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  1. Fromm missed Cager & Pickens over the middle
  2. Coley couldn’t scheme open a WR on Super Tecmo Bowl
  3. Confidence is a funny thing. We’ve always had the talent. Looks like the confidence may be back as well Falcons 31 Panthers 21
  4. Would love to see us draft Reed in the 3rd Round if he is still available
  5. Do I think Kaep was blackballed by the NFL? I do. And that completely flies in the face of wat this country represents. But let’s not act like Kaep was a world beating talent. If you cherry pick his best stats for his entire career it still shows a below average starting QB Best Completion %: 62 Most Yards: 3,300 Most TD’s: 21 Sack Rate: 10% (terrible number) Kaep’s legacy is held up by a dominant playoff performance in GB and bringing his team back from 17 points down in NFCCG vs ATL. Outside of that he was below average starter in every measurable way
  7. Bill Belichick gives Georgia football and Kirby Smart a big-time recruiting pitch By Connor Riley, DawgNation staff January 29, 2019 In recent years, Belichick has taken to drafting or signing a number of Georgia players. He signed David Andrews after the 2015 NFL Draft; Andrews has since gone on to become one of the best centers in the league. In 2018, he drafted two Bulldogs — Isaiah Wynn and Sony Michel — in the first round. And while speaking at Super Bowl Media Day, Belichick explained why he’s grown so fond of Georgia players. “I think Kirby’s program is excellent to prepare guys for the National Football League, Belichick said. The way they practice, the way they prepare and hold each other accountable. It's certainly similar and consistent with what we try to do." .
  8. I mean, we have an All Pro at DT and two 1st round investments on the edge. I love Brown and would like the pick...but we have tried quite hard to build the DL. Just had not worked as we hoped.
  9. Terrell was in my mock. Has the length, speed and IQ you like on the outside. Outside of OSU’s Okundah, many experts see Terrell as the best CB prospect in this cycle
  10. Patriots are #1 in the NFL, spending nearly 30 million on just their safeties. McCourty is at 14 mill.
  11. He isn’t leaving Cleveland...lol
  12. Watch how Belichick talks about Ed Reed in a footballl life. Look how much the patriots pay their safeties. It’s an essential position in today’s NFL
  13. Okundah or Delpit in the 1st & Weaver in 2nd would be solid as well...we will have to see how Oliver & Sheffield finish the year at boundary
  14. I thought Freeman & Hill did a very solid job for us on Sunday. It’s not necessarily about the numbers. It’s the fact we continued to rush the football.
  15. Yet it wasn’t.
  16. Why did I resort to using one game? Because Yo kept coming back to 3.1 ypc. I decided to play on his terms
  17. If you think his value to the team on Sunday was trash, we didn’t watch the same game I don’t love hill ...,but he is solid in a pinch. I really don’t understand all the hate
  18. I disn call a player trash basted on one game.
  19. He is a quality backup. Nothing more, nothing less
  20. To judge a player as a whole, one game is a joke. But both competed in the same environment Sunday. What did the eye test say on how they performed compare to one another. I thought Free was very solid.
  21. Let’s try this. What was the difference between Freeman and he’ll last Sunday? Was either one significantly better than the other?
  22. Coleman is a 1b. Not a backup running back. Hill makes $600,000 and can fill in admirably if need be.
  23. Then use all 3 years of his stats. Don’t cherry pick one game to fit your narrative
  24. I think he is a quality #2 running back. That’s all I’ve ever said. But to call him trash is the definition of ignorance. He has value.