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  1. I'm not confident in any game we can win. We might steal a game or 2 within our division just because divisions games are usually tight
  2. Charmin soft esp. the defense
  3. Yup, these intermediate developing routes are not getting it done. Kutty needs to adjust asap. And it doesn't help our run game is complete trash at the moment.
  4. O wow, a goal line touch down, I should be impressed. Stop over rating Ito because Freeman sucks. Ito is decent, but not a starting caliber running back. He is a perfect running back by committee player.
  5. Excuses, I'm not making any excuses, you need to re read my post. I know Freeman is shot and has been for years. I wished we moved on from him this year, cap penalties be dammed. He is just dead weight and a reminder of that horrible block in the SB.
  6. Doesn't matter who is out there, our run blocking sucks. And it's not like Ito is some world beater either. He is ok
  7. I hope Blank is and doesn't sit on his hands. Fire Quinn mid season and it's time for TD to go and he should be gone after the season is over with. Time for a new regime
  8. Yeah, it's time
  9. We can't even win a game and you are worried about winning the division, lol. We will be lucky to win 5 games this year.
  10. We are going to need 2 new starting corners next year, Trufant is washed and Oliver ain't it
  11. Mack is back in the game, so that's good
  12. 3 man rush and Matt still gets pressured, smh...
  13. Titans just want to pad their stats on defense, they know Matty is prone to throwing picks this year
  14. We are drafting in the top 10 for sure. If things can get any worse we might be in the top 5. We are a horrible team
  15. As expected at this point
  16. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  17. Our guys can't get open today
  18. Go outside and enjoy the weather before it's starts getting cold as balls
  19. I'm not even upset at this point