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  1. That was some serious backyard football play being executed in the pros and it almost worked and we could be sitting at 1-5. Wow how things can change just with a slight mishap of Jackson ball slipping threw his hands.
  2. We could legit be 3-4 after next week. The season is not lost yet and the NFC is not as dominant as it has been the past 5 years, everyone is down, looks at the Redskins leading the NFC east right now. We can get to a wildcard spot, if we start racking up some wins and gain momentum for a late season play off push. Still a lot of football to play.
  3. That was the worst game of his career
  4. yes we did
  5. I think it would be funny if he lead the league in receptions and yards but had no TD's for the year
  6. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
  7. Veta Vea completely destroyed that run play
  8. Quinn needs to go with the clean shave look, facial hair looking wack
  9. Gage with his 1st catch of the year!
  10. Julio beat him, Matt under threw it
  11. Wez just got ran over
  12. Are full back on that play touched nobody, he sucks ***, I haven't seen him done 1 positive thing the entire season