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  1. I think you guys are under the impression your offense is like a Ferrari that was being driven by a granny ( Mularkey ). When in reality the Falcons offense is actually like a moderately tuned Honda Civic, now being driven by a fetus.
  2. What ???? Quizzzzzzzzzzzzz is the best back in the league, he's like a MJD clone but better.
  3. Lol one hype after another on this board, now its onto QUIZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. To bad no one you guys hype up can ever pan out into helping win the big game.
  4. According to this board: Quizz is MJD Ryan is Manning Julio is the next Moss Tony G is the next Tony G Yet more than 2 points cannot be had.
  5. Holy ****! Falcons are so good that you guys should just play yourselves for the championship, why have 31 other teams who aren't perennial winners????? Playing Asante in practice? CROWN US!! Practicing against Nolans god like invincible best defense EVAAR? Crown us!!!!!!!!
  6. Saints fans are the biggest ******* in the sports world.
  7. More exciting than if the Falcons were the team.
  8. Hahaha Matt Ryan comparable to Peyton??? Strong delusional fans
  9. Its laughable some of you actually believe the Falcons are locked in to win the division this year. The Saints will suck somehow, the Panthers will suck because Cam is overrated, the Bucs will suck because it doesn't matter how much new talent they added, only the Falcons will do well even though theres no significant improvement and this team will actually be worse with a worse O Coord.
  10. Lol at you guys having that wash up on your team to replace Lofton. Talk about a huge huge downgrade hahahahahaha. Oh and isn't it weird whenever one of your better players leave the Falcons they do something to mock/insult you guys? Says alot about this terribad franchise.
  11. MATTY ICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously though, he will eventually be exposed as an average QB. You guys should trade him to the Browns while he still has some inflated value.
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