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  1. It took you around 8 minutes to process your thoughts and pen 5 intelligent and logical paragraphs. Grammatically correct, too.. I’m impressed.
  2. The only way we could have lost to Arizona and Carolina is if we took a knee for the anthem and never got up
  3. Tim, since you live in the area, you should join @Vandy and maybe a few others for Falcons vs Bucs in Tampa next year. I’m going to grab 8 tickets...and anyone else who wants to join
  4. This is what I’ve seen: 8 FALCONS Falcons get No. 8 for No. 14, 79, 117 Ed Oliver, DT, Houston Oliver would be an excellent fit for a Falcons team looking to generate more pass rush, and he would also act as Grady Jarrett insurance should the star defensive tackle not sign an extension to stay in Atlanta long-term. The Houston product won't make it to 14, so if the Falcons want him, they should be exploring a move up.
  5. I’m off to the penalty box of shame.
  6. Who is LMAO in reference too? so many good options over the years Is Riley LMAO?
  7. Ok..I’ll take it down. But the pic really brings home the moniker Gay Edwards
  8. When healthy he, like Oliver, is a top-5 talent. But we have only really seen him healthy his freshman year.
  9. LOL....I was fond of Gay Edwards (sorry for not being PC)
  10. I love Oliver. My favorite player in the draft. But I wouldn’t move up either. I’d be more inclined to move down to late 20’s and take Lawrence and pick up a 2nd
  11. They have Patriots trading up in the 1st round for Fant...lol
  12. They are saying 3rd and 4th comp pick
  13. I love Lawrence as a player. His Freshman season was no joke and he fills our most immediate need..but dude is always hurt.
  14. It’s Oliver. Love the player, just not certain I’d trade up. Wilkins can fill a similar role at 14
  15. Pretty sure that was Ditka’s exact thought when Ricky Williams agent suggested trading the Saints entire draft for a RB
  16. There were several. I think the Saints and at least one other But he improved quite a bit the final 10 games. He jumped like 45 spots in corner rankings.
  17. I could be wrong, but I seem to remember him getting burned in the final minute of the 1st half several times this year for huge gainers. Led to points each time. Am I imagining this?
  18. How can UGA have two programs with such completely different cultures. Football is a culture of hard work, discipline & excellence. The in-state kids dream of wearing the red & black. Basketball is pretty much the polar opposite So is it 50-50 with Edwards? He’d certainly fill up the stat sheet
  19. He just needs to continue maturing and try to remove passion from his decisions. Honestly, he should have an answer for any in-game decision before the game is played. That’s the objective at least. Belichick in SB 49 didn’t call a TO at the end cause he prepared his players. Trusted his preparation. He worked through the situation before the game started and knew chaos worked in his favor. Quinn needs to know the answers to the test before taking it
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