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  1. This looks pretty bleak. Our roster gonna look very different, very soon. Sadly, this was a Chips all in season. Our depth must be addressed
  2. Zach Wilson gets my vote. Lance has the most upside...but Zach is uncommonly accurate on tough throws.
  3. Debo and AJ suck at tackling this year...and Neal is completely lost
  4. True... But the defense wasn’t as bad as most say. The final 16 games of the year, Atlanta allowed just 13.5 ppg through the first 3 quarters of the game. They allowed tons of garbage 4th quarter prevent points. 46% (180 points) of our points allowed were in the 4th quarter the final 16 games. Mostly when the game was in hand.
  5. I’ll take healthy Neal, Rico, Poole, Collins, Trufant & Alford over this group all day every day. Who on our DL is better than 2016 Beasley, Freeney, Clayborn, Babineaux, Jackson, Grady & Hageman
  6. Our secondary and DL are so far behind 2016/2017. Light years behind.
  7. has the feeling of 96 WS...FML
  8. I’ve always ascribed to the theory that the team with the most players earning over 1 million dollars will make a SB run. NE always has the most...we had second most in 2016, Philly had 3rd most in 2017 and Rams had 2nd most in 2018. It’s a sign of a deep and balanced team. Unfortunately we’ve gone off the grid. In 2021 we are 28 million over the cap with just 23 players making over 1 million In 2021 the Patriots are 69 million under the cap and have 34 players set to make over 1 million
  9. We are talented 1-14. That’s about it. The other 39 players are pretty bad. It’s what happens when 70% of your cap goes to 10 players. Next year 90% of our cap goes to top 10 contracts. Clearly we will maneuver things, but TD overpaid for a few contracts
  10. Yep, me & The Bow Tie Chronicles are tight...lol You know I think the roster has talent. But as it stands, the current players are not as good as we think they are. Mack, Matthews, Lindstrom, McGary, Hurst, Bailey, Neal, Rico, Kazee, Debo, Oliver, Takk & Fowler. Vic last year This year Ryan & Julio are off which I put most on DK. Much of this is poor coaching/scheme. But bottom line, these guys are not playing up to their contract or draft status. To your point: would Belichick have this roster competing for a SB? Probably, yes. So there is talen
  11. Even worse than this are 3rd down conversions allowed by our defense over Ryan’s career
  12. Agreed...I see he is also averaging 4.75 ypc. Feed the man on the outside. Every run at the D gap gets 5 or more yards
  13. Sure am glad we cut this guy last year cause clearly we aren’t good at safety
  14. I was a bit critical of Gurley early on...and while his burst isn’t what it used to be, his savvy and toughness are clearly on full display Gurley on pace for 1,200 yards & 16 TD’s
  15. Dodgers: Walker Buehler Storms Out of Interview When Asked About His Tight Pants
  16. No doubt. That’s why I took him at 10. They had Parsons going #1 lol
  17. The only way Dennison coaches in ATL is if Kubiak is our HC. He and Kubiak are BFF’s The reason Kubiak isn’t Denver’s OC is because Elway said Dennison wasn’t welcome back
  18. Trey Lance - North Dakota State Raw. Huge upside. 42 TD’s and 0 INT’s last year
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