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  1. I think Quinn fires sark...
  2. We can certainly beat them. I don’t doubt that. But we need the best version of the UGA offense to show up in order to pull it off. And as of yet, that offense has not shown itself And don’t you think much of those rushing yards are pretty much garbage. LSU playing soft and protecting a 3 score lead?
  3. Continuity can’t be overstated. Look at the Patriots. How many coaches have the Steelers had in the past two decades. Constant turnover at the coaching level is never a good thing. But if the message has gone stale you have to make a change.
  4. Guess we will see. He certainly could be let go. If we don’t finish 8-8 or better, he should be fired. Let’s let it play out
  5. Your points are all valid, obviously. But I don’t think beating LSU will be an easy task for UGA unless Fromm, Coley & Kirby do better on offense LSU is not playing Big 12 football. They have only allowed 87 points in the first half this year. Nearly every game is over at halftime and they go into prevent which is why the defense looks suspect. But when the game still mattered, their defense has been very solid
  6. They did. Baltimore won a SB because of the seeds Belichick laid. People forget the trade back in the draft Belichick made that a year later resulted in Ray Lewis. Also, the 1994 Browns were one of the best defenses of All Time. Belichick & Saban were almost an unfair combination. They invented the Pattern Match zone together in Cleveland
  7. Great post
  8. If what you’ve seen the last 10 quarters continues the rest of the year, isn’t that production? Do we still fire everyone then?
  9. Quinn has his warts, but every coach not named Belichick does. But his time in Atlanta has been more good than bad. This season is the only one I lay completely on him. Even still, Blank forced him to be the DC 2019: 3-7 2018: Derailed by injuries 2017: 11-7. Should have beat the SB Champions. 2016: 13-6. Should have won a SB 2015: 8-8. Not bad for a rebuild.
  10. We had Manuel, a great DB coach, handling the secondary. And Morris gets no love for his impact as passing game coordinator the last 3 years
  11. In 2015 we went from allowing 27 ppg to just 21.5 ppg. Solid effort In 2016 we went to the SB, much of the late run due to Quinn and the defense In 2017 we allowed just 19 ppg (top 8) In 2018 the middle of the defense went on IR In 2019: let’s see how we finish
  12. That’s a fact. He has been spending most of his time with the DL
  13. For 6 million he isn’t expensive. And while Rico has filled in admirably at SS, his body won’t hold up there long term. If you like Kazee at FS and keep Neal, it likely means Rico is gone
  14. I agree about Koetter. We will know more about him based on the final 2 months.
  15. He is improving the communication on the back end
  16. I’ll say this. Kazee isn’t a better FS than Rico. But Sheffield is a much, much better nickel than Kazee, who has honestly been a serious liability all year.
  17. It rubs off on the players, too. I have not seen Quinn like this since we beat the Rams in the 2017 playoffs
  18. And scheme...the move to odd man front really was a head scratcher and we were not built to play it. As we’ve seen, this is a one gap attacking defense that is built to play with a lead
  19. You do if he didn’t cause the fire. I’ve said this before, in no way do I think Quinn fired Manuel. I don’t think he wanted the task of being full time HC & DC. It’s a huge burden: I have always thought that move was a directive from Arthur Blank. And if that is true, I will give a special shout out to Dan Quinn.
  20. This guy could help the run game...lol
  21. Gonna wished he signed him last year...lol
  22. 2,800 yards and 21 TD’s for Lamar (rush & pass) 3,400 yards and 21 TD’s for Dak Both having monster seasons
  23. Show me why he isn’t a solid #2
  24. Don’t change a single thing. Whatever it is is working. Remember, Ulbrich has been calling games since Arizona. The difference was the bye. It let us move back to 4-3 Under and move Morris to DB’s Morris impact can’t be stressed enough.