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  1. I don’t think you’re understanding the article. It’s praising Ryan, saying no QB in the NFL has done more damage to the Saints than Ryan. Clearly he has done more than his share to give us a chance to win each time we play the Saints.
  2. Some pretty nice insight from PFF. They label Matt Ryan the Saints “Team Killer” PFF calls Matt Ryan a 'team killer' against the Saints By John Sigler | June 17, 2019 10:23 am ET The analysts at Pro Football Focus have graded and charted every NFL game back to the 2006 season, and they recently put together a list of “team killers,” or players that have logged the highest grades against each of the 32 teams. That’s good news for New Orleans Saints wide receiver Michael Thomas, who received a nod for his efforts against the Atlanta Falcons. Saints quarterback Drew Brees was praised for his consistently great performances against the Carolina Panthers. However, PFF picked out Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan as the bane of the Saints, hyping up his individual performance in 21 career games against New Orleans: The trend of elite quarterbacks — which Ryan is — dominating divisional opponents continues with the Saints. Against New Orleans, Matt Ryan has racked up 523 completions on 797 attempts for 6,354 yards, 39 touchdowns and just 13 interceptions. While his 51 big-time throws lead all quarterbacks in the matchup by 21, his 11 turnover-worthy plays are fewer than fellow NFC South quarterback Cam Newton (12). While Ryan has generally made good decisions with the ball and aired out some porous Saints defenses in his time, it hasn’t amounted to much. Ryan has lost more career games against the Saints (13) than any other opponent. That’s nearly as many losses to the Saints as he’s suffered against the other NFC South teams — the Panthers and Tampa Bay Buccaneers — combined (15).
  3. And it’s essentially a 3 year contract. It’s a win-win
  4. They will certainly lock down both Jones’s next. There may be enough left for Bailey on a 1 year deal. But we are now over the 2020 CAP so significant salary dumping will take place next offseason. And that’s the nature of the beast. But when you draft well, certain drafted players have to be let go. I’ll be curious to see who it is and how the Julio & Debo contracts are structured for 2020
  5. And statistically, Ryan has no peer since the end of 2015. Won 3 playoff games. Yet somehow Cam Newton made the list of elite QB’s three years running. 2019 NFL QB tiers: Who's a franchise guy? A rising star? A place holder? Here's where your starter ranks By Jason La Canfora Apr 5, 2019 at 12:11 pm ET • 8 min read Tier 1: Bona Fide Franchise Quarterbacks 2017: Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Drew Brees, Ben Roethlisberger, Cam Newton 2018: Rodgers, Brady, Wilson, Brees, Roethlisberger, Newton, Carson Wentz 2019: Rodgers, Brady, Wilson, Brees, Roethlisberger, Newton, Patrick Mahomes, Andrew Luck This is the highest of terrain, reserved for men who have won MVPs and rings, or, in several cases, both. It isn't easy to crack, but Mahomes, throwing 50 touchdowns passes in what amounts to his rookie season and nearly slaying the Pats to get to the Super Bowl, um, yeah, that will qualify. Wentz drops down, with injuries slowing his ascent, though I could see him right back here in 2020. I believe Newton will have a bounce-back season as well: I like the assemblage of talent around him and a second year with Norv Turner will produce some big things in Carolina, says here. It's time for Rodgers to start playing week in and week out like an MVP, too, and we'll see how his relationship develops with novice head coach Matt LaFleur. Luck has been destined for this tier for a while, and with the way he played last year, after missing so much time to serious injury and worrying if he'd ever make it back, I suspect that by January no one is arguing against him being in the top eight passers on the planet.
  6. I was looking into Mike Trout’s first 9 seasons and stacking them up against Griffey & Bonds. That led me down a long rabbit hole. But ultimately, I want to know who you guys think has claim of the greatest season ever. My opinion comes down to 3 players. I’ll list my reasoning. But add yours if you disagree: Barry Bonds - SF: The year is 2001. Love him or hate him, say what you want, but Bonds broke Mark McGwire's home run record and Babe Ruth's slugging-percentage record. Oh, and he broke Ruth's single-season walks record, too. Essentially, 2001 was when Bonds began to assault Ruth’s legacy as the game's most devastating hitter. .328 BA, 1.34 OPS, .867 SLG, 73 HR’s and 137 RBI’s. Simply unbelievable, steroids or not One can make a strong case for Bonds 2005 season being his best. 240 BB’s, .363 BA and 1.41 OPS Pedro Martinez- BOS: The year is 1999. In a year in which American League pitchers combined for a 4.86 ERA, Martinez posted a 2.07 ERA that was nearly a run-and-a-half lower than the No. 2 man on the list. He also won 23 of 27 regular-season decisions before chucking 17 scoreless innings in the playoffs. Babe Ruth - BOS: The year was 1919 and is nowhere near his most talked about season. But it was the genesis of modern baseball. His numbers don’t jump off the page unless compared to the next best: • Home Runs: Ruth set a baseball record by hitting 29. 10 teams hit less than Ruth did by himself. Next best player managed just 12 HR’s • AB’s per HR: Ruth hit a HR every 14 AB’s. Tillie Walker was 2nd at 43.9 AB’s per HR • Adjusted Batting Wins: Ruth - 7.7. Cobb - 4.4. • WAR: Ruth - 9.1 Hornsby - 6.7 While these offensive numbers stand on their own, it’s Ruth’s versatility in 1919 that gives him the edge over every other season before or since. The Babe pitched an incredible 29 and two-thirds consecutive scoreless innings across two World Series. And despite it being his last year on the mound, in 1919 Ruth went 13-7 with a 2.22 ERA and CG’s in 18 of his 19 starts. Truly unbelievable
  7. Sounds like TD has Grady & Debo locked up. I suspect a 20 APY deal in principal is agreed upon with Julio. So we have 23 million in CAP space. How do y’all think TD divides it up?
  8. I have a few questions for NFL.com on this one. I definitely think the 2016 Falcons are better than the 2015 Cardinals. And how is 2015 Panthers ahead of 2015 Broncos? I thought it was settled on the field. And the 2018 Chiefs and 2017 Jaguars over 2016 Falcons Top 10 NFL teams of the decade: 2013 Seattle Seahawks No. 1 Tom Blair Original Content Editor Print In a few weeks, we'll forget all about the 2018 NFL season and think only about 2019. This makes sense. With only 16 chances for teams to meaningfully impact their fate, it would be silly to entertain thoughts about anything but the immediate present. But before we banish 2018 to the historical record, let's take a July breather and look back even longer, all the way back to 2010, and consider the top 10 teams of this decade. While I made a good-faith effort to be objective in creating the list below, it struck me that I was attempting to pick out the 10 best organizations from a field that ostensibly included 288 options (32 teams per seasons over nine seasons). Facing a task that absurd demanded a certain lack of analytical rigor. Instead of assembling a deathly boring list of the most complete teams or melting into a puddle of anxiety over which team from 2012 could beat the best team of 2017, I kept things loose, weighing historical impact, seasonal and decade-long rankings and entertainment value. Some of the teams below were not especially good at certain aspects of the game -- but they were all greatfor one reason or another. (And every team here ranked in the top five in point differential that season, suggesting they were able to account for any lack of balance.) Note: I've included each team's seasonal rankings in offense, defense, points scored, points allowed and point differential, noting where applicable when teams rank within the top 10 of a certain category among teams of the decade. Also, to prevent this from becoming a list populated only by Patriots, Broncosand Seahawks, I limited myself to one representative from each franchise. This is an arbitrary rule that I feel great about. 1) 2013 Seattle Seahawks Record: 13-3; beat Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8. Rankings: -- 18th in overall offense (339 ypg) -- T-8th in scoring (26.1 ppg) -- 1st in overall defense (273.6 ypg; No. 4 of decade) -- 1st in points allowed (14.4 ppg; No. 3 of decade) -- 2nd in point differential (186; No. 9 of decade) Later iterations of the Seahawks would become more balanced as quarterback Russell Wilson came into his own, but in terms of era-defining impact, it's hard to beat the title-winning coronation of the Legion of Boom. It seemed silly for opposing offenses to even suit up against Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, Kam Chancellor and Co. Rolling high on U Mad Bro?energy (I know this is from 2012, but if we have learned anything this decade, it's that memes carry!), the Seahawks held 16 of their 19 opponents that season (including playoffs) to 20 points or less. Opposing quarterbacks managed a meager combined passer rating of 63.4 in the regular season, easily the lowest mark of the decade. Though it looked like the ultimate clash between high-powered offense and suffocating defense, Super Bowl XLVIII quickly turned into a laugher, with Seattle running to a 36-0 lead against Denver and holding the Broncos' steamroller offense to 8 points total. Balance is great, but it's hard to imagine any team of any decade mustering much against this Seattle defense. Thus, the '13 Seahawkstake the top spot. 2) 2015 Carolina Panthers Record: 15-1; lost to Broncos in Super Bowl 50, 24-10. Rankings: -- 11th in overall offense (366.9 ypg) -- 1st in scoring (31.3 ppg) -- 6th in overall defense (322.9 ypg) -- 6th in points allowed (19.1 ppg) -- 1st in point differential (192; No. 6 of decade) Like Denver two years prior, the 2015 Carolina Panthers failed to make good on an incredibly promising regular season, falling to the Broncos in a dispiriting flop of a Super Bowl. Aside from the sour ending, however, this team put together one of the best regular-season campaigns of the decade. Quarterback Cam Newton won the MVP award by throwing for nearly 4,000 yards and 35 touchdowns against just 10 picks, adding 636 yards and an additional 10 touchdowns on the ground. Carolina got as close as anyone has this decade of running the regular-season table, becoming the first team since the 2009 Colts to start 14-0. The Panthers tied the 2012 Niners and 2017 Rams for the most first-team All-Pro players on a single team in the decade, with six players (Newton, Mike Tolbert, Ryan Kalil, Thomas Davis, Luke Kuechly and Josh Norman) earning the honor. Despite the lack of a real No. 1 receiver, Newton, tight end Greg Olsen and running back Jonathan Stewartmade the offense work, while Kuechly and Norman shepherded a defense that corralled 39 takeaways, tied for third most of the decade. 3) 2017 Philadelphia Eagles Record: 13-3; beat Patriots in Super Bowl LII, 41-33. Rankings: -- 7th in overall offense (365.8 ypg) -- 3rd in scoring (28.6 ppg) -- 4th in overall defense (306.5 ypg) -- 4th in points allowed (18.4) -- T-1st in point differential (162) You might be surprised to find the Eagles here, given that they do not appear in the top-10 decades-long rankings in any of the big-picture categories I looked at. No individual player topped the 1,000-yard mark in either receiving or rushing, while quarterback Carson Wentz threw for just 253.5 yards per game. And, of course, Wentz didn't even participate in Philadelphia's improbable Super Bowl push, felled by a knee injury in Week 14. However, as fluky as Nick Foles' playoff run might have felt at the time, the truth is, the 2017 Eagleswere one of the more dominant title-winning teams of the decade. Along with the 2016 Patriots, these Eagles are the only team to win the Super Bowl and rank in the top five in both scoring offense and scoring defense. They outscored their regular-season opponents by a margin of 10.2 points -- which nearly matches the margin by which they defeated the Pats in one of the more entertaining Super Bowls of the era. 4) 2016 New England Patriots Record: 14-2; beat Falcons in Super Bowl LI, 34-28. Rankings: No. 4 overall offense (386.3 ypg) -- 3rd in scoring (27.6 ppg) -- 8th overall defense (326.4 ypg) -- 1st in points allowed (15.6 ppg; No. 8 of decade) -- 1st in point differential (191; No. 8 of decade) It was a struggle to pick the best Patriots team of the decade, with the squads from 2010, '12, '14 and '17 earning strong consideration. But the 2016 edition both dominated the regular season and also won a Lombardi Trophy, which, it turns out, is hard to do. This was not Tom Brady's best season, while tight end Rob Gronkowski struggled to stay on the field. And yet, New England just kept winning. After a few years of appearing to give the rest of the NFL a sporting chance, the Patriots stopped fooling around and took complete control of the AFC, stomping their way to the first of three straight conference titles. This team gets bonus points for helping Brady enter the surreal, unprecedented phase of his career as a 39-and-over quarterback who can't be stopped. 5) 2013 Denver Broncos Record: 13-3; lost to Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII, 43-8. Rankings: -- 1st overall offense (457.3 ypg; No. 2 of decade) -- 1st in scoring (37.9 ppg; No. 1 of decade) -- 19th overall defense (356 ypg) -- 22nd in points allowed (24.9 ppg) -- 1st in point differential (207; No. 3 of decade) These Broncos were fatally flawed, as Super BowlXLVIII made clear, and their later reinvention as a defense-oriented outfit stands as a logical adjustment. The '13 Broncos were also less balanced than the 2012 edition -- which featured Peyton Manning's return to the league after the messy end of his Colts tenure -- or the group from '14, which ranked fourth on offense and third on defense. But throughout the 2013 regular season and most of the playoffs, Denver was a juggernaut. Manning was operating at the peak of his powers, moving the ball at will and piling up 5,477 passing yards and 55 touchdown passes, both all-time records. The object of football is to score more points than your opponent, and no team in history has been better at scoring points than the 2013 Broncos. Is there anything more demoralizing than trying to keep up with an offense that averaged nearly 40 points per game? (Well, aside from scoring just 8 in the Super Bowl.)
  9. I know you were, bro...lol I am glad we aren’t disagreeing on everything lately.
  10. Julio & Ryan are the only lifers... Actually, if Julio signs a 5 year extension, we could trade him for assets after year 3 or 4 depending on the State of the Franchise. Not saying we should, but if he is still productive a team like Jacksonville in a lower market may pay for the name
  11. Don’t tempt me to go into stubborn butthead mode. I actually think you have the cheat code to put me there...lol Anyway, it is a great day to be a Falcons fan. This was a win-win deal for both sides
  12. Shannon Sharpe doesn’t like it when you use his catchphrase btw
  13. What exactly do you not understand? They had 23 million to spend. The team opted to use 11 of that on Grady. They could have used all 23 mill on him or just $500,000. As TD constructed the deal, it leaves 12 million for Debo & Julio. That was the point of the thread.
  14. Pretty much
  15. At least they won’t be hungry
  16. This year has so many intriguing storylines. And ‘The Curious Case of Vic Beasley’ is right at the very top. His story is still his to write. All Pro & Bust are both in his DNA I honestly think he gets a sack for every million dollars we pay him in 2019
  17. Looks like a 3 year deal to me
  18. True...just pointing out he is an athlete. But I see him on the interior.
  19. Comes down to our OL gelling, Senat/Davison balling out, & Oliver being solid. If that happens, 2019 could be special
  20. He doesn’t count against next year at all
  21. I know how they came up with the number. I’ll just be interested to see how we fit it under the CAP since we are now likely over the 2020 number. Our top 51 contracts are now $200,000,000
  22. A Crawford type DE. Possibly even better. Versatile. Can play outside or stay inside. Dude is an absolute freak athlete. Actually played LB at the U
  23. Next year at 18 mill is odd. Puts us over next years CAP. We will see how it goes