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  1. The 185 number is the projected impact of new TV deal. Without the tv deal, the loss of revenue from 2020 means the cap will be 175 mill. Not staying an opinion here. These are the facts based off the newly bargained CBA
  2. NFL news: 2021 salary cap could be higher than league’s initial fears Before the season, the NFL and NFL Players Association agreed to set the salary cap floor at $175 million. It would be a steep decline from the NFL salary cap this season ($198.2 million), but the agreement meant avoiding an even more alarming drop by spreading out the lost revenue across multiple seasons. I love when people don’t know what they are talking about but say stop making stuff up. Purp
  3. I guess I didn’t say it right. The NFL set the salary cap floor at 175. Since the NFL took massive losses this year, the floor will be the 2021 cap unless a new tv deal is made, which would raise the cap to around 185 mill
  4. As of now the cap is 175 mill so it’s al we can go by. Our total obligations leave us 25 mill over the cap.
  5. The difference is those two teams are SB contenders so kicking debt down the road made sense. Unfortunately we aren’t in the same boat. Since 2013 we are a combined 56W and 72L. Whether we blame coaching or not, we are a losing franchise atm and aren’t in the position to sacrifice future years to chase a unicorn in 2021
  6. A solid effort by OTC. I still think designating Fowler 6/1 makes sense since it opens up 8 mill. First I’ve heard if Ryan considering retirement Here are the five NFL teams with the least amount of projected cap space according to Over The Cap*. 32) Saints: -$78,199,622 31) Eagles: -$68,037,130 30) Falcons: -$24,942,484 29) Rams: -$19,286,256 28) Steelers: -$17,112,571 *this includes current rollover cap space Falcons Whoever the Falcons hire to be their next general manager is going to find an incredibly top-heavy roster. The duo of QB M
  7. I don’t think so either. We likely target a QB in 2023. As for this year, it’s anyone’s guess. In the right system I think Wilson can be top 5 QB in football (49ers, Packers and possibly under Arthur Smith). But put him in the Gase-led Jets or Koetter-led Falcons and he will struggle. Fields isn’t as NFL ready but has the higher ceiling
  8. I was thinking the same thing recently. If we do trade down off 4th, we can double dip quite easily and create a unique backfield. A combo of Harris or Williams with Gainwell/l or Hubbard would be pretty dang sweet
  9. Like both these dudes...also think Gainwell is the ideal RB in both run/pass if e want to wait until Rd 3.
  10. I really think we lack a dude like this. Reminds me of Paul Pierce in high school, just a bit more explosive. If we are going to suck this year, let it be for Jalen Green
  11. it’s really astonishing how bad we are against zone defense. We are a very poorly coached team on offense. Unless Trae scores 30, we won’t win a **** thing
  12. Bottom line, Trae needs to be the wild card alpha for us to win. We are 5-1 when Trae leads the team in scoring and 0-5 when he doesn’t.
  13. His results speak for themselves ”Starting with the 1989 season, Phillips has been hired for eight jobs, and all eight of those teams made the playoffs in his first season. Six of them missed the playoffs the previous season. In Phillips’ first year, his teams have an average record of 11-5, compared to 7-9 in the season before his arrival. Phillips’ defenses have improved by averages of 5.1 points and 31.3 yards per game in his first year.”
  14. On the flip side, Smith managed to beat the #1 seeded Ravens in the playoffs a year ago. Also beat Brady/Belichick. Dude has proven his worth on the biggest stages
  15. Plenty of quality NFL backs in this draft. Falcons need to come away with one of these guys: Williams, Etienne, Harris, Gainwell, or Hubbard
  16. Smith undoubtedly understands how to scheme easy yards for his RB’s, a notion completely foreign to Dirk. But I still really want a 2nd or 3rd round RB this year. Williams, Etienne, Gainwell, Hubbard or Sermon would be good with me
  17. There is absolutely no doubt the offense had to overcome Koetter in order to be successful Top 5 DVOA is more likely than not. Just need to grab Javon Williams and address LG
  18. Where you see the value of Smith is when you do the same analysis except compare with teams like the Chiefs, Saints, Bucs and Ravens. His group was less talented yet managed to outproduce every other team
  19. This made me happy. Koetter was garbage and hiring him doomed the last regime. How they convinced themselves to bring him back last year is a complete mystery. His take on analytics is still good for a laugh Dirk Koetter Says He Doesn't Trust Buccaneers' Analytics Department TYLER CONWAY NOVEMBER 12, 2015 Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator Dirk Koetter has opinions on analytics. Strong and probably misguided opinions. “No. I trust my eyes," Koetter said this week when asked whether he believes in the Buccaneers' analytics department, per Rick Stroud of the
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