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  1. 20 hours ago, Doctor Kildare said:

    Davenport is another who is at risk of being gone by the time the Falcons pick. I hope a lot of quarterbacks and defensive backs practice, play and combine their way into a high draft position the next few weeks.

    Some are saying top 10. Love to have him if by chance he slips. Love the quote on how he wants to play, “like to have the power of Calais Campbell, motor of JJ Watt, and speed of Von Miller.”

  2. 11 minutes ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

    I'd be pretty upset if we spent a Day 1 or Day 2 pick on a RB. Day 3 pick for good value would be fine. But our strength at RB and the strength of the RB free agent market makes me prefer to go elsewhere with our draft capital. 

    I’d rather have a guy like FB Flowers in the later rounds. 

  3. 14 hours ago, Vandy said:

    Co-sign. Great teams are built through the draft and fill in missing pieces with FA role players aka Jack Crawford. Let the Splashy FA signings go to Cleveland. 

    That’s always been my belief. Draft well and sprinkle in needed FAs. DQ/TD have done very well in that regard. We’re to the point now with our roster we don’t need a big splash. 

  4. On 1/23/2018 at 0:44 PM, kiwifalcon said:

    They do to me man we aren't looking for a 1 A we are looking for a guy across from Julio and the more and more I think about this with Sanu's money basically paid making him cuttable end of next year Watkins would be my guy.

    I see a guy just screaming out for a place to make home he sure hands quick can get deep he'd be a good pickup in my eyes.

    You and I agree. I’d love to see him one on one across from Julio. 

  5. 1 hour ago, MSalmon said:

    No doubt. But, who knows, maybe we’ll see that speed and athleticism translate on field.

    but if we’re using Seattle as a baseline defense —which kinda makes sense because of DQ—they always had a deep and varied group of LBs. 

    My dream pick—it won’t happen—would be to move up and grab Roquan Smith. Can you imagine Debo, Campbell and Smith on the field with Takk and Beasley off the edge? That’d be amazing 

    True. Dream come true for a lot of us. Even if Riley pans out we still need quality depth at LB. What we have now is not that good. God forbid, we need a back up to play significant snaps. Many would argue and yes OL is one priority but the only difference this year over last was health and the loss of Chester.  I just don’t know if a quality OG will be worth the pick at 26. There are a lot of variables at play before we can absolutely say without a shadow of a doubt, that we desperately need an OG in the 1st. I feel a much higher priority than an OG will be available at 26th. But on the other hand, we aren’t getting any younger. 

    I just think there will be better DT/DE/LB/FS BPAs available at 26 than an OG. Yes, Wynn and Price will be good players but would drafting them at 26 outweigh drafting say, e.g. a top notched DT/DE/LB or FS? I don’t know but I’d rather risk the pick on the latter.


  6. 1 hour ago, g-dawg said:

    I don't believe Riley will ever be as good as Debo, but it is too soon to call him a bust - give the guy another year - a healthy year - before we start judging him.

    I agree. Some on here are already so quick to label him. Yes, he looked rough. But my God, let’s give him the benefit of doubt before we toss him to the curb. 

  7. Just now, MSalmon said:

    I agree on Kazee. He’d be great at nb. I get the rico love, but it’d be nice to get a legit ballhawk at FS.

    good question. We still could use use someone better and younger than Reynolds and Ishmael is ok. 

    I don’t know how they view Riley. I love his speed and athleticism, but he looked lost out there. Maybe he’ll come around 

    That’s the key on Riley. Speed and athleticism. One of my biggest negatives on him is he only started one year at LSU. It’s a big jump from college to the NFL, even for a seasoned prospect. But when you’re inexperienced as he was, there’s going to be an even bigger learning curve. 

  8. 3 minutes ago, MSalmon said:

    I’m speculating at this point. I imagine theyll tender rico. 

    I read some article about re-signing Teco. 

    Im with you on pass rushers. I think that pass rusher could be a target. We have Clay up for contract and Reed with a big cap number,

    i love Geiski

    I know. I like Kazee but if we had a chance to draft Harrison, take it. Move Kazee to NB and use his ballhawk skills. Watching Senoir bowl practice. The guys talked up Davenport. Also, I read about moving Beasley to DE. So, does DQ think highly of Riley or do we invest in a LB? 

  9. 48 minutes ago, MSalmon said:

    Could be. This is a decent draft. Someone will fall. I think a lot depends on how teams view the QBs. There’s quite a few, but not any Andrew Luck types. I’m pretty sure Nelson goes quic, as he’s an elite OG prospect. 

    Plus, you’ve got some great rbs who might get in first round, 

    Itll be interesting to see what shakes out at #26

    personally I’d love to have either:

    1) Marcus Davenport, Edge

    2) Ronnie Harrison 

    3) Da’Ron Payne, DT bama

    and don’t laugh, but I wouldn’t mind seeing us grab Sony Michel if he was there at #26. I just don’t know how we can afford Teco going forward, and he’d be a heckuva weapon in this offense. 

    Yeah, I’m reaching on Michel being a Falcon. 

    Love either of those guys. Michel too. I just think we have greater needs than RB. Didn’t TD mention they’ll try to resign Teco? Davenport would be a dream. Never have too many pass rushers. DE is a need since there are several players hitting FA. Also,  Even though Poe is a question mark, I think DT is a priority even if we resign him. Not sure how Crawford will come back from injury.  DQ loves Rico and I wonder if they believe FS is a need. That being said, if Harrison is available, how can you pass on him? TE & WR wouldn’t hurt. I like Gesicki or Goedert at TE. Ateman or Pettis at WR. Ateman would be another RZ target and Pettis is a phenomenal return guy.

  10. 3 hours ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:


    There's wisdom in this. We're fortunate enough to have relatively few holes on the roster so we can really focus on finding the right player without having to draft a dude as a "repair." That doesnt mean we should draft a guard that we like over a defensive end that we LOVE, but it is worth looking at how any drafted player is going to fit into his spot on the field. And there are many many worse situations than to put a guard prospect that you really like into an OL between two pro bowl-level OL. 

    True. It all depends on who DQ/TD have as priorities on their draft board. I would say drafting someone they love is more important than drafting one they like. Likes can be found in later rounds. Also, if someone falls, then how can you pass over that talent if he fits one of our needs. 

  11. 4 hours ago, DoYouSeeWhatHappensLarry said:

    Also EVERYONE in the thread needs to calm down. 

    I think I speak for all of the mods that we dont want to spend the next 8 months tossing points and bans at established posters simply because you guys can't talk about FA/draft in a civil manner. 

    Stop the insults, stop the nonsense. Grow up. 

    Thank you. Childish antics on this board gets ridiculous. 

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