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  1. Yep...it’s why I prioritize my defense back to front. Great pass rush is rendered irrelevant if the pass is out in under 2 seconds. Belichick pays his secondary around 45 million, tops in the league. His DL near the bottom. You can scheme pressure if the back end is on point
  2. 76-15. That is the score of our last 10 quarters against very good competition (Saints, Seahawks & Panthers had a combined 7 losses). The offense is still a bit out of sync, but this is what happens when you play complementary football in all three phases of the game. • Shout-out #1: Dan Quinn - It’s not easy to admit your limitations. But he is still the DC. Still creates the Gameplan. Still coaches the DL who have been beasts the last 3 games. Honestly, I am just glad to see his energy and infectious smile again on the sidelines. • Shout-out #2: Raheem Morris - While Jeff Ulbrich will get most of the glory, and deservedly so, moving Morris back to DB’s mid-season was risky. It was unprecedented in recent NFL history. And it may have been the move that saved a regime. • Shout-our #3: Ricardo Allen - he doesn’t have the body to hold up in the box or be a full time SS. But dude has filled in admirably, which allowed Kazee to move from nickel where he was a liability to FS where he can have a positive impact
  3. I’m talking about him having to sell the change to Blank. Sounds like he was overriding what Blank wanted.
  4. Offense scored just 22 points despite playing around 50 of 60 snaps in Bucs territory. Can’t run block at all and keep getting stupid penalties from the OL At this point the offense is our weakest link and must tighten up if we are to run the table
  5. This article is why I think Blank directed Quinn to be DC this year
  6. Defense definitely supported the offense the last two weeks. We played like 50 of 60 offensive snaps in Bucs territory. We score 60 if the offense was on point. The offense scored just 22 points despite playing the entire game in Bucs territory
  7. Once the middle of our defense went on IR 2018 became irrelevant. This year has been sad. But once transitioning back to 4-3 Under the results are showing up again. Lets find out if it continues for the rest of the season. At that point an informed decision can be made If the defense continues urs to dominate, it means the team is still hearing Quinn’s message. It means a decision to run a scheme not meant for the defense was made by Quinn. That’s still in him. But finish winning 7 of 8 and it proves the team still responds to him. If that’s the case, you can keep him
  8. Change was inevitable, particularly after team owner Arthur Blank held an impromptu news conference following a loss to the Seattle Seahawksin Week 8 and said every aspect of the coaching staff would be evaluated, including Quinn. Blank also said at the time he had no immediate plans to cut ties with Quinn despite a thunderous outcry from disgruntled fans. Quinn had to sell Blank on altering some aspect of his program in hopes of triggering a spark. Quinn moved Morris back to defense, moved running backs coach Dave Brock to wide receivers in place of Morris and moved assistant Bernie Parmalee to running backs coach. There were no notable personnel changes among the players during practice. When asked Wednesday how Blank received the news of Morris being reassigned, Quinn didn't answer directly. "[Blank] said it well: 'You've got a lot of smart people there, and utilize every resource that you have,'” Quinn said. "Raheem and I obviously have been talking about that and the fact that this was the best thing to do for the team.” Quinn revealed how Morris essentially expected the move, knowing how close the two are, dating to when Quinn coached the defensive line at Hofstra University when Morris was a safety. "It doesn't affect just him,” Quinn said of Morris' switch. "There's a lot of moving parts that go into it. ... But having his energy to bring over to the defensive side -- we're just a few days into it -- but I thought the players did a good job of adapting to that, and the coaches as well. So it's been a good start.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.espn.com/blog/atlanta-falcons/post/_/id/34757/falcons-have-nothing-to-lose-in-coaching-staff-shakeup%3fplatform=amp
  9. We did play much improved defense. The board narrative will scream DVOA, and that’s fine, but in terms of allowing points we were quite solid. In 28 games between Week 13 in 2016 and Week 2 in 2018, the Falcons allowed a team to score over 23 points just 4 times. That includes 5 playoff games. That is quality defense and enough to win SB’s with the offense we have.
  10. You say that now. But heading into 2016 the offensive staff was on notice and seats were warm if the offense did not improve. They did. They became historic and Morris deserves his share of the credit
  11. Brown has to address his penalty issues. It was my concern when we signed. He had 8 penalties in 8 games with NY last year and that was considered his best tape. It’s continuing this year with ATL. In fact, Mack, Brown, Carpenter & McGary all have 5 penalties this year. Needs to tighten up
  12. And I don’t know how we got him or who he is, but this is two games in a row where Ive seen Mariner pushing the pocket. Almost got his first sack yesterday and recorded a QB hit
  13. People like Crawford & Bsiley are starting to flash again. The stunts are getting home. Love it when Clayborn is on the weak side and Takk & Vic lune up together on the strong side. So much speed to deal with. And can the mini-Predator, Clayborn, get some love. Dude has been an assassin
  14. Yup. Less thinking, more reacting. Rico already knows the answers to the test. If something new pops up, let Morris identify it and communicate it
  15. The biggest player move was removing Kazee from the slot. He was so terrible. He isn’t nearly the FS that Rico is, but he isn’t a liability at FS like he was at nickel. He is actually a plus player at FA. And Sheffield is a huge upgrade over Kazee in the slot. And special shout out to Rico, who doesn’t have the build for it but is doing a great job in the box replacing Neal.
  16. The thing I do blame Quinn for was the switch to odd man fronts. We are a one-gap, attacking defense that is meant to read quickly, swarm & attack. We don’t have the horses to run a two gap system in the middle. And as we’ve always known, this defense is much different when playing with a lead
  17. “NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Monday that the Falcons fired offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian, defensive coordinator Marquand Manuel and special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong, per a source informed of the decision”
  18. The change back to 4-3 under required the bye week IMO. Same goes for Morris to DB coach since it required him giving up his duties as pass game coordinator. These aren’t changes you make on the fly. Even so, Blank didn’t really want the changes made. Quinn had to put a hard sell on Blank to make all the changes
  19. Blank was part of the problem this year. In order to make these changes to playcalling and Morris to DB, Quinn had to sell Blank on it. That’s an odd thing for a HC. Shows Blank has had his hands in the cookie jar
  20. Almost none of them do. And only Belichick took on the task of full time DC & HC. That’s a tough thing to do
  21. This force meshing of different philosophies is why nothing has looked fluid since 2016.
  22. With the amount invested in the OL it’s laughable that we can’t run block. Matthews & Mack are Pro Bowl players. Brown is a mauler. How can we not run on the left side?
  23. And bottom line, we suck at run blocking. It’s hard to tell if the running backs are the issue. Hill was hit in the backfield nearly every single carry. Do we even practice it??
  24. I think Quinn fires sark...
  25. We can certainly beat them. I don’t doubt that. But we need the best version of the UGA offense to show up in order to pull it off. And as of yet, that offense has not shown itself And don’t you think much of those rushing yards are pretty much garbage. LSU playing soft and protecting a 3 score lead?