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  1. I'm loving his frame and measurables, we just have to hope he has football instincts.
  2. I'm getting vibes this might be our 2nd best draft class under Dan Quinn. 1st be 2016. I'm really excited about this draft class!
  3. I'm liking the Hawkins pick, more and more by the hour, with all the reading up about him.
  4. And that's a wrap for the draft, can't wait to do it again next year!
  5. I'm sure we will get a few more LBer's wether in the draft or UDFA. Could see going for a vet in free agency
  6. Sounds like most late round picks, has talent just needs to be coached up.
  7. Day 3 they always do, then when they come back from commercial they rapid fire through the picks
  8. How long will Rodger hold up? No way he make it all the way.
  9. I would like an athletic spacey Linebacker with our 3rd
  10. ESPN needs to chill the **** out with the dead family members stuff
  11. Back to back WR's, good for us, keep pushing those defensive players down to us!
  12. I'm already tired of the family members and background characters, lol
  13. I don't believe Gurly will hold up the entire season, and the rest of our guys are just ok. I'm not saying we need to get a RB in either round but if we do a lot of good one will be there. Also a lot of those RB can be enticing for other teams meaning a good player at a different position of need can fall to us. I'm excited for the possibilities for us today
  14. Lot's of good talent still to be had today! I'm glad we didn't trade to farm for one player. We have all our picks to build this team up the classic way, through the mid and late rounds.
  15. Mel's best available are both Judy and Lamb at 1 and 2. Let's take one BPA and not look back!
  16. Wow Kinlaw is off the board.!!!!!!!!!! WTF LOLLLLLLLLL GO JUDY OR LAMB! BPA! BPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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