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  1. With Shanny calling our offense, are we scoring 30 ppg?
  2. They have run fewer plays, have more yards and score 7 more ppg. With way less talent
  3. SP runs a WCO/Coryell hybrid offense with a flex blocking scheme.
  4. I just posted an article on him, but many considered him a top 10 pick before the injury last year
  5. 2020 NFL Draft prospects: Happy, healthy and hungry, Wenatchee’s Trey Adams could be a top pick next year Todd Milles, Scorebook Live 7 months ago Photo by Seattle Times After his final spring game with the Washington Huskies on Saturday afternoon, Trey Adams slowly headed toward the tunnel toward the locker room. He was tired. His uniform was drenched in sweat. And he was ready to take it easy the rest of the night. On the way, Adams looked up and saw former teammate Kaleb McGary staring him down from the sideline, wearing the hat of the team that had just selected him Thursday night in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft – the Atlanta Falcons. The two offensive tackles talked briefly before Adams headed off to get dressed. Since Adams will likely be a hot name for the 2020 NFL Draft, they will surely get caught up again over the next few months. “I am going to get with him after he’s done with mini-camp to see what (the NFL Draft process) was like,” Adams said. “I mean, it is in the back of my mind, but it is also not a big worry right now. I am happy to be healthy and playing.” A year ago at this time, Adams, a Wenatchee High School graduate, was thought to be the Huskies’ top offensive lineman prospect for the 2019 NFL Draft. Some analysts thought the 6-foot-8, 306-pounder had top-10 potential as a left tackle. Most figured he would be gone by early in the second round. But a few days before the UW’s season opener against Auburn, Adams suffered a serious back injury that required surgery. Not only was his season in jeopardy, his NFL dreams were suddenly on hold. Yet, for the 10 weeks that Adams was sidelined, something happened. He began to realize how much football meant to him. “If anything, it inspires you more, because when you are injured, you get to sit back and see all the stuff that goes on,” Adams said. “And here, the train kept rolling. To miss out on that stuff, it definitely pumped me up.” Adams did return for the final four games last season, including the Rose Bowl loss to Ohio State. And this spring, he has been a full participant during UW’s spring camp. His back has felt great. And his attitude has been contagious. “He has a different energy about him because he doesn’t have to worry about his body,” said UW center Nick Harris, who is also Adams’ roommate. “He is getting back in that (groove).” Harris said he knew Adams was thinking long and hard about the NFL again because all he does is talk about football – at home and in the linemen’s room. “The guy loves football **** near more than me – and I love football,” Harris said. “The guy wants to play in the NFL, he is going to play in the NFL and he is going to play for a long time, because his perseverance and his will to do so is pretty impressive.” If you don’t believe Adams will be in the NFL, just study his body language. It is obvious in the way he carries himself, said future NFL Draft tight-end hopeful Hunter Bryant. “You can see it with how he walks around,” Bryant said.
  6. You could solve this by drafting McGary’s old line mate Trey Adams in Round 3 or 4. If not for injury concerns he is a 1st round prospect. He is a mailer at 6’8, 330 lbs with long arms. A better RT prospect than McGary and allows KM to teach his ceiling at RG
  7. I don’t want to draft either, but Tua & Hebert will be available. Burrow is the only quarterback I would consider though. But Pre-injury, Tua was still a lock to go first
  8. I know you’re not calling Ergos a trash/low class poster. Are you? Cause he isn’t...not even a little
  9. He is also giving Ben Garland snaps on the OL as well
  10. Dirk had 4 years in Tampa to get his personnel.
  11. No point in Ryan playing behind this OL. Let’s see what Benkhart has and preserve Ryan’s physical and mental health
  12. A team like the Bears would offer two 1st round Picks for Ryan.
  13. This video vs Bama is why I think Burrow is the best prospect since Luck. These are elite NFL throws. And he is very mobile. Also, look how much better their WR route concepts are than the Falcons
  14. I like you more and more with each post. Post more often If anyone disagrees, check out our stuffed % and 2nd level yards https://www.footballoutsiders.com/stats/ol/2019
  15. I don’t fully buy this argument. Julio, Roddy & TG were the primary options until Week 6. Roddy has 100 targets, TG had 120 targets. To say Douglass was the only option is just not true. In 11 games, Douglass had over 800 yards. That’s a testament to both Ryan and Douglass
  16. Quite possibly the most overlooked and tragically unappreciated coaches in NFL history. But he is a DC. Period. Bring him in as DC...in a heartbeat. Just not as a HC Edit: I’d consider this Carmichael Jr : Co-HC/OC Wade Phillips: Co-HC/DC
  17. They have given TG 50 attempts the four games leading up to today. Ran for 230 yards over that time. Am I missing something
  18. The bolded is absolutely spot on
  19. One word answer. It rhymes with smirk
  20. He likely will be available. I just don’t love him as an NFL prospect. He would die in Ryan’s spot this year
  21. Don’t make me find and tank you, my friend!!! lol. You’re always good with me, PS
  22. Why is Dabo whining so much and throwing shade at us in the process? He has such a punchable face "(Today's win) is huge from a national standpoint, because obviously if we lose this game, they are going to kick us out (of the playoff)," Swinney said. "They don't want us in there anyway. We'd drop to (No.) 20, you know? Georgia loses to this very same team, and the very next day it's, 'How do we keep Georgia in it?' We win to the team (North Carolina) that beat South Carolina and it's, 'How do we get Clemson out?'
  23. This year hasn’t really felt like a dream, especially on offense. But I hear ya. I think it’s a two team race this year. Ohio State, by far, has the most talented roster but LSU has the better QB (at this point in their careers). Edge LSU.
  24. The transition to 12 personnel started earlier in a November and has really paid off for Gurley and the offense. McVay has traditionally ran almost exclusively out of 11 personnel