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  1. Shouldn't that always be the case?! We finally have a real HC that knows exactly what he wants!!!!
  2. Agreed! Never have too much depth in this pass happy league. Especially, the way Tampa is assembling their offense.
  3. with the way the defense wilted in the fourth quarter of the SB, do we take anything other than defense with the 2nd pick? Yes, OL needs depth but the defense is priority in my book. FS, DL or LB. I think Baker, Williams and Obi will be gone. So, We may have a chance on Maye or Evans. Love to have a chance at Rivers, Bowser or even Cunningham.
  4. Totally agree. I'm sure they signed him because they saw something in him and to see if he could complete. By now, you would think we would have trust in DQ but we have four pages talking about some guy who is basically a UDFA. It's not like they spent a lot of money on him.
  5. He's still a bit raw but with DQ's help he could really be a force. He's a good kid too. Something else DQ likes. Would fit in well with the Brotherhood.
  6. I'm all for a trade down. More picks, the better with the deep draft.
  7. I'm all for the double tap. TD and DQ understand that it's a weakness. TD has already mentioned they will focus on both sides of the line. Love Rivers and Bowser. I live in Houston and have watched Bowser play. He's the real deal. Athletic and very disruptive.
  8. I totally agree with you. In today's pass happy NFL, you can never have too many quality CBs.
  9. Maybe he and Jim Carrey can star and dumber and dumber 3
  10. I agree. Really hate to see us drafting OL the first two rounds. Other pressing needs are at hand.
  11. I have like to walk her for a while now. love to have him in the 3rd. Also, Marcus Williams would be a great add.
  12. You can't discount players just because they're from small schools. look how many great football players like Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Deacon Jones, and many others playing today. I don't care where they come from as long as they can play. I think Quinn and the FO feel the same.
  13. I do like it. I agree, trading back and then trading to get what we want seems realistic. I believe we're at the point where we do have that luxury. A lot of teams are in desperate need, we're in a position to draft the players we want.
  14. I know it was difficult for all players play with bad wheels, except Julio, but is it to especially difficult for the OL. Seems like Matt was pressured a lot more in that game that he has been all season. Who knows, healthy OL may been the difference.
  15. If you play that many snaps last couple years your a$$ would be tired too. I'm sure that led to his decline. Is only 26 so he has plenty left in the tank. Quinn seems to have the right plan for him. He's already says going to get the best he can out of him and let him ball! Just read, he gets a $500K bonus tied to making his weight. $7.5M base. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2017/03/18/dontari-poe-has-500000-weight-bonus/
  16. That's why Quinn is building depth. One of the main reasons he wants rotational guys. Seems like everyone's conceding the New England game. I know, it's outside and the weather and all. Don't you think the Falcons will be hungry and have something to prove that game?
  17. I totally agree, with Poe pushing the pocket, Our DEs and LBs will have great opportunities
  18. I agree. From what I've heard and read, Schweitzer almost won the starting job last year. I'm fine with either.
  19. After all these years of misery, I for one am ecstatic about direction this team is headed. I agree, people complained and moaned about last year's draft and look what he produced. Everyone please take a deep breath, relax and let the FO and DQ do their jobs!
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