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  1. We will use zone concepts in the running game, but I just don’t see Koetter using any passing playbook but his own. And honestly, now that he’s hired, let him do his thing.
  2. Don’t forget his work with Cutler
  3. 2020 may be our year. We look thin in several areas...really wish Nauta, Mecole & or Ridley were returning
  4. Favre just said this last week
  5. I need to take a shower after saying it aloud
  6. Bevell has been running/coaching WCO since he was Favre’s QB coach during the glory years. There is a reason Favre thought Bevell should have been GB’s next HC. He is a dang good playcaller.
  7. Clemson sure is glad they made a tough choice and made TL the starter...they let him take his lumps early on in the year, and the results speak for themselves. UGA should have done the same IMO
  8. Bama needs a Jalen Hurts gameplan to win. Just run the freaking ball. Forget about Tua
  9. Lawrence would be sitting behind Fromm...
  10. It’s not even close. He better than Tua too
  11. If they offered, Kutty will take it
  12. Koetter named Falcons OC...sigh
  13. Don’t tell @Knight of God while Bama is on
  14. I don’t see LaFleur sticking up to A-Rod. Guess this means Rodgers is now the OC & Head Coach. Wish LaFleur the best, though. If he was smart, day 1 he would gather coaching staff, players, waterboy & cheerleaders...then proceed to drop-kick A-Rod in the nuts to establish the pecking order
  15. LMAO...but I’m pretty sure I’m right
  16. Tua’s dad will have the belt ready tonight Still can’t believe he admitted to using his belt on Tua for INT’s
  17. Fromm has as good of an arm as Tua...Fields & Eason far superior.
  18. He caught it at the 20. He threw it around the 40 Ithought
  19. Only 38 yards in the air
  20. Bama still at its best when they are run first team
  21. Wonder if Tua’s dad has his belt ready
  22. Hawaiian Jesus has a soft arm
  23. Put Sunshine on his 6’6 ***