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  1. So why was Thad fired by OSU? I don’t remember yesterday
  2. I know this a recruiting thread and it may be the wrong place to discuss this but since the depth chart has been mentioned a few times I wonder if anyone can provide some insight to how Nate McBride is coming along. ILB/OLB depth seems thin despite the incoming haul of recruits. What are we looking like there do ya think?
  3. Auburn quotes are hilarious golden hate
  4. Not sure what thread to post this in but an interesting article about Donavan Tate of Cartersville who UGA was recruiting back in '09 I think. I believe he was was mostly projected and recruited as a safety. He just enrolled as a walk on qb at the University of Arizona http://bleacherreport.com/articles/2732632-from-mlb-bust-to-26-year-old-freshman-qb-donavan-tate-re-emerges-in-the-desert
  5. Just awful. Threatening a women, a vet, and one with ptsd. Turn these dirt bags over to the custody of isis
  6. Great sounding kid that is really struggling with this decision. Whatever it is I wish him the best. Go dawgs
  7. I like the name buster and that his phone # has no area code. How do ya call this guy?
  8. Will be interesting to see what bobo does if not this year then year to year to follow
  9. It looks very possible that not a single team on fsu's schedule will be ranked in the top 25 by season's end. Where should fsu rank if that's the case?
  10. Me +1 will be attending. Last time i went i got tickets at the game for face value. Think that midlevel might be gotten at the stadium on saturday? I hate paying inflated stubhub prices
  11. Just as long as it's the highest scoring game of the decade and pigtrino sustains an injury during his sprint to the locker room at halftime
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