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  1. Yeah, I wanted him or Isaiah Simmons in last years draft (if Moses declared which he didn’t). But Simmons looks like trash on Arizona & Moses is awful for BAMA this year Simmons has 5 tackles all year. Basically ST’s player. It’s shocking
  2. It’s interesting to note that people are saying Quinn fired or demoted anyone who questioned him.
  3. Probably because he isn’t calling the games as a Braves homer
  4. Facts. I’ll take .260 with 28 HR’s over .220 with 18 HR’s, five of which travelled over 500 feet
  5. Well we will be in good shape to make several runs over the next decade. Braves will get a few rings during Acuna’s time
  6. Man, you have Auburn’s NC in 2011 at least. I am a Braves, Hawks, Falcons & UGA fan. I got a throw in WS in “95. That’s it
  7. Let’s not lose sight of things. Once Soroka went down & Puig tested positive, our season was an unknown. It became even more uncertain with Cole Hamels getting hurt again. This team outperformed expectations IMO. The offense went cold at the wrong time
  8. Our bats are just so streaky. Better team is about to win.
  9. Time to sacrifice a live chicken. We need 2-3 runs to win IMO
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