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  1. To try and judge a schedule in April is an exercise in futility
  2. JJ > Megatron. And if we are being honest, he is better than anyone not named Jerry Rice at this point
  3. I mean, if we are being honest, do you think they are simply making things up? I doubt it. I suspect there is truth
  4. This is a very odd article. There are parts I agree with but can’t stand the race card being used here....regardless, it’s an interesting read You Know Who Jameis Winston Looks Like After Five Seasons? Peyton Manning. Chuck Modiano Today 11:49A Only five quarterbacks in NFL history have thrown for more than 5,100 yards in a single season. They are: Peyton Manning, Drew Brees (four times), Tom Brady, Ben Roethlisberger and Jameis Winston. Winston, despite all you hear to the contrary, is keeping some pretty elite company What kind of numbers would he put up if given a running game or a defense? What if he had coaching stability? How good could he be if he cuts down on his interceptions like so many previous risk-taking QBs that eventually ended up in the Hall of Fame? What, these questions aren’t being bandied about on the cable sports talk shows or in the endless column inches dedicated to NFL coverage across the country? Nope. Everywhere you go, sports media is fixated on Winston’s interceptions instead of his 5,109 yards. If Winston were a young prolific whitegunslinger, what kind of analysis would we get from an NFL media who will yell “FitzMagic” if a below-average white QB can string together just two exciting wins in a row? Thankfully, Monday’s episode of the Dan Patrick Show, former Buccaneers and Colts head coach Tony Dungy tried to bring some attention to this. “You look at Jameis’ numbers and Peyton Manning’s numbers in those first five years, there’s not a lot of difference other than Peyton’s team won more,” Dungy said. Is Peyton’s former Super Bowl coach right? Let’s take a look: Peyton vs. Jameis Stats first 5 years: Peyton: 20,618 passing yards; 138 TDs, 100 INTs, 62.1 Completion percentage.; 85.9 QB rating; 4.9 TD rate; 3.5 INT rate ADVERTISEMENT Jameis: 19,737 passing yards; 121 TDs, 88 INTs, 61.3 Completion percentage 86.9 QB rating; 4.7 TD rate; 3.5 INT rate Dungy is spot on. The two sets of numbers are almost identical. Manning is Winston’s greatest NFL statistical comparison after five years. Young Peyton’s superior win-loss record has more to do with his superior support, notably Hall of Famers Marvin Harrison and Edgerrin James. Winston (6-10 record) had a far superior rookie year, but Manning’s 3-13 rookie record helped land James with the No. 4 overall pick. Now consider this stat on Peyton’s first five seasons. 35-17 with Edgerrin James · 7—21 without Edgerrin James We will come back soon to “The Edgerrin Effect” on young Peyton, and “The Bruce Arians Effect” on Jameis, but first, can we have an honest conversation about Winston’s interceptions? Interceptions Over Five-Year period 100 Peyton Manning– Years 1-5 102 Dan Marino — 1985-1989 101 Brett Favre — 2004-2008 93 Brett Favre — 1998-2002 97 Joe Namath — Years 1-5 88 Jameis Winston — Years 1-5 Okay, now that we know Winston didn’t invent “The Interception,” let’s discuss “30.” ADVERTISEMENT Peyton Manning was given all the time he needed to correct his early career INT problem. Photo: Getty 1. STOP SAYING “30-30 CLUB” or “30 FOR 30” OR “PICK SIX.” IT’S STUPID Winston’s final pass this past season was his 30th interception, and media had a field day with it as the first “30-30” TD-INT guy in NFL history. The constant “30-30” framing punishes Winston for his 33 touchdowns, second most in the NFL last season. Ten NFL players threw 30 interceptions before Winston, but none could hit the 30 TD mark. George Blanda once threw 42 INTs, but fell three TDs short. Ken Stabler (16-30) and Bucs record-holder Vinny Testeverde (13-35) couldn’t even reach half of Winston’s TDs. Peyton once threw 28 TDs. Eli threw 27 TDs. Brett Favre? 29 TDs. But none hit 30. Why? None had 626 pass attempts like Winston did in 2019. But what if they did? Let’s adjust: TD/INT Ratio Adjusted for 626 Pass Attempts(like Winston in 2019) 33-30 Jameis, (2019) 28-30 Peyton (1998) 21-30 Brett Favre (2005) 20-31 Eli Manning (2013) 24-31 Ben Roethlisberger (2006) 20-34 John Elway (1992) 17-33 Warren Moon (1986) That’s right, all these great QBs matched or exceeded Winston’s 4.8 Interception rate in 2019, but not his TDs. Also, none threw for 5,000 yards in these seasons. Or even 4,000 yards. Others argue Winston’s 30 interceptions are “going in the wrong direction.” Nonsense. Big Ben’s INT spike came in his third season after his Steelers won a Super Bowl. Marino in his seventh year, Elway and Eli in their 10th season and Favre in his 15th. At age 40, Favre’s best season and INT rate (1.3) came with 33TDs. Others mention stats like “pick sixes,” otherwise known as interceptions returned for TDs. Let’s start here. Favre, Marino, Namath, Brees. Peyton. These are the NFL career leaders in “pick-sixes.” Not a bad list. When Winston set a new record with his seventh pick-six, less attention was paid to the previous co-record-holder Peyton Manning, who had six in 2001. Prior to 2019, Winston averaged only one pick-six per year. Why? Because it is pretty arbitrary when and if any INT is returned for a TD. That’s why there is a different pick-six leader every year. Citing this stat as if it means anything is just statistical trolling. Worst of all is when the media discusses interceptions like a permanent mark, not the fixable flaw that they are. ADVERTISEMENT 2. INTERCEPTIONS ARE A QB’s MOST FIXABLE FLAW Sports Illustrated’s Andy Benoit echoed a media-wide sentiment when he said: “History says a risk-taking QB like Winston won’t change” Long read...click link to continue https://deadspin.com/you-know-who-jameis-winston-looks-like-after-five-seaso-1842526841
  5. I’m not sure his production can come close to translating to the NFL, but he is an interesting rospect
  6. We have our starting corners. We should not go CB until RD 3
  7. While Brady had Gordon the first 6 weeks, he averaged 285 ypg and 32 ppg. Once Gordon was traded, there was nobody to throw to. Hardy would have easily been their #2
  8. They ran fewer plays than us
  9. This is such a weak argument people try and use against Brady. He averaged 26 ppg with nowhere near the talent the Falcons have, yet we averaged 24 ppg. Brady’s #2 and #3 WR last year was Jakobi Myers and Phillip Dorset. They could not run the football...yet they still outproduced us. Brady will have a huge year in TB
  10. LOL...can you name his top 2 receivers the last two years?
  11. OJ commenting on someone being guilty of murder while wearing gloves is either incredible ironic or an April Fools Day Joke gone terribly wrong Yes, not Falcons related but who cares
  12. Isn’t he embarrassed of that growth on his face...lol. IMO it’s Mahomes, Brady, Wilson, Ryan, Rodgers and everyone else....
  13. Brady has won 2 SB’s in 4 years but is too old...lololol
  14. Right on
  15. Let’s get our laugh on today... I will start. Let’s find this man a jersey
  16. I think we wanted to bring both in
  17. LOL...what did the world do before GIF’s
  18. He will get laid because of that right D The coach should be fired for putting his smallest player on Zion. Either the rest of the team had 4 fouls or they wanted him to threaten Zion’s nuts...
  19. We need to sign him. That’s Dahl’s son
  20. I like Quinn as our HC. I think he gets some redemption in 2020. But I’ve always thought he could build an amazing college program. Kids love him and he would be an incredible recruiter. Message can’t really grow stale since you get all new players every 4 years
  21. The decision to put Manning under center falls squarely on Kubiak. Nobody else. Manning Under Center “There’s no question that Manning looks awkward running the offense from under center. He’s not as mobile as he once used to be, so getting back to give the handoff takes a little time. This means the backs have to wait just a bit longer before they can get up to speed and hit the hole. Manning also looks sluggish dropping back to pass from under center. As he’s dropping back, Manning must recognize any sort of blitz and also diagnose if his receivers are open. Because he’s not the most fleet afoot, pressure can get to Manning even before he sets his feet to throw. The reports about Manning’s weak arm are a bit overblown. So far this season, we’ve seen him hit (and overthrow) more than a few deep targets. However, Manning does not have the arm strength to simply flick the ball while on his back foot. Manning needs his base set underneath him in order to throw deep passes with proper velocity and accuracy. Peyton Manning Under Center 2015 Comp Att Yds TDs INTs 10 17 49 1 0 ESPN Stats & Info Kubiak believes the team can get a better rushing attack with the quarterback under center. “You would hope so, but I don't know that I could say that right now because it hasn't been good in any place. It's something we're constantly evaluating as we move forward and continue to move forward. I told you guys we're going to do a little bit of both.” Kubiak emphasized, “We're going to continue to do that. We've just got to get better doing it.” Not only does Manning struggle under center, but he also looks uncomfortable rolling out on play-action passes. He seems to feel pressure even when he’s got a bit more time to throw. This leads to rushed throws, improper mechanics and off-target passes. Manning under center is certainly a work in progress, but it’s work that needs to be done in order for the Kubiak system to be executed properly. Manning in the Shotgun The passing game seems to be jump-started when Manning is lined up in the shotgun. The Broncos began the game against the Ravens in Week 1 out of the shotgun, but the offense couldn’t find a rhythm. They did in the fourth quarter of that game to seal the victory, but they did so by running the ball in what was more the Kubiak system. Against the Chiefs, the Broncos tried an opposite approach. They began the game running the football, but they fell behind by 14 points. Then, they turned to the shotgun formation and started airing it out with Manning slinging the rock to come back and win. Peyton Manning Shotgun Formation 2015 Comp Att Yds TDs INTs 40 68 382 2 2 ESPN Stats & Info Kubiak admits the offense is working better from the shotgun right now. “That's true. We've got to get better in a lot of things. I would agree with that. The biggest thing right now offensively to me is protecting the quarterback and finding a way to make big plays in this league. The thing that enables you to do those two things is run with the football, and we're not running the football.” The Broncos already know what they have in Manning and the shotgun formation. This can be used to help protect Manning as he’s further back from the opponent and can see the field better as he takes the snap. Manning can distribute the football evenly from his spot, but the team can’t run the ball as effectively or use power to wear down an opponent if they’re in the shotgun.
  22. The difference was Ryan could play from under center and turn his back to the defense on PA. Ryan has the mobility to roll out on bootlegs Clearly Manning could not. Why would you completely change an offense that averaged 34 ppg the two previous years? Makes no sense
  23. How can you say that. Literally 6 months before Kubiak arrived, Manning had an MVP type season