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  1. tired of this......same ole ish...different year

  2. tired of this......same ole ish...different year

  3. im down with that until they get rid of MM no play calling a** we deserve better but we get nothing tired of the same ole stuff year after year.......i could score with the weapons we have
  4. Matt Ryan is so overrated...i be glad when the Falcons recognize that....he looked like a dear caught in headlights out there today....timid aint the word for it..more like "scared" we have to much to only give so little...so next year i won't spend a dime going to the games....tv it will be for me thats all they deserve....i hope the whole attendance go down so they can see(front office) we as fans deserve better...and with Matt Ryan we are not getting it...he has had 3 chances in the playoffs and everyone of them he did not show up to play....so what is it going to take for us to stop hoping
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