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    To have a winning team and show my 1953 MERCURY in local charity car shows.
  1. Plus, jb 3.0's 92 year old mother makes good chocolate chip cookies. I live next door to her. She made me promise never to tell her son. They aren't on good speaking terms.
  2. AND, he'll do it all season. He finally hit "elite" recognition.
  3. JB 3.0, see what you did to yourself. Karma bit you back. It's also biting the real Stains. They'll be 0-2 after week # 2.
  4. This thread is dead............after Ryan does his this Sunday
  5. The fish rookie QB Tannehill is even better than the Sucs Freefall.o
  6. **** near close wasn't I? And now let's hear someone talk negative on Ryan. Freeman doen't rank quite high enough yet to sniff Ryans jock.
  7. 21-0 in third qtr just before 1st team goes out for good.
  8. The only sad teams in the south are the Sucs and Panties. The Taints will look as equally bad for a few games then slowly regain momentum but it will be too late.
  9. Not knowing crap about football.
  10. Kobe is jealous, Kobe is jealous. Plus, he has no idea in what he is talking about that proves he doesn't know anything about football. Basketball, ...maybe.
  11. FIXED, you can thank me after the first preseason game.
  12. Holy crap, don't get too carried away.
  13. I did mindlessly wander over here when I saw 107 pages. Obviously I read the topic and shot right to my brilliant response. Everyone warm and fuzzy now?
  14. A troll from the worst team in the South with the worst QB in almost the whole NFL saying Freeman is better than Ryan is hysterical. I LOL and spilled beer on the floor. OMG, I never heard anything so rediculous in my life.
  15. You having a medical emergency?