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  1. I guess you’re right. He didn’t look that big. Herm is using him like a 3 down pro back, though. Needs to ease off his reps..lol 6 Game Stretch - AVG 29.5 Carries 1. 30 carries for 314 yards 2. 28 carries for 120 yards 3. 29 carries for 185 yards 4. 27 carries for 175 yards 5. 34 carries for 182 yards 6. 29 carries for 150 yards
  2. Trae going off in the 3rd...lol
  3. Nice confidence building game for Cam
  4. He isn’t ideal size but dude refuses to go down. Always keeps his feet moving and always moving forward
  5. Trae is clearly not fully healthy...Cam looks good, though
  6. Could sadly be the truth...
  7. Dex has more sacks than Grady. Has the same grade as Suh did last season
  8. Calm down, my friend. I am not doubting how good Chase Young will be as a professional. But if a quarterback needy team is willing to give up two first round picks to draft either Tua, Burrow or Hebert, I’m doing it. There will be players that are same/similar as Young drafted in the middle of 1st round. And don’t throw the agenda word at me, please. The OP clearly states to sell the idea to me.
  9. My point is this: either our front office cannot draft worth a crap and wasted six 1st round picks and two 3rd’s in five years, or our coaches simply haven’t done enough with an otherwise talented roster.
  10. As draft prospects they were a notch below. I think Clowney might have been drafted ahead of Young (again, ignore what they have done as pro’s). Few defensive prospects have ever had Clowney’s hype/clout heading into the draft. Yet 5 years later one could say Donald, Mack, Ford, Mosley & Barr have all had better NFL careers. On offense, Evans and Zach Martin have also been better than Clowney Dont fall in love with the flavor of the month. There will be an abundance of talented players we can draft in a few months
  11. So if we do draft Young, it’s SIX 1st round picks (Plus two 3rd round picks used to trade up) in six years on the OL/DL.
  12. LOL... Bosa the prospect never played. I’m not using what they did as NFL players. Just as prospects let’s say we drafted Bosa last year. Do you think he has 7 sacks like he does with SF? I honestly don’t
  13. You would offer our 2nd to move up & grab him? Wow. Unless it’s for a QB I am not doing it.
  14. Jadeveon Clowney (DL04) HT: 6'5" WT: 266LBS. POSITION: DE SCHOOL: South Carolina ARM LENGTH: 34 1/2" HANDS: 10" I am not an NFL analyst. Just giving my opinion . Maybe it’s a bad one.
  15. All boils down to the teams mindset. And that falls on the coaches. But there is enough talent if we stay healthy.
  16. Certainly true for 2020. But once we get out from under the 35 million Ryan CAP hit, we can build a SB roster for 2022 & 2023 (possibly 2021 as well). Get a 1st & 2nd for Ryan and draft well. It all assumes Burrow is a B+ QB and the new GM makes smart moves with the 35 mill in CAP. PS: Matt Ryan is still my dude. The whole Burrow idea is just because of the CAP situation.
  17. I was essentially asking if the defense is a player away. But Chase & Clowney are both 6’5. Clowney is 10 pounds heavier. If you compare Clowney & Young’s career you see the comparison is on point. I’m only looking at Clowney the prospect, not what he is now. That is my point in making the comparison. For a #1 overall pick he has been a disappointment. Solid, but not worthy of #1 pick. . And that is my concern with Young. Clowney (35 Games): 129 Tackles, 47 TFL, 24 Sacks, 7 PD, 9 FF Young (30 Games): 80 Tackles, 35 TFL, 27 Sacks, 6 PD & 7 FF’s
  18. Completely agree. While we could use an effective edge, there is talent on the defense. What it lacks is the proper mindset
  19. “He is the best Ive ever seen” I still love this Mic’d up from our game with the Cardinals. They catch Fitz talking to Kyler Murray about Julio. 4:55 mark
  20. I would ask this, how much better are we this year with Clowney on the Roster? Are we a 1 win team or a 2 win team?
  21. Good point. I think Chase will be very good, but I am more concerned with our secondary than our DL. We have talent if they are coached properly. But our secondary is butt cheeks next year: Trufant gone Neal likely gone Rico possible CAP casualty Kazee lost Oliver or Sheffield our #1 boundary Scary thoughts
  22. That’s how I see it as well. We are not a player away on defense. We are a mindset away
  23. @JD dirtybird21 Pkease merge. I accidentally created topic twice
  24. Honestly, if the objective was to run an odd man front on defense, we should’ve drafted Dexter Lawrence. Dude is the highest graded rookie. We could’ve kept her third round pick in the process. @Vandy @Knight of God @MSalmon @Ovie_Lover @athell These guys all screamed for Dex...looks like they were right
  25. Boy do I look completely stupid with this take...lol. I never wanted Manuel fired, but once it was done, I really thought Quinn as DC was the proper move