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  1. Same, **** the pats
  2. that's game
  3. Julie Ertz fine as ****
  4. this should be fun
  5. just like the AFCC game, such a joke
  6. 0
  7. pats are missing 4 points from kicking woes
  8. This has to happen next year since we are the hosts.
  9. If you reach back far enough you will find that butterscotch you lost in your sofa back in the 30's.
  10. Justin played it safe and it was boring as ****.
  11. I don't see why they don't Beyonce made a huge political statement with a few of her songs when she preformed. Let me guess, your old *** wants more of the, The Who, performances
  12. halftime show boring as AF
  13. Timberlink about to dust off his greatest hits of the 90's and early 2000's and bring out a surprise (not really tho) Nsync reunion.
  14. sigh...
  15. take note's Sark