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  1. 25 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

    Some of the passing numbers put up prior to 1970 just blow my mind and I can't even comprehend how it was possible. The all-time NFL record for passing yards in a game is still 554 by Norm Van Brocklin for the Rams in 1951.

    You look at Peyton Manning and Nick Foles both throwing for 7 TD passes in a game in 2013 and then look at the other times it happened. It's all 50s and 60s. It's ridiculous!! The biggest win in NFL history was the 1940 NFL Championship where the Bears beat the Redskins 73-0.

    “101 catches for 1653 yards and 21 touchdowns. 

    Those are Don Hutson's statistics on an average season, projected to today's game.

    You want to see his 1942 season again, with all of the adjustments?

    162 catches for 2641 yards and 38 touchdowns. 

    And for the final comparison?

    Let's see Hutson's 11-year career compared to Jerry Rice's 20 seasons, when adjusted for relative to eras.


    Hutson: 1110 catches, 18389 yards, 225 touchdowns, 16.4 yards per catch

    Rice: 1549 catches, 22895 yards, 197 touchdowns, 14.8 yards per catch

    Despite a nine-year disadvantage in career length, Hutson managed to outscore Rice by 28 touchdowns, despite playing in the football equivalent of the Dead Ball Era.”

  2. 5 minutes ago, Falconsfan567 said:

    While that is still absolutely incredible, we must still account for the difference in the way the game is played now versus Jerry's heyday of the 80s and 90s. Defenses got away with a lot more than they do now days. The offenses weren't throwing the ball around then like they do now. That is what makes the records Jerry put up amazing!! It's like the numbers Dan Marino put up. They were out of this world compared to the field.

    You want to talk impressive for a non-passing era:

    1942: Don Hutson - 74 receptions, 1230 yards, 17 TD’s & 111 ypg in just 11 games

  3. 1 minute ago, Falconsfan567 said:

    Julio Jones currently holds the NFL record for average receiving yards per game and it's not even close. He also shattered Calvin Johnson's record for fewest games to reach 10,000 receiving yards. He's only 132 yards behind Roddy for most receiving yards in Falcons history. He's 12 behind Roddy for most receiving touchdowns in Falcons history. He's done that in 698 catches. It took Roddy 808 catches to put up those numbers. The craziest thing about Julio is that he just turned 30. Give him 5 more years of top notch production and see where he ranks on the all-time NFL charts.

    Like I said above.  Take Rice’s best 5 seasons and he still trails Julio in receiving yards over his last 5 straight seasons....by about 70 yards

  4. 1 hour ago, JeffAtl said:

    Could you share the numbers?  To be clear, I'm not challenging you, just genuinely curious how many of Luck's hits were due to him trying to extend the play instead of throwing the ball away.

    In his first three seasons Luck was hit 375 times, more than any other player over that period of time.

    Ryan was hit 108 times last year.  There wouldn’t be much difference between the two over the past 6 seasons of actual play



  5. 1 hour ago, athell said:

    They killed it.  I'm excited, not for this season as much but for 2-3 years.  They are going to be contenders. 

    I wanted them to draft Carson Edwards in the 2nd as a microwave scorer off the bench....it would have been A++ then

  6. 11 minutes ago, athell said:

    Cam could absolutely be the better nba player in the end.  My only question with him is work ethic.  If he gets that right, he will be a better nba player than Zion.  Zion is amazing, don't get me wrong, but there is more to ball than poster dunks.  Cam has it.  Will he unlock it?

    So you loved the Hawks draft I guess.  Me too

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  7. 2 minutes ago, coastiemike said:

    His contract is $15 million this year.  It falls off next year. The difference between what we are over minus the $15 million leaves extra that goes towards a new contract for Clowney next offseason.

    Vic 12.8 million falls off so there is no benefit or relief next year. So the difference between his 12.8 and the amount we are over next year are mutually exclusive

  8. 10 minutes ago, coastiemike said:

    Isn’t Vic on the last year?  If so, you let him walk next year and a good chunk of what you need to sign Clowney comes from that.

    Vic counts nothing against next years CAP and we are already 9 million over so his contract is irrelevant to this discussion

  9. 1 hour ago, Vandy said:

    I wouldn’t say I’m a cap expert, but I understand it better than most. Very hard to see how it would work. We both know all restructures are is pushing monies down the road, You don’t want to restructure 30-something’s (like a tru or a Rico will be) pay (which they wouldn’t redo without guarantees) or you become like the aints and turn into 7-9 team for 4-5 straight years.  

    And yes, I know we were 7-9 last year....:ninja:

    But he is the perfect fit if we wanted to be all-in this year. Nobody would be able to run the ball on us, and DQ would be like a kid in candy store on 3rd and long passing downs. 

    I’m willing to give up Sanu and possibly Rico for a one-year Clowney rental since both are likely CAP casualties next year anyways.  And if we dominate with Clowney, we can create room next year to sign him to a long term extension

  10. 1 minute ago, athell said:

    Don't hold your breathe.  I'd bet Clowney is still a Texan and Julio and Mo will still be Falcons this season.

    In a vacuum without caps and salaries, Sanu for Clowney is a no brainer and I absolutely love Mo.  Clowney is a talent and fills a hole in our largest position of need.

    I tend to agree.  It would have to be Sanu and a Rico-like contract for the numbers to work

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  11. 1 minute ago, slickgadawg said:

    Sanu is too much.  It would have to be a solid backup.  Anyway,  I need more PROOF of this rumor.  Getting worked up over guessing about a trade which is baseless soo far...:(

    Just google Clowney to Falcons and you’ll see the rumor is gaining strength.  This could explain the holdup in Julio’s extension

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  12. 2 minutes ago, Jesus said:

    I'm pretty excited about this defense this year. They look hungry. Why would anyone throw a wrench into their progress by trading for Clowney.

    Because he is possibly the best edge run defender in football.


    “Clowney's calling card since coming to the NFL has been his exceptional ability to defend the run. What may surprise you is just how good he has been against the run when compared to his peers. All told, 47.2% of Jadeveon Clowney's career run tackles have been for a loss of yardage or no gain. This is second only to Michael Bennett (53.7%) among the 94 edge defenders with at least 500 run-defense snaps since 2014. ...

    "Clowney has earned a run-defense grade of 80.0 or higher in each of his last four seasons, and he earned a career-high run-defense grade of 91.8 last season, which was the second-best mark among edge defenders."

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