams sign a few FAs here and there to complement and draft for the future. That's how teams get better!
  5. TD already explain this. We don't have a lot of cap space. We re-sign some of our best players. That leaves a little left for big-name FA"s. Great teams sign free agents to complement and draft for the future. You guys are acting like our FO and DQ have no clue. I know it's hard to shake the past but we FINALLY have a head coach who knows what he's actually doing.
  6. Totally agree!! If a man punches a woman, no matter what the circumstances, he's a low life LOSER!! That is totally inexcusable. No matter what she did, he never had the right to hit her. You're right, all he had to do Was walk away. He's the type person that DQ will never, ever draft. Don't want him, don't need him!
  7. Hey guys, correct me if I'm wrong. don't the really good teams sign a few free agents to complement and draft for the future?
  8. Look at what DQ has done in the past two years. How about we let the professionals do their job!! I think they know a little bit more than we do about what's going on within the organization. Granted, we lost the SB but we got there because we are a **** good team. I'm sure the FO and DQ are gonna do what they can do with what little money we do have to make us an even better team. God knows, a lot of us have suffered through so many miserable seasons. how about we enjoy where we are now and where were headed. Everyone on this board knows that we have it really good right now and I do bel
  9. Why would anybody listen to what he has to say?
  10. We have to take care of our own first and then see what We have left.
  11. My wife had the surgery. Two bunions lasered off. She wear a boot for about four weeks and was walking normally within the next month. Granted, she's no professional athlete but it seems like A specimen like Julio should be doing fine within that time frame.
  12. Dion said it best. You can never have too many CB's and Safeties.
  13. I met Deion Sanders at Lenox Square just after he was drafted by the Atlanta Falcons. He probably had at least 20 of his entourage with him. Even though he is such a polarizing character, he was very easy to talk to.
  14. He is the one that has finally brought this franchise to a higher level. He just makes everyone around him that much better. Most all of us have been lifelong falcons fans and know how hard it is been, but finally we can say that we look forward to the future with DQ in charge. For once, I honestly feel good about our team and where it's headed.
  15. Well, I would love to take a pass rusher at 31, if peppers dropped you can't pass on the talent like that. With his size and speed he would be a great free safety. Not to mention, A phenomenal kick and punt returner. Not saying, he be at the level Dion was on special teams, but he is also electrifying to watch. I watched a lot of Michigan football games, mainly because my wife is UM alum. I believe it's hard to get a real gauge on what a talent he is and has been with all the multiple positions he's played. Harbuagh played him at so many positions because he is that talented. Just imagi
  16. I was thinking that myself last night. You could tell in the fourth quarter our defense had nothing left.
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