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  1. Pretty sure Brees should have won in 2009. Brady could have won on any one of his last 4 titles. Pretty sure Rodgers was MVP when they won
  2. Awww...he needed help. So cute
  3. I’ve never seen you link your made up statements. It’s par for the course in Yo’s World
  4. I don’t have time to look thru your stuff. Just own it...
  5. This year it’s Pittsburgh, Browns, Baltimore, Wash, NY, Philly, Dallas, Houston, KC & Cinci
  6. Unless he Gonzo’s at Center
  7. I am gonzo for Gono just rolls off the tongue
  8. We had Gono.
  9. Bro, they played Houston, Indy, KC, Detroit, Jax, Chicago, Tenn, GB, Vikings & Steelers out of Division. Y’all need to stop
  10. Ty contract looking foolish
  11. I think the Bailey signing required restructuring of the entire contract since 2020 is so far in the red. They had an agreement in principal when Debo and Julio were on Blank’s private jet. Bailey threw a wrench into the deal IMO
  12. The deal is done. He wouldn’t fly here unless it was done. What can he do in person that he couldn’t over the phone. He wants to be there for pics and handshakes
  13. Not much new in this article, but I wonder what makes this such a different extension. McKay also throws a soft job at the agent...lol Also interesting that he says it will get done this year. I wonder if they are open to doing it mid-season? McKay gives update on Julio Jones’ negotiations Falcons president Rich McKay gave an update on the team’s negotiations with wide receiver Julio Jones on Thursday. “It’s really different than any typical negotiation,” McKay said on the Falcons’ pre-game show on 92.9 FM The Game to announcers Dave Archer and Wes Durham. “The thing about Julio is that he’s the ultimate professional. He’s really tried to handle it the right way. He’s been in. He’s worked hard. He’s ready to go.” The Falcons have been working on an extension for the six-time Pro Bowl selection, who’s on the verge of breaking the team’s all-time yards receiving mark. The wide receiver market shifted when the Saints signed Michael Thomas to a five-year, $96.25 million deal that has the potential to surpass the $100 million mark based on performance bonuses on the back end of the contract. Thomas, a second-round pick out of Ohio State in 2016, is 26. He’s had three 1,000 yard seasons to start his career and was named to two Pro Bowl teams and was All-Pro last season. Jones said recently that his agent, Jimmy Sexton, is still in the process of negotiating his contract extension. Sexton has not responded to several email and phone calls requesting an interview. Jones’ age probably will be a factor as it wouldn’t be prudent for the Falcons to have Jones on the books at age 34, 35 and 36 with a big-money deal. Former Falcons great Roddy White played until he was 34. Several experts projected that Jones’ deal would be a three-year deal, and worth $51.8 million, with $33 million guaranteed at signing, according to Spotrac. The Falcons agreed to improve Jones’ contract after it was adjusted July 27, 2018. Jones’ deal has two years remaining, with the dynamic receiver scheduled to make $9.6 million in 2019 and $11.4 million in 2020 “Then the nice thing about Arthur is that he doesn’t play the game,” McKay said. “He’s said, our intent to have Julio play and be an Atlanta Falcons for life. That’s what we are going to work toward. When you have common goals and you treat it that way, traditional things get done and good things happen.” But what’s taking so long? “Sometimes, it’s hard,” McKay said. “It’s just hard sometimes because you know, an agent will get involved, but when you have professionals like we’ve had in this relationship in Julio’s situation, things have gotten done. They got done last year and they’ll get done this year. That is certainly our intent.”
  14. You and others said Manuel sucked because DVOA was bad yet points/yards were top 8 in 2017
  15. You notice it’s gone silent in here... Honestly, the teams B & B have managed to bring to three straight SB’s are above average from a talent perspective. B & B make them better than they otherwise would be. Just as they do for one another
  16. 2009: 15th 2008: 17th 2007: 11th 2006: 7th 2005: 5th 2004: 27th 2003: 7th 2002: 2nd 2001: 14th
  17. Falcons are probably better
  18. Patriots DVOA on Defense: 2018: 16th 2017: 31st 2016: 16th 2015: 12th 2014: 12th 2013: 20th 2012: 15th 2011: 30th 2010: 21st
  19. Since 2001, their defensive DVOA average is 15th. In 2017 they were 29th. They are good at keeping people out of the endzone, but these are not the 86 Giants or 94 Browns
  20. I am just curious. Are you saying Ryan is a better quarterback than Tom Brady?
  21. When you run the offense/defense ranking data for every Super Bowl winning team, the average ranking is amusing: • Offense Rank: 11th • Defense Rank: 11rh Here is to us finishing 11th in both
  22. If he has value at Center they will keep him. If he struggles there, he will be released
  23. I think restructuring is more likely. Sanu would only take a paycut if we added years and guaranteed money. I am thinking Matthews, Trufant & possibly Freeman are trying to get restructured. Possibly Mack as well