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  1. I'm loving his frame and measurables, we just have to hope he has football instincts.
  2. I'm getting vibes this might be our 2nd best draft class under Dan Quinn. 1st be 2016. I'm really excited about this draft class!
  3. I'm liking the Hawkins pick, more and more by the hour, with all the reading up about him.
  4. And that's a wrap for the draft, can't wait to do it again next year!
  5. I'm sure we will get a few more LBer's wether in the draft or UDFA. Could see going for a vet in free agency
  6. Sounds like most late round picks, has talent just needs to be coached up.
  7. Day 3 they always do, then when they come back from commercial they rapid fire through the picks
  8. How long will Rodger hold up? No way he make it all the way.
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