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  1. So why was Thad fired by OSU? I don’t remember yesterday
  2. Great sounding kid that is really struggling with this decision. Whatever it is I wish him the best. Go dawgs
  3. Will be interesting to see what bobo does if not this year then year to year to follow
  4. Great article. Had no idea that micah was the grandson of ralph abernathy II. Sounds like the vols got a great leader in micah. Micah for president
  5. Don't you have 5 new starters on the oline this year? Replacing 2 starters is sketchy. Hard to blame a coach for that unless there's more to it in your opinion
  6. Hah. How many hurdles are required before the heisman is awarded?
  7. I think it was the play when isaiah mckenzie called for a fair catch and bobbled it on a punt return and started running anyway
  8. Super cool. I've never done that
  9. Speaking of playing more of a spread I noticed that the 3 of the 4 offers at qb this year are dual threat. Is that typical? I guess bauta was dual but was ramsey? Would you say we are trending that way more now than ever or it's just a case of this year's crop?
  10. That is a lot of decommits following their big recruiting weekend. Weird
  11. Disappointing to hear that choking women used to only be a misdemeanor
  12. Uga cop let it slip that the kid is from south florida. Only 3 recruits on the list from south florida.
  13. A lotta spots opening up for this year's recruiting class. Let's fill 'em
  14. Hope yer right, boss. In addition to langley I kinda wonder if Mitchell wouldn't be served better as a db at the nfl level