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  1. Didn’t Tandy, Nitro, @FalconFanSince1970 and @gazoo along with several others meet up at 2012 NFCCG?
  2. It’s never easy. TD has maintained s top 5 roster each of the last 3 years. Not easy to do when you’re paying a franchise QB. Once you start paying the QB you start to find out just how good the GM is
  3. Beast. The best of Tuggle & Bo
  4. The salary CAP. An be manipulated, but doing so always has consequences within a year or two. You can see by our Dead Cap number that TD prefers not to manipulate it often I would like to see him use NLTBE’s more often like the Pats do
  5. That’s my bad. I thought he did
  6. Her husband of a half century passed last month and she needs emotional support. I don’t know if she needs financial support. Those that know her personally can grasp the situation better than us. If that’s the case, I’ll start a FundMe page for her. But I don’t think that’s the problem. She needs love and support @The Vent King
  7. TD’s role and power within the organization is criminally under valued
  8. We know for sure it won’t increase. They’d be wise to bring the number down by 5 mill and roll that over to 2020 to help alleviate the CAP stress for next year
  9. His CAP is already at 12 mill for 2019. Extending him will bring his 2019 number down
  10. You’re right. Those were the populated numbers. But they left 2020 empty. Now it’s all empty and they put back in his rookie contract numbers
  11. The Falcons will have an out built into the contract around 2022. Of that I am certain. This seems likely: Signing bonus: $25 million ($12.5 million with 10 days of execution; $12.5 million payable on 4/15/2020) Guaranteed money: $50.526 million Fully guaranteed at signing: $37.526 million New money total: $60 million ($81.026 million over 5 years) Contract length: Three-year extension Average per year: $20 millio We would pick up $3.5 million of 2019 cap room with the renegotiated contract. Jones' 2020 cap number increases by $5 million because of the addition of signing bonus proration with his scheduled salary next year staying the same. The cap numbers in the last four years of the deal are fairly manageable given the size of the contract. There isn't a big variance in those years. Also, we could exit the deal in 2022 after Jones' guarantees run out without adverse cap consequences if necessary. There would be a $10 million cap charge from the bonus proration in the final years, which would result in a gain of $9.5 million in cap space. Jones would have earned $29.5 million more than he is scheduled to make under his existing contract for playing one additional year.
  12. It’s akin to Zion breaking out of his shoe. Except J.J. is a far better athlete so he broke out of his actual foot. Wow
  13. Years 1 & 3 were released and populated by Sportac and Over The Cap. Both sites today removed those numbers
  14. They could break his arm and get him back pretty early in the year.
  15. Good for him... If there is any team leadership they will order a Code Red on his child/woman beating azzz