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  1. I love that Smith is calling the plays. He has proven over the last two years that he is an elite playcaller. My concern with EB was that he really had no history in the NFL calling full games and I didn’t want him learning on the job in ATL. Smith is a known commodity. Where does Smith’s offense rank when compared to all other offense’s over the past 20 years: • Redzone Scoring: 1st Overall • Yards Per Play: 2nd Overall • Yards Per Carry: 1st • Total Scoring: 4th (1st if you only count once Tannehill took over) • QBR: 1st Overall
  2. True...I may be completely wrong, but I don’t love the top of this draft at all for defense
  3. Yeah, if we draft Slater (a guy I actually love), it needs to be in a trade down where we add a 2nd/3rd this year plus 2nd next year. I would kill for something like this in the draft Slater - 1st Moehrig or Holland - 2nd Javonte Williams - 2nd Jaylen Twyman - 3rd Ronnie Perkins - 3rd
  4. Yeah, I’ve liked him since last year. He is being slept on this cycle
  5. Saints should have drafted Deshaun Watson when they had the chance in 2017. Hopefully the same won’t be said about the Falcons four years from now regarding Fields or Wilson
  6. That’s why Houston said the rating point in any trade is three 1st and three 2nd round picks along with a pro bowl player But as a trade his dead cap is only 21 mill with -5 mill impact on the cap. As a 6/1 trade it’s just 5.4 mill dead cap and actually saves them 10 mill on 2021 cap
  7. Brady throwing to Brees kids after the game. Beyond the game http://www.espn.com/video/clip?id=30733442
  8. It’s a pretty stupid ask. Would anyone even consider it?
  9. We are closer than most think defensively. Between Week 5 & Week 16 we allowed 21 ppg. Smith can scheme yards in the run game as well as anyone in football. Just need a starting EDGE, FS and quality depth pieces on defense
  10. They’ve already said what it will cost: three 1st round picks, three 2nd round picks and a pro bowl player just to start the conversation. Outside of Miami I’m not sure anyone can meet he asking price
  11. You’re not wrong....but it’s interesting that Brady’s winning % was higher outside the division than inside
  12. Yep. But I’ve always felt both are the GOAT’s at what they do. Neither would be who they are without the other
  13. No doubt. Texans reportedly won't trade Deshaun Watson | Yardbarker Deshaun Watson isn’t pleased with the Houston Texans, rejecting the organization’s phone calls after management backed down on its promises made before the offseason. Unfortunately for the NFL star, his chances of getting out of Houston reportedly aren’t promising. Coming off an MVP-caliber season, with 4,823 passing yards and 37 total touchdowns, Watson has every reason to want out of Houston. Unfortunately for him, that seems unlikely to happen. Even if the Texans are willing to move him, other teams may
  14. Smiths offense has scored the most TD’s in football the last two years with slightly above average personnel • 2017 & 2018 Titans: 19.8 ppg • 2019 & 220 Titans With Tannehill: 32 ppg
  15. The Texans have hinted that Watson would cost three 1st round picks, three 2nd round picks and a pro bowl player in return
  16. If Smith can continue making players better than they really are, we could have a special season next year....cause the Titans had way less talent than ATL offensively. Imagine a system that makes Ryan, Julio, Ridley, Hurst, Matthews, Lindstrom, Gage, McGary etc better players than they otherwise would be. Unfortunately the last few years the players have made the coaches look like better coaches than they actually are. And that is a recipe for disaster
  17. No, I read what you wrote. I simply disagree with your statement that “Wilson’s scouting report reminds you of Russell.” Their scouting reports and arm talent are nothing alike.
  18. Brady is a mutant. Where he goes, teams win. Bucs went from 7-9 to 13-5 Pats went from 12-4 to 7-9
  19. lol...except Z. Wilson is amongst the most accurate QB’s in recent draft history. Also extremely high IQ. JR was both inaccurate and .24 cents short of a quarter Wilson has nowhere near the arm strength of Russell, though
  20. Interesting stuff. Surprising to see WR as the 2nd highest positional WAR and EDGE 8th.
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