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  1. If you asked a year ago you’d have a reason for discussion. As of right now, one has Pro Bowl/Franchise QB talent while the other wouldn’t beat out Benkhart for our #3 QB spot
  2. Well he is calling the defense on gameday so this year is the pseudo-DC. He is acting as Ulbricht & Morris are this year
  3. This is the least amount of expectations I’ve ever had in a UGA SECCG. No Cager, no Pickens, Swift hurt...for an offense that already can’t move the ball through the air, this doesn’t look good. Probably means we dominate
  4. For those saying Steve Belichick is too young to be our DC: Bill Belichick was 33 when he was named Giants DC in 1985. Same age as Steve is now. All Belichick did over the next 5 years is bring home 2 SB’s. His playoff defenses allowed a shocking 11.2 ppg. In Back-to-back seasons they met the 49ers in the playoffs and held the mighty Walsh/Montana/Taylor offenses to just 3 points in 8 quarters. Shut out the Skins. Don’t use youth as an excuse not to hire someone.
  5. You know Hollywood is out of ideas when Joe Dirt is getting a reboot....and I liked Joe Dierte
  6. Doesn’t sound angry. Passionate, yes...but not angry. We don’t want to see Spook angry. Trust me
  7. That’s not a hot take. Same/Similar talent, more mobile and 3 years younger.
  8. I wonder if people know just how lucky we have been. This was the pre-season Falcons power ranking in 2008: 32. Atlanta Falcons (4-12) - Initiate Disaster Recovery Mode. 'Til next time..
  9. He can have McKay’s title as well
  10. Yes it would be...and yes it’s a dream scenerio. But if McDaniels is guaranteed NE’s HC gig, maybe Belichick comes to ATL to finish training his son and start laying the foundation of a dynasty for his son in ATL. A Father’s love...about the only way this comes to fruition
  11. Belichick has been an elite coach working with the safeties & cornerbacks since 2016. That unit has been the best in the business once he took over. People like Gilmore went from really good players to All Pro’s under Steve Belichick. Jason McCourty went from solid to a B+ CB. I wouldn’t underestimate Steve Belichick’s coaching prowess/passion
  12. I wouldn’t be shocked if Brady retires. He is not enjoying playing behind a struggling OL. Maybe both Belichick’s then take on a new challenge. Perhaps his greatest challenge: breaking the ATL sports curse. Bill Belichick comes in as President/GM/HC (($40,000,000 salary - do it Blank) , Steve Belichick as DC and HC in waiting. Then hire Joe Brady to be OC and bring Scarnecchia to run the OL. Super Bowl in 2020
  13. He will remain in NE. He loves being around his dad. To pry him out of NE you’d likely have to offer HC position...which I wouldn’t do
  14. Of course my scenerio is a pipe dream. He isn’t leaving NE. I actually think he will be the next HC in NE, not McDaniels
  15. One thing we definitely would see is more man coverage. Probably a bit more balance in our gentleman vs MOFC calls. Quinn is an outlier in both.
  16. And Id love to see him troll D-Led with his press conferences
  17. It’s going to be funny when Bill Belichick gives McDaniels the ultimate middle finger by enduring his son, Steve Belichick, is his successor in NE. Let’s make a run at Steve for DC. Maybe hiring him will garner us sympathy from his Old man. lol...joking aside, he is running the most dominate unit in football two years running. And apparently he has taken over playcalling Report: Steve Belichick serving as Patriots’ defensive play caller
  18. If Dillon is a better pro than he was in college, draft him round 1...lol. He had 4,500 yards rushing and 40 TD’s in 32 games
  19. He isn’t the fluid runner like Turner is. Is love Dillon as a FB/RB hybrid. Elaire is like Coleman catching the ball snd young Freeman running it
  20. Draft their RB, Edwards-Elaire (sp). Dude is a stud
  21. 3. NFL teams don’t use the QB as a runner like college teams do. The typical counter to RPOs, particularly in the NFL, is to play man coverage. The RPO is built around creating conflict for defenders on whether to play their run fits or their coverage assignments. The QB then punishes indecision or an aggressive run fit with the quick pass. Man coverage erases that conflict by telling the defenders to stick to their men and dropping a safety down to ensure they still have enough numbers in the box to stop the run. The reason Philadelphia threw fewer RPOs against New England than Collinsworth claimed was the Patriots played a lot of man coverage. Normally, NFL teams punish man coverage by attacking it with routes designed to free up receivers, such as mesh, switch routes, and wheel routes. College teams often have a simpler way to punish good man coverage that requires less skill and chemistry: They just run the QB. College teams love to mess up a linebacker’s reads. Gaining a numbers advantage by deploying QB run schemes and giving him an RPO is perhaps the deadliest way to do it.
  22. We ran lots of RPO with Sark and Ryan was great doing it. Bottom line is Brady understands when to call certain plays and how to build off plays and disguise them
  23. It works with Brees. It doesn’t mean Ryan is the run option.