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  1. Anyone in London England going to a bar to watch this?
  2. is the game blacked out on t.v.? I have missed the last 2 weeks on NFL Gamepass because of this! Anyone know? Cheers for the help
  3. An absolute humdinger of a game, credit to the 'skins they played hard the difference being the longer it went on the more gassed their d line became the better our passing game became. Devonta freeman is a rising star -probowl worthy so far. You have bad games at times but it shows class if you rise above it and keep playing - you get your just desserts. So freaking happy right now...!
  4. just needs the reps IMO consistency will breed consistency
  5. are they all suffering from Ebola? or just sh1tt1ng through the eye of a needle!
  6. we're gonna scrape a draw today.
  7. I am a lefty for writing but right handed and right sided for most other things - as a kid this was explained as being cross lateral, nice to hear that there are many of us that can switch it up. Ambidextrous though is having equal comfort and precision with either hand/side.
  8. Message is win at all costs or just about as gung ho as Mike Smith dares. He could save his job!
  9. the pre half-time decision to shirk the need for extra points when your offense is balling also there were no half time adjustments worth their name!
  10. adversity is great motivator but the lad who put up the thread bout him deserves props as he is absolutely balling out there.
  11. He's still on the PS and is in London with the team - he's finding being out of America for the first time a whole new world according to his twitter feed
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