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  1. I’m just messin with ya...no worries. Your opinion is just as valid as mine
  2. That’s why I like 5 years. Trade him after year 3 to an organization eager for a name who can still produce.
  3. I’m
  4. Pump the brakes. One has been an All-Pro who led the NFL in sacks and Forced Fumbles. The other is yet to take a snap in the NFL. For all the Vic bashers, this is the NFL. You don’t luck into 10 sacks let alone 15.5. I hope he busts out 20 year this year just to shut us all up. And even if he does, I’d still let him walk next year
  5. The Bills play in the windiest stadium in football. They need receivers with great hands and toughness who go over the middle. Mounds and Owens are perfect receives in Buffalo. Sanu would be ideal.. If they want a high upside project, take Mecole Hardman in the 4th.
  6. Let the Team Ryan vs Team Julio debate of ignorance begin.
  7. Nobody could accuse you of being inconsistent with a straight face...lol
  8. I like the length of the contract. Gives us an option to trade him after 3 years and get a decent return
  9. You have a twisted sense of humor.
  10. Wide receiver isn’t a position where you see production increases as you move up in class. The great WR’s had great production in college...I can’t think of a single exception to that rule. You can’t be your teams 2nd or 3rd best option yet turn pro and turn into Julio. Metcalf will be average as a pro, just like college.
  11. And be careful what ya wish for
  12. On your birthday I can’t help but recall the ancient Chinese scholar, Yu Yung Nomo. Joking aside, you bring truth and knowledge to TATF....and one word answers that @Ergo Proxy would write a novella explaining...LOL. In a world of cynics, few people are genuine. I suspect you are. So Happy Birthday, Clare****. And please dont beat my *** for using your first name.
  13. Do analysts keep mocking Metcalf in the 1st round because they actually believe in his talent or because each draft a handful of NFL teams are deaf, blind & dumb when it comes to combine warriors?
  14. And lost, though...Week 2 vs Oakland and 9 vs GB were such turning points in 2016. Could have so easily missed the playoffs
  15. Do you have something against Power 5 Conference schools...lol. Would love Tytus if we didn’t have to trade up
  16. #45 seems like a lucky number for us. It’s Debo’s number, ******..keep it and draft the top player left on our board
  17. This dude is my draft crush. Finally someone broke down his film in the ZBS. He isn’t perfect, but he is gonna be good. 4th Round Comp Pick: let us get this dude. Twice had 10 pancakes in a game this year
  18. I’d be good with Oliver and best OT available at pick 45. Risner or Tytus May be there at #45
  19. Cause we always outplay them yet piss the game away
  20. Not Philly
  21. I got 283 problems and SB 51 ain’t one....that’s a lie. It is
  22. Sammy is his first name
  23. Name the first quarterback to have a 100 QB rating?