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  1. This game feels all too familiar. One team dominates in every aspect of the game except the scoreboard.
  2. Cause we know what’s on the books, the likely roster cuts, possible extensions etc...Lol What we don’t know is what’s inside TD’s mind. But most of it is public record. So saying I am making stuff up is ludicrous. Educated guesses? Yes
  3. Kiwi...this is so weak. Come on, bro.
  4. That’s my whole point. They are elite talent evaluators and as such, they should add picks whenever humanly possible...unfortunately we do the opposite
  5. It is. It’s also the reason I prefer the team not to fall in love with any one player. It limits you. They identified Kaleb and paid a stiff price rather than letting the draft fall to them
  6. They will need to be able to once or twice this year. That’s when we will see if Sark has progressed
  7. And trying to get away with only paying your entire starting OL, along with their backups, a paltry 6 million total
  8. LOL Do any of us have sufficient data to fully grasp the CAP? No. But we can see a clear picture which tells us 90% of the story. That 90% shows us heading for tough decisions next offseason. But I’m looking forward to this year now. Enough of next off season despite this being a relevant discussion
  9. 75%!of the CAP spent on 10 contracts. That leaves just 47 million for the remaining 43 players. And bear in mind, the contracts for our 11-18 players eat up another 40 million. So we have around 5 million to spend on players 19-53. Should be a deep roster
  10. Lindstrom and Risner will both have great NFL careers. We could have gotten one in the 2nd round, though...and in so doing kept our 3rd round pick.
  11. Just to clarify, you don’t believe Grady’s camp asked for 22 mill APY during contract negotiations? So you think Archer (who retracted, even if forced), Executives at the Combine & McClure all just made up a story? I doubt it
  12. I don’t. Something got lost in translation. Please rephrase
  13. Turns it into an A+. How different our team would look. Then we returned the favor when they wanted Takk...wait a minute...nvm
  14. He could. I would love to have him at RG right about now. Could have moved down to #25 in 1st round, picked up Houston’s two 2nd round picks and kept our 3rd by drafting MCGary, Risner and getting two more picks in the 2nd and one in 3rd. Sure, hindsight makes a genius of us all. But I mentioned this option before the draft.
  15. It’s quite possible all of them are gone. We won’t be in a position to re-sign guys...I think we find a way to keep Hooper, though