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  1. What's sad is he was actually getting it right by the time he was canned lol. Thats why Mora had such early success.
  2. based on what? his stellar performance in the playoffs? if ryan was their qb, their defense would have won them a super bowl already. matty melt, with less weapons, isnt going to win a super bowl for anybody.
  3. whats sad is flacco has a better td to turnover ratio in the playoffs than ryan
  4. ryan is a game manager. and not even great at that. lol you clowns are hilarious.
  5. ryanettes cant fathom that ryans sudden lack of ints after his rookie season might have something to do with the gameplan. Open the gameplan up like you girls want and he throws 20 picks plus per year easy
  6. smith and mularkey didnt have him scared nfl defenses and his knowing his physical limitations did. Quit blaming coaches that have maximized this chumps potential. ryan has a mangina.
  7. As ia making a case that it was better than average at best.
  8. but thats not ryans fault. He wanted to throw it but he wasnt allowed. Mularkey taught him not to lol
  9. gotta love ryanette logic. Well at least they have a new o.c. To blame next year. If ryan does well its all him but if (when) he looks pathetic once again best believe it will be smitty and dirk catching the heat.
  10. These aren't falcon fans, these are ryanettes. Stats don't matter to them, just wins and losses. Til you bring up flacco. then wins and losses dont matter, just stats. then you bring up cam newton, and all of a sudden stats dont matter anymore once again, and wins are all the rage. their matt ryan extra medium underoos are cutting off circulation to their brains.
  11. awesome hire. get a guy who's concept is polar opposite of our qb's strengths lol
  12. this is exactly what im talking about. you have to go back years to find evidence supporting ryan in several instances. pathetic. ill take flacco newton stafford any day
  13. You're absolutely correct. If anything, ryan is OVERRATED, while flacco receives endless criticism. Ryanettes want to talk about her great regular season record against the gum on the bottom of the shoes of the league, while ignoring his whodini act in bigger games, while flacco sports a good record and similar stats, not to mention the ability to go to places like pittsburgh and win on the road, and also win in the playoffs, all while ryan sports the much more favorable offensive weaponry. lets get real here ryanettes.
  14. Great hire. This is a guy who will continue the conservative coddling gameplan to maximize the talents of a physically stunted and disadvantaged qb.
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