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  1. He isn’t leaving Cleveland...lol
  2. Watch how Belichick talks about Ed Reed in a footballl life. Look how much the patriots pay their safeties. It’s an essential position in today’s NFL
  3. Okundah or Delpit in the 1st & Weaver in 2nd would be solid as well...we will have to see how Oliver & Sheffield finish the year at boundary
  4. I thought Freeman & Hill did a very solid job for us on Sunday. It’s not necessarily about the numbers. It’s the fact we continued to rush the football.
  5. Yet it wasn’t.
  6. Why did I resort to using one game? Because Yo kept coming back to 3.1 ypc. I decided to play on his terms
  7. If you think his value to the team on Sunday was trash, we didn’t watch the same game I don’t love hill ...,but he is solid in a pinch. I really don’t understand all the hate
  8. I disn call a player trash basted on one game.
  9. He is a quality backup. Nothing more, nothing less
  10. To judge a player as a whole, one game is a joke. But both competed in the same environment Sunday. What did the eye test say on how they performed compare to one another. I thought Free was very solid.
  11. Let’s try this. What was the difference between Freeman and he’ll last Sunday? Was either one significantly better than the other?
  12. Coleman is a 1b. Not a backup running back. Hill makes $600,000 and can fill in admirably if need be.
  13. Then use all 3 years of his stats. Don’t cherry pick one game to fit your narrative
  14. I think he is a quality #2 running back. That’s all I’ve ever said. But to call him trash is the definition of ignorance. He has value.
  15. You just used 1 game to judge him as trash. I felt it more prudent to use 3 years. So yes, my sample size is far more appropriate to use here
  16. Since sample size is irrelevant to you: 3.1 ypc = 1 game 5.4 ypc = 3 years
  17. Would you prefer I side with Yo who simply calls him trash without any data?
  18. He had a good game and really stepped up and filled the void," Pro Bowl center Alex Mack said of Hill. "He's had a couple good times where his name has been called up unexpectedly in a game and he's delivered. That shows his work ethic and a guy that is paying attention, putting the work in. And it's paying off." Mack mentioned how Hill has stepped up in several instances. One of those included last year's game in December at Carolina, when Hill stepped in alongside then-starter Tevin Coleman and rushed for a career-high 115 yards on just eight carries, including a 60-yard run. Panthers coach Ron Rivera certainly is familiar with Hill's capabilities.
  19. Think about the bolded statement you just made. Then ask it about message board GM’s like us But you go on calling players trash...lol
  20. If you say so. Guess you know more than NFL coaches. "I think he's a versatile running back, shows that he can run the ball," Rivera said. "He's got good vision, makes a good cut, sticks his foot in the ground and goes downhill. You're not going to arm-tackle him. You've got to wrap and drive. I think that this is a guy that just really has the potential to be a good football player for them and do things that they need.
  21. The were stei rly running inside zone being conservative after the 3rd quarter. Until that point Hill was doing quite well. But 8 carries up the middle and for 1 yard on average tends to hurt the average. Freeman and Hill both ran hard and well on Sunday. Not need to tear Hill down. And go watch his negative runs and let me know how solid the blocking’s was
  22. Last week proved you need to be solid and incest in both the DL & Secondary. The beauty of having 6-7 quality guys in the secondary is you can adjust your scheme to match your opponent on a weekly basis
  23. You can tell he doesn’t care for Vic or Hill...lol. Both players did far more good than bad but were singled out for below average play....
  24. It’s hard to root against Quinn. He gets no refit for the defensive improvement but he is still the DC. And he is spending most time with the DL which balled out against the Saints. He didn’t simply forget how to coach. Here is hoping we finish winning 7 of 8