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  1. Hooper has a 72 run blocking grade in Cleveland. Much improved with good coaching
  2. Outside of his unique speed, Hurst has been mehZ. Terrible run blocker
  3. Fowler has been garbage. Ranks 106th of 110 qualified EDGE defenders
  4. What’s Dennard doing here? Trade to Browns?
  5. Koetter has incriminating pics of someone. Only possible explanation. So Morris is learning his offense from Koetter. Sounds like a recipe for success
  6. I don’t know what to say. Both sides stunk, but we are an offense built team. Defense DVOA Against Run: 10th Defense DVOA Against Pass: 30th Offense DVOA Passing: 23rd Offense DVOA Run: 15th Just all sorts of suck here. The only defense I have for morris is Quinn was meddling. Dirk has complete control of the offense
  7. I couldn’t either. Freaking AJC. Who still charges for online newspaper info?
  8. Imagine firing the HC, GM, ST Coordinator but retaining your OC who is fielding a bottom 10 offense with this at his disposal: Wide receiver: Julio Jones - 6th Overall Wide receiver: Calvin Ridley - 24th Overall Tight end: Hayden Hurst - 25th Overall Center: Alex Mack 21st Overall Left tackle: Jake Matthews - 6th Overall Left guard: James Carpenter - 25th Overall Right guard: Chris Lindstrom - 14th Overall Right tackle: Kaleb McGary - 30th Overall Quarterback: Matt Ryan - 3rd Overall Running back: Todd Gurley - 10th Overall Where you are drafted isn’t really important,
  9. This is quite touching. We need more men & women like this
  10. Which team would you take if you’re a GM or HC?
  11. Hopefully that rebuke extended to Koetter & Ulbrich, Coach Morris.
  12. Falcons return to facility & Morris put the “Brotherhood” on notice. I love it. No more cookies and ice cream
  13. Bieniemy has been in charge of an offensive unit & its playcalling for two seasons. Most gifted offensive minds dominate, regardless of the university. Bieniemy managed three wins and a miserable 19 ppg & 17 ppg as OC at the University of Colorado 8 years ago. The two years after he left the offense averaged 26 ppg & 30 ppg. I’m not sure he develops talent or holds players accountable. I recall Kelce didn’t miss a rep after shoving EB on the sidelines Not saying he hasn’t improved or can’t be a great leader of men. But if he is the hire, he needs to bring an offensive mi
  14. They will keep Ozuna. 4 years, 88 mill. Hope he doesn’t demand a 5th year
  15. Our FO put in work in 2016 draft: “The Braves signed Anderson to a $4 million bonus, about $2.5 million below the slot value recommended by the commissioner’s office. The discount enabled the team to get three other pitchers above slot later — Joey Wentz, Kyle Muller and Bryse Wilson. Wentz was traded to the Tigers for Shane Greene on July 31, 2019. Muller is the team’s No. 13 prospect, according to Keith Law. Wilson is a candidate to start Game 4 of the NLCS.”
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