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  1. Pure speculation. So he didn’t promote him. Doesn’t mean he hates him. I am glad he’s getting a chance with Tennessee. He deserves it.
  2. Some are saying top 10. Love to have him if by chance he slips. Love the quote on how he wants to play, “like to have the power of Calais Campbell, motor of JJ Watt, and speed of Von Miller.”
  3. I’d rather have a guy like FB Flowers in the later rounds.
  4. That’s always been my belief. Draft well and sprinkle in needed FAs. DQ/TD have done very well in that regard. We’re to the point now with our roster we don’t need a big splash.
  5. You and I agree. I’d love to see him one on one across from Julio.
  6. True. Dream come true for a lot of us. Even if Riley pans out we still need quality depth at LB. What we have now is not that good. God forbid, we need a back up to play significant snaps. Many would argue and yes OL is one priority but the only difference this year over last was health and the loss of Chester. I just don’t know if a quality OG will be worth the pick at 26. There are a lot of variables at play before we can absolutely say without a shadow of a doubt, that we desperately need an OG in the 1st. I feel a much higher priority than an OG will be available at 26th. But on the other
  7. I agree. Some on here are already so quick to label him. Yes, he looked rough. But my God, let’s give him the benefit of doubt before we toss him to the curb.
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