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  1. I remember watching games in Fulton County Stadium for a $1 in the cheap seats. Some greats along the way but never really got fired up or excited about a game Until they drafted Deion. That's all changed this year. I'm so excited I can hardly contain myself. Seems like the first game is taking forever to get here.
  2. As they always say, " happy wife, happy life".
  3. Maybe he's just starting to figure things out. All of this is just speculation on our part. As DQ always says, "Sucess is a choice".
  4. I need to get me some of their off-season workout!!!
  5. It's funny. Some people really think they know more about football than our FO and DQ.
  6. I believe you can never have to many quality players. You always need depth. You can't ask a guy to play all the snaps all season long. DQ subs a lot and players have to step up. I feel, wether we signed Poe or not, Hageman was and is going to get plenty of snaps. It does seem he was one who needed to get playing time to develop. He just has to play balls out all the time. Not just when he feels it! Posted on another thread:
  7. Yes, but they didn't play anyone worth a darn last year except for the Seahawks.
  8. I believe once the season starts everyone will forget about our Super Bowl loss.
  9. Dido. I truly don't believe there's any other fans out there excited about their team as we are. I know everybody gets excited about thier team's upcoming season and the opening game, but with the way our offense was last season and the additions to our defense, we have a reason to be excited. Nate mentioned a big key, Tru coming back. Our front seven will terrorize the QBs, but I feel our back end will shut down a lot of receivers. The two will go hand in hand!
  10. Agreed. We have tooooooooo many weapons for him to have to be the difference maker. That's why we have Julio. He just needs to keep doing what he needs to do. Be the #2 and be a red zone presence.
  11. Is there any other NFL fans more excited about their team than we are? I am so excited to get the season started. Four months seems like an eternity.
  12. TOTALY AGREED! TD and DQ is not going to let a player that talented and a key member of the Brotherhood walk. Guys like Free don't come around very often. Great RB and a **** of a receiving nightmare for LBs. You don't let special players like him walk. So, give it up guys. TD will sign him. Just curious, how much do you guys think Teco will want when it's his time? How much is rotational RB worth? Is it crazy to believe we can retain both?
  13. I assume you meant TD figuring things out. I totally agree. We finally have a coach who knows what the h$ll he's doing! I guess, I was trying to say, it's not like Blank is going to break up the team of the FO and DQ with how well they've been working together and all they've accomplished since 2015.
  14. Blank's no fool. He will keep the FO and DQ with whatever it takes.
  15. With the spread them out, pass happy league of today, you're going to be in nickel A LOT. He will play!
  16. Like Bobby Boucher in "The Waterboy". Seriously, I believe Duke will fit in just fine in our system. His speed and athleticism will translate just like Debo's. May not be as good as him, but with those three, our LB's will punish!
  17. That's what DQ keeps preaching about. Toughness, fire, athleticism and speed. Speed, speed and more speed. I also think Kazee will be a great nickel/FS. His ball-hawk skills will flourish in our system.
  18. I believe they want the same on offense as defense. Toughness, fire, competitiveness, athleticism and speed.
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