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  1. Take note Blank
  2. Is Roodney drunk or something? He has been spewing nonsense all night
  3. Classic playing known Atlanta music after scoring a touchdown before fading to commercial
  4. Go for it, we have nothing to lose, season is already over with. 3 points ain't going to be **** with this sorry *** defense we have
  5. It's honestly embarrassing, Payton Manning slow
  6. We got a sop, ******* fade me
  7. Why can we never make teams pay for blitzing? We know there blitzing, hit some one going up the seam or on a quick slant. For **** sakes
  8. Feels like it's going to be a blow out. If we don't score a TD next possession I'm out
  9. If we go down 14-0 I'm out. I'm not sticking around for maybe/what if we get a few stops
  10. Holy ****! Look at that sexy *** old school logo on the field!