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  1. Hey yeah! I have an idea.... let's play our best RB!
  2. Coach Smith said after Sunday's 27-13 loss to the Bears, his club's third straight, that "nothing is off the table" in terms of what he will do to help his squad get better. How about giving more touches to your most explosive RB Antone Smith!!! You give him 3 and he has a touchdown! Wonder if you gave him 10-15
  3. I'd say Deion Sanders just because I grew up a fan watching him on Braves and Falcons
  4. We had like the most injuries I've ever seen at the beginning of the season.
  5. Yeah for real. Shocks me when people only think it was Julio. I thought we had like the most injuries of any team this year.
  6. You're a good sport. I like that. And I'm with you on Seattle haha
  7. I think our D can hold up. It's our offense I'm concerned about.
  8. I hope we play hard. I wanna win last game at Candlestick.
  9. The last few weeks I don't think they've thrown in the towel. I think they have played very hard especially since the last Saints game a few weeks ago. And we have won two of last three as a result.
  10. Yeah, those fanbases know what championship seasons look like and don't complain in a winning season like our fans last year. Seems everybody was like are we really good? Of course we were good! And if you listen to honest fans of other teams they will tell you we were.
  11. Then why has the Browns been one of the most committed fanbases? I don't think anybody has a worst history than them.
  12. He has some of the best stats in the league for QB. Should the Giants be questioning Eli?
  13. We said the home game vs the saints was our Super Bowl. Skins fans said last sunday was the Super Bowl. But this should be our Super Bowl. Last game at the Stick. A Chance at revenge from last NFC Champ game. Go Falcons!
  14. Despite all the injuries, we've been scratching our heads too trying to figure it out. I mean the injuries have been huge, but you would think Ryan, Gonzo, roddy (he hasn't been 100% either) douglas and jackson would do more with this offense scoring wise than they have at times. I think the injuries and losing some of our veterans was a big part of it... but also a lot of young guys on a learning curve.....and the fact that things just haven't gone our way this year.... we were one of the least penalized teams last year....but we've made a lot more mistakes this year. There's also just been some bad play at times....lots of mistakes.
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