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  1. 37-42-1 And if I didn’t like you I’d give you the finger. You’re a student of the Pats too
  2. Knock yourself out. I’ll pull the thread if you’d like
  3. Pulled the QB, yes Why does Julio get little to no snaps each preseason?
  4. Not really true. I said Julio should not practice at OTA’s but should be there to help coach the younger players. Big difference.
  5. Yes...forgot about Graham
  6. What does that have to do with letting aryan play more than one series once it was clear they were blitzing every play
  7. It’s not meaningless when your franchise QB and MVP takes 3 sacks and 8 QB hits in 4 series. As @g-dawg wisely stated, when Ryan is playing, it needs to be treated like the regular season
  8. Getting your QB destroyed is never a “best thing that could happen.” Put Simms in if you’re going to test your OL vs a dominant DL
  9. He is still available if need be. Isn’t he?
  10. Nobody can offer a real counter to this argument... perhaps we invested in the wrong OL pieces, but you can’t tell that until 8-10 weeks into the season
  11. Brown as well. Those 3 were our big offseason moves. Along with Carp & Kaleb who can’t play atm
  12. Ryan Schraeder, Week 1 last year
  13. Because it doesn’t effect owners bank account. That’s why I said that
  14. I wasn’t happy when Ty’s contract was announced, but I thought he would be our starting RT this year. Shows what I know. But if we are giving the OL a pass for no game plan, doesn’t he get a pass as well
  15. Then we need to gameplan for it. Put Ryan at risk last night. If the OL had no chance, why take the risk.
  16. You and I both like him for a Pro Bowl this year.
  17. Except for Weeks 13-SB51 you are correct. In those weeks we allowed just 6 ppg in first half while playing pressCover 1
  18. Yes sir. It absolutely is his strength, too. Sure tackling and press coverage..top 5 in both
  19. It may speak more to them not trusting Oliver to play press just yet. That’s a guess and in no way factual. But press exposes you to a lot more than traditional off Cover 3. If Oliver isn’t preventing inside release on press you are completely exposed as a defense. The other option is its preseason and we will unleash press coverage Week 1
  20. I see what you did there, and I dig that about you
  21. Tru wasn’t tested much once he moved back out to boundary corner last year. And he still read the offense well enough to lead the NFL in INT’s if only he didn’t suffer from chronic butter fingers
  22. Then they shouldn’t allow more than 2 blitzes per game of the OL is really at such s disadvantage during preseason due to lack of game plan.
  23. Matt looked great. Protect him like they are Julio & Debo until Week 1
  24. Preseason games bring in money and involve tv deals. That’s why I said it won’t go away. Making the QB1 wear a red Jersey wouldn’t really impact the revenue. That’s why it’s more plausible. QB2/3 get no red jerseys, though