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  1. Keep up the solid work, bro
  2. When did you become an elitist? lol. You’re no better than other people, bro. Hate to break it to you. Muskakos and others are solid posters
  3. @RING OF HONOR is the Bermuda Triangle of threads
  4. Truth....people keep saying best OL in franchise history. I keep thinking, highest paid, sure. But best overall? With 2 rookies starting and an unknown at LG? I’m just hoping Koetter shortens the WR route tree and Ryan is healthy when things start to click around week 12 But there will be ugly games early on
  5. It took into account their only pass rusher, Flowers. And the TAG was 16 mill. So one million less.
  6. If you’ll notice my post, it said last year
  7. When he was on his TAG. Forgot it fell off
  8. Are those defenses anything without Belichick making chicken salad out of chicken poop We paying Grady more than they paid their entire DL last year
  9. I like Ergos...he just blind on this one
  10. I am one of the few who liked our 2017 defense.
  11. I don’t. I consider it all. Do I think the Pats are really the 21st ranked D? No. But they aren’t top 8 or elite, either.
  12. Followed it up with over 500 yards the next year. And he put 460 on us without Gronk
  13. Ergos, you’re too smart to be willingly blind on the Brady topic
  14. Average Rank: 21st
  15. I don’t see how people are pushing back on this. They think the Pats first 2 SB titles were the blueprint for the other 4. It wasn’t. It isn’t.
  16. I’ve never diminished Ryan. But neither am I such a homer that I’ll say Ryan>Brady. Bill Belichick props up the defense & ST’s. Brady handles the offense.
  17. DVOA takes into account your opponent. Everyone always discredits the Patriots for a weak division. Well DVOA takes that into account which is one reason their ranking is middle of the road. It’s no surprise that the Patriots defense always gives up way more points in the playoffs. 24.5 ppg in the SB’s...and 7 times since 2012 they have allowed over 28 points in a playoff game
  18. Just looking at the stats it’s hard to tell. For those who watch every game, is Acuna much better in 2019 than he was rookie year? With 5 less AB’s than last year, here are the numbers
  19. Definitely one of my favorite players. Dude is a hard worker and has gotten so much better. Great pickup by TD/Quinn
  20. Larry always references DVOA & metrics as being more meaningful than bottom line points and yards. Or am I not remembering correctly, Larry?
  21. That’s an accurate post. But let me ask you this: if Belichick & Brady switched places with Ryan & Smith in 2008, how many titles would the Falcons have? 4 is my bet
  22. The gap isn’t large because Matt Ryan is a HOF quarterback. With a single title he is a first ballot HOF QB. But he is still very clearly a better quarterback
  23. To be fair, Brees played like 5 games his first two seasons.