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  1. We need to attack their corner, that's the weakness of their defense. There not that great
  2. I totally forgot about him, now you are giving me nightmare flashbacks. Please don't post something like this again
  3. Blank be like "I'm the boss, I'll make the dam pick!"
  4. SAME! We got Graddy in the 5th, can we get that lucky again please!
  5. Safe to say, the 1st questionable pick of the draft for us
  6. I'm down with tweener picks! They tend to never workout
  7. O-linemen are flying off the board
  8. Apparently it's already been ****** up, they tried getting into the top 10 and they where denied! SUCK IT SWAMP RATS!
  9. Who is going to pop the top off the RB's?
  10. Super excited we got him. Everyone is saying he is the best non QB player in the draft. Can't wait to see him wreck defenses! Let's go PITTS!
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