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  1. Except for Weeks 13-SB51 you are correct. In those weeks we allowed just 6 ppg in first half while playing pressCover 1
  2. Yes sir. It absolutely is his strength, too. Sure tackling and press coverage..top 5 in both
  3. It may speak more to them not trusting Oliver to play press just yet. That’s a guess and in no way factual. But press exposes you to a lot more than traditional off Cover 3. If Oliver isn’t preventing inside release on press you are completely exposed as a defense. The other option is its preseason and we will unleash press coverage Week 1
  4. I see what you did there, and I dig that about you
  5. Tru wasn’t tested much once he moved back out to boundary corner last year. And he still read the offense well enough to lead the NFL in INT’s if only he didn’t suffer from chronic butter fingers
  6. Then they shouldn’t allow more than 2 blitzes per game of the OL is really at such s disadvantage during preseason due to lack of game plan.
  7. Matt looked great. Protect him like they are Julio & Debo until Week 1
  8. Preseason games bring in money and involve tv deals. That’s why I said it won’t go away. Making the QB1 wear a red Jersey wouldn’t really impact the revenue. That’s why it’s more plausible. QB2/3 get no red jerseys, though
  9. If this is true, they shouldn’t allow blitzing in preseason games. Seems like a player hazard if the OL is really that helpless.
  10. I was wondering the same thing
  11. Tell us how you really feel, Hash...I love the new you
  12. NFL receivers
  13. Speaking of Q. Williams...bruh. He will be All Pro sooner than later
  14. Red jerseys actually could happen. Preseason makes money. The only way it goes away is by adding 2 regular season games
  15. Trufant’s game overall. Vic with a counter. Matt Ryan overall. But favorite single play? Matt Schaub’s first snap. It meant Ryan was finally out of the game and safe
  16. Since that won’t happen, maybe give QB’s red jerseys?
  17. My thing is why did the coaches not protect Ryan by pulling him after 1 series. They protected Julio, why not Ryan, too He absorbed 2 regular season games worth of hits and sacks in 1.5 quarters of meaningless football
  18. So was Schraeder by Toilolo. But if McGary hasn’t looked any better than Ty before the a-fib, should tell us he isn’t ready either. The coaches will play the best players. They don’t do agendas
  19. He should have yelled at the coaching staff for putting him back in after 2 series. Julio was protected, Ryan wasn’t. 8 QB hits, 3 sacks in 1.5 quarters. Over a full season that’s 288 QB hits and and 115 sacks
  20. 8 QB hits and 3 sacks in less than a half of preseason play is unacceptable. Coaches need to be situationally aware and yank Ryan.
  21. After tonight, Mack is a long way from being cut...lol 7 guys making over 2.5 million is hardly nothing. None of the big contracts will be gone. It will be 50 million vs the CAP next year
  22. Same logic holds for every team. So the rank omission right. What about 2020?
  23. I repeatedly said to sign Toilolo
  24. 2019 - 44 mill: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/positional/offensive-line/2019/full-cap/ 2020 - 53 mill: https://www.spotrac.com/nfl/atlanta-falcons/positional/offensive-line/2020/full-cap/
  25. We robbed DEBO. Just an FYI. His value is far greater than Grady’s