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  1. DeCoud is extremely overrated. His coverage skills are average and his tackling is embarrassing. i agree with the rest of your list though but would add John Abraham to the list and if our o-line plays as well as they did today then add every single guy to the list.
  2. wasnt there a bet between the cities and whoever lost would have to put the other teams flag up in their city? anyone got a pic of it?
  3. was very happy for him to come back great tonight after last week
  4. I 100% agree with OP. Sure Turner doesn't look to be the same player but the o-line's run blocking has been awful as well.
  5. Turner has looked embarrassingly bad but the o-line did as well they have gotten zero push the entire season. Those 2 problems together = terrible short down play
  6. lol they caught him while he was in the middle of blinking
  7. was also my first falcons game ive ever been to and it was amazing so happy they got the win. that beautiful pass from matt ryan to julio jones for the TD was one of the greatest feelings in the world. i had a great view of it was right in the middle of the field 6 rows down on the side it was thrown. It was hilarious watching asante samuel dance on the sidelines all game and sean weatherspoon talking trash to the fans behind him and making funny noises after coming off the field stopping their offense.
  8. im just extremely happy its just a sprain.
  9. From NFL.com: UPDATE: NFL.com and NFL Network's Steve Wyche reports Weatherspoon suffered an ankle sprain, according to a team spokesman. He will undergo tests Monday to determine the full extent of the injury, and to see if he could play against the Dallas Cowboys on Nov. 4. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap1000000086091/article/atlanta-falcons-linebacker-sean-weatherspoon-carted-off
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