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  1. You really need to get off the Dirk train. This has been a train wreck
  2. We literally are playing with 1 down on offense. Dirk is wasting 1st & 2nd down each drive
  3. I’ll bump this until we get confirmation. POST OF THE YEAR
  4. Credit to @Ergo Proxy for showing me this punt. It deserves its own thread. The punt is that freaking impressive. Why did we draft our punter last year, dangit!!!
  5. Howell is definitely a fun player to watch. A year from now he could be really special
  6. If you want to know Matt Ryan’s value to the Falcons, ask yourself one question: when is the last time the Falcons won a game where Ryan played poorly?
  7. If we finished with 4 wins last year it is very likely that Isaiah Simmons would be a Falcon....and he has been amongst the worst players drafted in the first two rounds
  8. This is a point that often gets lost in the noise. Mahomes, Watson, Rogers, Brady, Wilson, Brees, LJ were all 10th pick or much later. With all the clamoring & fighting for Lawrence or Fields, I won’t be surprised when it is Trey Lance or Zach Wilson who ends up the best QB of this draft class
  9. I’m going to watch Master Teague. I like him as a possible mid round RB for the Falcons
  10. Good opportunity to get a look at some potential future Falcons McCaffrey’s little bro just took off for 60 yards. 7-0 Nebraska over Ohio State
  11. This was fun. Great way to vent. Do one and let’s see what we can come up with
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