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  1. Winning 2 and possibly 3 against the bucs next week, meaningless games. Squandered away getting a true high end game changing talent being in the top 5 of the draft. Well that is no longer the case. And to the crowd saying this is great momentum going in to next season. What a load of horse crap, I roll my eyes every time I see this. What happened to our momentum from last year making the playoffs? Exactly, even if having momentum going into next season argument was true, It wouldn't matter for this team, a lot of changes are going to happen heading into next season. 2 new coordinators, at least 2 new offensive line men. New defensive linemen. No one is going to look back on he 2018 season and be like "Yeah 2018 was a bad season, but you remember those 3 games we won at the end? Good times!" 2018 is a lost season and to make it even worse is we lost out on having a top 5 pick.
  2. The thing is tho, he was bad with us. He would constantly let the ball go backwards on punts and get us pinned deep. On kick offs a lot of the times we would be behind the 25 yard line. You can't just wash away his performance with us because he did better else where. He was absolutely horrible with us.
  3. Colts and Andrew Luck would like to have a word
  4. Matt has been one of the few bright spots, during this horrible season. Ryan is not the problem ya'll
  5. And what happened to the season after that? O yeah a 5-11 record. Every season is different to each and of it's own. Momentum is a false narrative
  6. After we beat the bucs we won't be
  7. I'll give him the Vet min. I ain't paying him more than that.
  8. They had 1% chance heading into today, and it's not like we knocked out a goliath team. Settle down
  9. This quotes right are are what I call the classic, mocho dude bro mentality "HUR DURRRR, we got a win bro, what are you a *****, I'm a winner" This type of thinking get's you no where in life. Yeah a win is nice but it's just a short term gain vs long term generational talent we could potentially be missing out on. Like Matt Ryan? We took him 3rd over all. Julio? had to trade in the top 10. We missed out on Khalil Mack by 3 draft spots. So you smoke those cigars, and enjoy these meaningless wins, but when draft time comes around and you want X player, just remember these wins. Also let's talk about this win against the panthers. Context, no Cam Newton, so the win is really not that great. More context, their back QB was playing with 1 arm. More context, the panthers have 1 of the worst offensive lines in the league. More context, this ain't the dominate panthers defense we use to know. " BUT BUT BUT, A WIN IS A WIN BRO!" Ok you enjoy that meaningless win against a Cam less panther squad, and O so tell me how it's going to propel to newer heights us for next season. I don't want to be sitting in the teens missing out on great players because we beat the Cards, one of the worst teams in the league. The panthers who didn't have Cam and played a no name backup who only had 1 arm available to him. And a bucs squad that is a complete dumpster fire and will clean house across the board in the off season.
  10. And that's game, going to enjoy the rest of the day not watching this dumpster fire. Top 5 pick here we come!
  11. Not getting a fat juicy contract, that is where
  12. skins, so meh
  13. Just put us out of our misery already
  14. It's the skins, so it's not impressive
  15. Put us out of our misery please Packers
  16. right in the numbers debo, gotta get that
  17. Blowout in full effect, tank still is a go
  18. We sent a corner blitz, fade me
  19. Both Matt's keeping the tank alive, lol
  20. wth was that, lol
  21. I've never seen a corner get some many flags season in and season out than I have with Robert ******* Alford. He better not be on the team next year, tired of his ***
  22. Alford flag, per usual
  24. Where trying to tank refs, stop giving us calls!