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  1. On 1/19/2021 at 3:34 PM, KCFalcon22 said:

    2 questions for my fellow Falcons. 

    How do most of you feel about Arthur calling his own plays?  The reason that I ask this is bc a lot of people here didn't want Bieniemy to call his own plays if he got the job. 

    How do you think a 1st time coach handles both play calling and overseeing the team as a whole?  Be nice to hear what everyone's thoughts are on this.

    I love that Smith is calling the plays.  He has proven over the last two years that he is an elite playcaller.  My concern with EB was that he really had no history in the NFL calling full games and I didn’t want him learning on the job in ATL.  Smith is a known commodity.  

    Where does Smith’s offense rank when compared to all other offense’s over the past 20 years:

     • Redzone Scoring: 1st Overall

    • Yards Per Play: 2nd Overall

    • Yards Per Carry: 1st

    • Total Scoring: 4th (1st if you only count once Tannehill took over)

    • QBR: 1st Overall

  2. 7 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    Right. The defense doesn’t have both starting safeties, CB, DE and DT. But we need to pick more OL. 

    Yeah, if we draft Slater (a guy I actually love), it needs to be in a trade down where we add a 2nd/3rd this year plus 2nd next year.  

    I would kill for something like this in the draft

    Slater - 1st

    Moehrig or Holland - 2nd

    Javonte Williams - 2nd

    Jaylen Twyman - 3rd

    Ronnie Perkins - 3rd


  3. 48 minutes ago, Ergo Proxy said:

    You need to build a better team to have a chance to dominate.

    The Saints and Bucs have built a good defense for a couple years now.

    Atlanta? Can we at least start with a run game to keep a bottom feeder unit off the field? Or here is a novel idea...build a defense like the best 2 teams in the division have benefited from!



    We are closer than most think defensively.  Between Week 5 & Week 16 we allowed 21 ppg.  Smith can scheme yards in the run game as well as anyone in football.  Just need a starting EDGE, FS and quality depth pieces on defense

  4. 24 minutes ago, mqg96 said:

    Let’s not forget, Belichick’s whole head coaching career in the NFL, in a full season he’s only made the playoffs once without Brady, that was the 1994 Browns. So all the other years with the Browns, and the few seasons in New England without Brady, Belichick never made the playoffs. The only year Brady missed the playoffs as a starter is still 2002, and that Patriots team was 9-7, which means Brady has never started a full season with a losing record.

    Yep.  But I’ve always felt both are the GOAT’s at what they do.  Neither would be who they are without the other

  5. 7 minutes ago, Is This What You Want? said:

    No wonder their franchise is in shambles, the front office is clearly smoking rocks.  Don’t get me wrong Watson is good, but nobody is worth that!

    No doubt.  

    Texans reportedly won't trade Deshaun Watson | Yardbarker

    Deshaun Watson isn’t pleased with the Houston Texans, rejecting the organization’s phone calls after management backed down on its promises made before the offseason. Unfortunately for the NFL star, his chances of getting out of Houston reportedly aren’t promising.

    Coming off an MVP-caliber season, with 4,823 passing yards and 37 total touchdowns, Watson has every reason to want out of Houston. Unfortunately for him, that seems unlikely to happen.

    Even if the Texans are willing to move him, other teams may not like the asking price. According to the team source, per Allbright, the Texans would need three first-round picks, three second-round picks and a Pro Bowl-caliber player to consider a deal.

    If that’s the asking price, only the Miami Dolphins could afford to trade for Watson. Given the team they’ve already built, however, perhaps it might be the kind of move that makes them a Super Bowl contender.


  6. 6 minutes ago, Kayoh said:

    Smith doesn't necessarily make players better than they really are. Ryan Tannehill isn't actually the player he was under Gase, that was Gase holding him back. He's not an amazing QB but he's a pretty good one. Like top 20 in the league or so probably. Corey Davis and AJ Brown are both good. Jonnu Smith is really good. Derrick Henry is probably the best pure runner in the league. The OL has good talent across the board. Smith isn't some kind of miracle machine, his whole gimmick is spamming play action more than everyone else. It's a great trick but if you have to rely on it you're kinda setting yourself up to fail if you ever trail in a game.

    Smiths offense has scored the most TD’s in football the last two years with slightly above average personnel

    • 2017 & 2018 Titans: 19.8 ppg

    • 2019 & 220 Titans With Tannehill: 32 ppg


  7. 2 hours ago, Kayoh said:

    I was definitely exaggerating, full disclosure.

    I'm just frustrated that guys who run the ball as much as Arthur Smith does are getting rewarded with promotions. It's a passing league. Running a bunch and relying on opponents' mistakes to win is such a Mike Smith/Mularkey mindset. At the very least, Smith loves his play action, which is huge. I just absolutely despise that people are talking about finding an RB to fit the system as if the reason Tennessee's offense has been good these past 2 seasons was because of Derrick Henry. It's an extremely frustrating discourse so the whole "Smith = Mularkey" comment was more just a snide comment for me to vent with.

    If Smith can continue making players better than they really are, we could have a special season next year....cause the Titans had way less talent than ATL offensively.  

    Imagine a system that makes Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Hurst, Matthews, Lindstrom, Gage, McGary etc better players than they otherwise would be.  
    Unfortunately the last few years the players have made the coaches look like better coaches than they actually are. And that is a recipe for disaster

  8. 5 minutes ago, falcons007 said:

    Reading comprehension is not your friend. I never talked about accuracy. Just said arm strength comparison. Learn to read bro.  Every year for past two decades, there are can’t miss QB in top 5. Great arm strength, accuracy yada.. yada.. Yet there are  more duds in top 5. 

    No, I read what you wrote.  I simply disagree with your statement that “Wilson’s scouting report reminds you of Russell.”  Their scouting reports and arm talent are nothing alike. 

  9. 5 hours ago, falcons007 said:

    Reminds me of Jamarcus Russell scouting reports, he can throw from own 30 yard to end zone. Not saying he is Jamarcus Russell, but scouting reports about arm strength sound same.

    lol...except Z. Wilson is amongst the most accurate QB’s in recent draft history.  Also extremely high IQ.  JR was both inaccurate and .24 cents short of a quarter

    Wilson has nowhere near the arm strength of Russell, though

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