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  1. Bro, You gave me your cell phone number 14 months ago when we met on TATB..LOL
  2. I participate in all the forums except the political forum. That place will take your soul and never give it back
  3. No clue what you mean, my friend...lol OZUNA!!!
  4. They trying to give a man a heart attack
  5. The Falcons, not Redskins should be called teamTBD
  6. Too much PTSD from the team we dare not mention
  7. Let’s get out of this inning
  8. I would have stuck with the hot hand
  9. All I’ll say is we are 0-5 and 30 million over the cap. That’s just a bad look. It’s different if we are 5-0 and chasing SB, but we put all our chips in for 2020, kicked our debts down to 2021 which pretty much sucks. With that said, our problems are 80% coaching. Hire a good HC/OC/DC and the production will look much better But in 2021: 88% of our cap spent on 10 players. That’s scary
  10. Bring Wilson back out for the 7th until they start hitting him
  11. What game did he scream at himself and the pitcher like a crazy man between pitches before destroying a ball 460 feet?
  12. Freddie missed two pitches there
  13. Yes!!! Huge break. Get him home boys
  14. I don’t see what vould possibly be hurting
  15. Time for Acuna to make his mark on the NLCS!!!
  16. I’m definitely a Debbie downer regarding our cap...lol
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