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  1. Considering how this year has gone, makes complete sense
  2. It’s not one game. I quoted a post I made from April saying move him to Guard. Every single one of his strengths are great at Guard...and his weaknesses aren’t as important at Guard cause he isn’t on an island
  3. We still used a 14th pick on him.
  4. Not saying we should have, but we could have drafted Lamar Jackson if we wanted a mobile qb
  5. He has always had Happy Feet. It’s not a sign of decline.
  6. Grady is every bit as good as AD this year. I was proud of the defense yesterday. Holding the Saints to 270 yards is impressive
  7. He did. I think a bit gun shy or shell shocked.
  8. He is better attacking forward. Once he gets his hands on you it’s over. Classic guard qualities. Is he going to thrive washing an edge rusher out of the pocket? I don’t see it as a strength for him
  9. He isn’t wrong, though. Ryan has always held the ball a bit too long trying to make a play when there is none to be had
  10. So you saying this doesn’t look to be on point:
  11. I prefer’d Taylor as well. Keep your 3rd by drafting him. Similar snaps, more penalties but half the sacks. And if you think I simply parrot the board majority you’ve lost your mind. Thanks for reminding me who you are, though
  12. I’ve never changed my opinion. I still think he can be a solid RT, but His struggles versus edge rusher’s will always be there. I said it after we drafted him that guard is his best position
  13. Ford gets put on the bench when he plays bad
  14. I stated my opinion after the draft. His tape vs Auburn was a concern. I was told I was wrong and it’s just the Mudd philosophy
  15. Johnson did during an injury riddled 2013 season. Don’t believe Peters or Smith ever came close
  16. Penalties/Sacks: • Ford: 7/6 • McGary: 5/11
  17. I mean, McGary has allowed the most sacks in the NFL at 11. He also cost our 3rd round pick
  18. Of our last 20 wins since 2017, Ryan has led us to comeback or game winning drive 6 times. Last happened in Week 2 this year
  19. Good catch
  20. Bottom Line McGary enjoyed an immensely impressive collegiate career and there’s much to suggest he can make a living at the next level. He knows how to win at the point of attack with his hands while also staying square with his blocking target. In run support, he delivers jarring blows with plus leg churn to open up running lanes for ball-carriers. He’s also capable of executing pulls to the inside as well as getting involved as a second-level blocker. Where McGary struggles is with his lateral movement which could make him a liability in pass protection against elite speed on the perimeter. His footwork is also a bit spotty and that, in turn, will make it difficult for him to neutralize top edge defenders in the NFL. He’s also not a natural knee bender and though his tape indicates functional play strength, he might need some work in terms of optimizing the leverage he’s able to generate. And players have dropped in recent years due to concerns over heart issues. All in all, there are quite a few NFL-caliber characteristics that McGary exudes. Though he likely needs to move inside to guard to realize his ceiling, McGary is certainly capable of developing into a starting-caliber player. McGary’s family has endured some significant adversity in recent years, including losing their farm when he was in high school. But McGary’s responded to it extremely well and that shows mental toughness that NFL coaches love to see out of players. It should serve him well in the pros.
  21. Fans are throwing grenades everywhere, but let’s be honest, this loss is on the offense and ST’s. The defense was on point and played great for the 3rd time in four games. Held the Saints to 270 total yards. The Saints scored half their points on three drives where they accumulated 40 yards total.
  22. I guess we’d need to define mobile QB first. Are we calling Young, Elway & Rodgers mobile?
  23. Half the points allowed came off three drives where the Saints gained a total of 40 yards. That’s bad field position, not bad defense
  24. Ball was out in under 2 seconds so pass rush had no chance. Defense kept everything in front and swarmed. Good tackling except Rico on Cooke