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  1. 6 hits and no runs. That sucks. Bats will wake up if we can keep within 3 runs
  2. He has a lively arm. Add that to his unique accuracy and ability to make plays off script and you have the modern nfl QB
  3. Possible future Falcons QB has many possible release points and all are accurate
  4. Hurst was a 73.1 overall in Baltimore last year. Grades are down across the board for him. We miss Mularkey with the TE’s
  5. Hurst is a 44 in pass blocking and 61 in run blocking. Grades out at 57th overall TE behind Stocker
  6. Chinn missed season tackles early in the season but has started to come on. He is Carolinas leading tackler, on pace for 135 tackles as hybrid safety. I still love his upside Its been tough for rookies with no offseason. The best rookie has been NE’s 6th round guard, Onwemu, who is the 4th highest graded player in the NFL
  7. We had some pretty big injuries in 2016. One thing we can be certain of is we likely win a SB IN 2017 and our offense would be top 5 every year
  8. Since 2016 - With A Quality Starting QB Quinn: 24-28 (46%) Shanny: 20-7 (74%)
  9. No, you’re not wrong. This was always a 20% game with a reliever as your starting pitcher
  10. Bottom line, we never had a st this game unless the offense put up 8 runs. We didn’t even have a starting pitcher...lol
  11. Not surprised at all. Don’t love Smith’s stuff against this line up
  12. I wouldn’t mind hitting Turner here.
  13. Or could have drafted your guy Harrison Bryant who the Browns are really high on. A draft of Winnfield Jr, Dobbins, Chinn, Dantzler, Bryant in first 4 rounds would have been nice
  14. Kittle is at 71.7 run blocking this year. Hooper is starting to turn it on a bit
  15. They are crushing him. Get him out
  16. Braves & baserunning blunders go hand in hand
  17. He is only at 21 pitches. 5 is too much, but I say keep him in st least 1 more
  18. Hope Minter gives us 4 or 5. No early pulls, Snitker
  19. Hooper has a 72 run blocking grade in Cleveland. Much improved with good coaching
  20. Outside of his unique speed, Hurst has been mehZ. Terrible run blocker
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