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  1. I just want the win right now, not worried about the division race, lol
  2. I would say about 30% of the crowd will be Eagles fans
  3. Anyone buying Atlanta Falcon PSL's is a chump
  4. The train wreck is over with
  5. I don't even count Vic as a football player
  6. Only allowed 28 points? This isn't the Pac 12 conference
  7. D-Line sucks ***, like always Kutty suck *** like always Special teams hot garbage just like last year. I don't see how things get fixed
  8. Down 21-0 on the road during week 1. I'm out and I'm not even going to bother checking in late 3rd early 4th. And whoever decided to bring back ******* Kutty for OC is a dumb *** and needs to be fired. There is a reason he failed with us and failed as a head coach. HE SUCKS ***! What a desperation hire.
  9. Quinn wasting another timeout per usual. Some things never change
  10. So what is the excuse for our Run defense? It's all about effort in the run game
  11. Vic you ******* bum can't even take down Kirk weak *** Cousins, so trash