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    To have a winning team and show my 1953 MERCURY in local charity car shows.
  1. This question makes as much sense as pizzin in the wind. The Saints are done. Well done.
  2. Your D sure could use someone with his talent.
  3. big_D

    Man Down?

    I'm wondering when Gritz will return.
  4. Tough sh/t Lofton. We knew you weren't worth keeping.
  5. I don't think his name is D!ck so he needs to quit acting like one wouldn't you say?
  6. Long as they can get close to him and forget the arm tackling.
  7. You stand to be corrected. The definition of UNDEPENDABLE, is when the store runs out of your size of depends.
  8. While he sits there watching all the fun as he plays with ........himself.
  9. Not sure if this has been brought up or not. I'm too impatient to read all the posts ....... BUT....has anyone thought about saving the $$$ it would cost to build a new stadium and just remove the tent top off of our dome and replace it with a retractable roof? I know the debate about having a new stadium to be able to hold a Super Bowl but come on... the cost would force our ticket prices up for sure.
  10. Another great game but Saints lose this won people. 49'ers too strong for the saints to handle. SF 31 NO 17
  11. I'm too stupid to try and answer. At my age the toughest decision I make is what to have for breakfast.
  12. The Falcons would have to lose at least 4 of their remaining games and the Saints or Bucs win all 6 of theirs for this to happen. I don't see it. I see a split when we play our two with the Bucs and we should beat the Saints at home. The NFC South title is owned by the Falcons.
  13. What happened to the days we'd get our ankles wrapped in tape pretty heavy to prevent sprains? Are they still doing it?
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