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  1. We have 2 young stud pass rushers
  2. Well deserved, best player in franchise history.
  3. Julio will never be 100% healthy
  4. He is going to have to beat out Ish if he wants a spot on the roser. Tall task for the rookie, see if he is up for the challenge.
  5. That's when a became a better receiver
  6. Agreed, looking forward to seeing what Harlow can do either this year or next. Hopefully that plan D is working!
  7. He is going to take so much pressure off of Julio.
  8. Thanks to everybody posting and keeping us up to date, it's hard to follow undrafted free agency.
  9. LSU is all about speed and if we know one thing DQ likes it's speed, lol
  10. I don't know about draft grade, but I do know I feel great about this draft class!
  11. Who knows, I'm sure he will be played at both positions. He will be fighting for a roster spot that is for sure.
  12. And that wraps up our draft, it's been fun
  13. What a tongue twister of a name, lol Welcome aboard!