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  1. If he has value at Center they will keep him. If he struggles there, he will be released
  2. I think restructuring is more likely. Sanu would only take a paycut if we added years and guaranteed money. I am thinking Matthews, Trufant & possibly Freeman are trying to get restructured. Possibly Mack as well
  3. LOL...ok So Ryan > Brady I love Ryan, but thanks for cheering me up today
  4. Fair... So what would Patriots record in 2007 have been if 2018 Ryan was their QB? Best guess
  5. You don’t think they’d win 14-15 games in 2008 with a healthy Brady?
  6. I see what you’re saying. I would say in an identical environment, over 16 games, Brady is at least 3 games better than Cassell. So they would have gone 14-2 under my theory in 2008 with Brady
  7. They were not going 16-0...lol. But you said Brady is only one game better than Cassell. I would say 3-4 is more accurate
  8. He reminds me a bit of Ryan, too
  9. If you read the first bolded sentence, the last few words say “reporting to TD.” The buck stops with the GM. TD still had final say on everything
  10. I disagree with ya here. That roster likely goes 14-2 with a healthy Brady and makes another SB run. The year off limited that units SB window.
  11. @VTCrunkler Your boy Finley is coming after the Red Rocket/BeeBee Gun’s job in Cincinnati. He has been the most impressive Rookie QB so far. I really wanted us to draft him as Ryan’s backup if available in the 4th round or later. Which he was
  12. I have no dog in this fight, but Blank’s own words seem to back up FFS1970 ”As part of the realignment, Assistant General Manager Scott Pioli will take on pro and college scouting and NFL Draft responsibilities, reporting to Dimitroff. Dimitroff will retain management responsibility for salary cap, player affairs, equipment, sports medicine and performance, and video activities, the Falcons said. "After reviewing all of our options – internally and externally – I have no reservations that this is the best approach to setting up our player personnel groups for future success," said Falcons Owner and Chairman Arthur Blank. "It maximizes the talents of Scott, allows for more time and focus on all areas of our football operations groups managed by Thomas, and is in line with other player personnel groups in the league. Around the NFL writer Marc Sessler says the changes hand more responsibility to assistant general manager Pioli - and essentially pulls some away from longtime GM Dimitroff. Blank has refused to provide assurances about the GM's future following a 10-22 record over the past two seasons, Sessler adds.
  13. I know you were not saying that, brotha. I have just never liked people using the Casselll Event to minimize Brady. If anything it shows Brady’s value. I don’t think any QB in NFL history is worth 12 ppg or +5 in the W/L column compared to a quality backup like Cassell.
  14. Obviously, knowing what we know now, BB can win with any number of QB’s. But when Brady took over from Bledsoe, the Patriots were 5-13 under Bill Belichick. They were 0-2 on the season averaging 10 ppg. Brady stepped in and they average 25 ppg the rest of the way en route to a SB Browns had one winning season in 4 years (But Bill built the start of that Ravens SB team..most forget his trade down that ultimately resulted in Ray Lewis)
  15. Slobby..I love ya, but the Cassell argument never holds water with me. With same/similar personnel they lost 5 more games without Brady. FIVE. That’s us going 2-14 last year. The offense went from historically good to average. Scored 590 points in 2007 and dropped to 410 a year later. That’s a whole lot of Brady value....12 ppg drop in production. They won because they allowed only 300 points on the year
  16. I got it wrong. It’s worse in division than out
  17. I mean, these dudes have the best DL in football. Especially with Burns impressing at camp. If Cam is on point this year, the NFC South got much tougher Defensively, Dontari Poe is the nose tackle in the new base sets, with Gerald McCoy and Kawann Short as 3-4 ends on either side and Mario Addison and Bruce Irvin on the edges, as expected. Brian Burns is #fast On Thursday, first-round pick Brian Burns beat second-rounder Greg Little fast enough to get Little chewed out by offensive line coach John Matsko. Burns showed more of that explosiveness during today’s practice.
  18. You’re right, he was downing Brady...lol
  19. He will get 9-10 mill APY
  20. The odd thing is his winning % is worse out of division than in division
  21. On a night where his OL and pass catchers decided not to show up, Matty Ice was, as usual, prepared. He went 10-14 and all 4 incompletions were dropped passes. Thats why he gets in the face of his OL & coaches. He is prepared and expects those around him to do the same. He and Ollison showed up on offense. That’s about it.
  22. So one play trumps the other 200 he made in 2018 playoffs. Makes complete sense
  23. I think it’s more about restructuring other deals to make it work under 2020