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  1. Cam’s post-NFL career will be quite interesting
  2. Admittedly, You don’t know a whole lot after two weeks, but an identity has started to be formed and here is what we know: • Belichick & Quinn still have it as DC’s. They are the only two HC’s also moonlighting as DC, and the results speak for themselves: ¥ Total Defense: NE is #1. ATL is #3 ¥ Yards Per Play: NE is #1. ATL is #4 • Turnovers: the Falcons have to get this under control. Teams average drive starts at the 50 yard line. You can really see the impact when looking at Opponents Yards Per Point: ¥ NE is #1 making teams go a staggering 164 yards per point allowed..LOLOL. #2 is at 35 yards per point. ¥ ATL is tied with Miami for dead last. Teams have to go just 11 yards per point allowed - Conclusion: Quinn still has it. The offense has held us back but once the turnover issue and run game get on track, watch out. Could be a special year. P.S. Patriots let their best OL and defensive player walk. The results: • Offense: 38 ppg - Defense: 1.5 ppg
  3. That’s true for any coach when being compared to BB. Thats why I didn’t compare them. Just showed that both still have skills as a DC
  4. And here is a screenshot of the action in the backfield to hide the ball
  5. Wow, I forgot to include the link https://www.49ers.com/video/49ers-baldy-breakdowns-week-2
  6. You can see the value today’s NFL puts on receivers by their TAG number. At 16 million, it is the 3rd highest paid position behind QB and DE
  7. I mean, every single NFL team breaks their season down into 4 quarters. We are halfway thru our first quarter. The only statistic that is completely irrelevant is Ryan’s INT’s. That number is an anomaly.
  8. It appears Shannahan learned his lesson. The final pass play of the game came with 3:08 left in the 3rd quarter.
  9. I know a larger sample size is a better indicator....but we are now 12.5% done with the regular season. We can start putting pieces of the puzzle together.
  10. I agree. It’s really his genius in the run game that make his offense work. I remember a player was traded to SF and after a few weeks was asked the difference between Shanny and McCarthy. He said Shanny practices/works on the rushing attack more in one practice than they did all week in GB. And those are not world beaters Jimmy G is throwing to.
  11. Yardage was the more appropriate number because our offense & ST’s have put the defense in terrible spots. Average drive starts at the 50 yard line. So points were going to be surrendered And again, the first sentence of the OP says “ admittedly, we don’t know much after two weeks.” Just trying to get a healthy discussion going. If two weeks don’t matter, why are we talking about anything?
  12. That’s pretty much all I was saying. Just trying to post some positive stuff we’ve seen through 2 weeks
  13. Did you watch the video? What did you think of how Shannahan was having both the rb & fb cross in front of Jimmy G at the same time and indifferent directions to hide the football and confuse the front 7?
  14. Think we need to give Freeman a pass for the last few weeks. Our run blocking has been atrocious
  15. My man @Ergo Proxy could give him a run for his money.
  16. Who I think, or who currently is? PPG Offense: Dallas, NE and KC will all likely remain in top 5 Total Offense: Dallas, KC, NE & Chargers all possibly stay in top 5 TOTAL DEFENSE: NE, Chicago, Baltimore & ATL likely all remain in top 5
  17. Ryan would probably have 2-3 titles since 2008 if he played in NE. As I said, this isn’t a knock on Ryan. Brady is the GOAT and it is not even close any longer. Brees would likely still have a HOF career if he ended up elsewhere. You could see his trajectory his last year in SD
  18. And that offense is on point so far. 25 pass attempts vs Bengals, 300 yards and 8 receivers caught balls. That’s exactly how our 2016 unit produced.
  19. This pretty much sums it all up. Best post of the day so far
  20. Well the injuries pushed him to the slot for a bit which was an awful spot for him. Once he moved back out to boundary, he was very good
  21. At Week 3 last season: Top Offenses: KC, Rams, Saints, Steelers (only NE wasn’t in the top 5). Top Defenses: Baltimore, Jacksonville, Bears (Seahawks & Browns finished season top 5 but were not there after Week 2) So 7 of 10 units that finished top-5 in 2018 were also top 5 after Week 2. So it is early, but not too early to see where things are headed
  22. If you put 2016 Tom Brady on our 2012 & 2016 rosters, we win two titles. And that’s not a knock on Ryan. But Brady is the greatest competitor I’ve ever seen. He would never have let the coaches run just 4 times in the last 4 drives of SB 51. He would not have taken those bad sacks late in the game. Throwing shade on Brady is an exercise in futility. What more does the man have to prove to the naysayers.
  23. He was much better than most realize from Week 8-17 last season.
  24. 49ers gonna shock people and win the NFC West