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  1. A run dominant team is foolish not to use PA to exploit the seams
  2. That’s so bad. Just 4 passes over the middle per game on average. Why would a quality TE come here...lol
  3. Is Alex Gibbs still alive. If so, let’s give him a call again. He is a re-hire I could support. Always loved his quote: “We run zone wide and tight, and that is it. If you want to run something else, do not call me and ask for help." -Gibbs
  4. Hindsight, I know. But Dex and Maxx were in 2 of my mock drafts so I am invested..lol But the point of the thread isn’t really about hindsight re-drafting, it’s about not wasting top 100 draft picks In 6 of 9 years we have used a 2nd or 3rd to move up. Only Julio was worthy
  5. I like Dobbins a bunch. Do you like him with our 2nd pick one round 2?
  6. No doubt. Oddly, some recent mocks drop Delpit to 13th.
  7. It could have. We took a hard look at Dex, Jenkins & Maxx. But the trade up threw a monkey wrench into things. I simply hate moving up and using a top 100 pick to do so
  8. 1st: Dex 2nd: Elgton Jenkins 3rd Maxx 4th: Sheffield 5th: Miller 5th: Cominsk I like this a bunch...lol Edit: just saw Trent Brown is a wife beater. **** him. Must be something about guys with the last name Brown
  9. Taylor and Ford are having identical seasons to Kaleb. Could have drafted either and kept our 3rd
  10. Comparing Coleman and Hill isn’t really fair, though. Coleman was a dynamic 1-b option IMO. Hill is a backup who should get, 6-8 touches per game
  11. We run just 28% of offensive plays. That doesn’t work. But vs Eagles and today our offense is balanced and the results speak for themselves. RUN THE FOOTBALL 42-45% of offensive plays, please. It protects your defense along with your offensive line.
  12. Kaleb will be a very good RT, but you don’t have to trade up to get a player you like. You just don’t. Kaleb possibly could have fallen to us in the 2nd. Look at Justin Skule on the 49ers. Taken in the 6th round in 2019 draft and has been better than any rookie tackle since taking over for Joe Staley this year
  13. I’d agree. He isn’t a #1.
  14. Do you really think Hill was the issue? Or was getting hit in the backfield more the culprit?
  15. These are facts. We scored just 22 points despite running 52 of 61 offensive snaps in Panthers territory. That is terrible
  16. And he was **** good at his job. Morris is a very smart person Its not unusual for coaches to switch from offense to defense. Belichick started off as a ST’s coach with Colts and then receivers/tight end coach for the Lions I think
  17. Tru at 8 million would be a TATF fan favorite When you make 16 mill, you better impact how opposing teams gameplan against us. Ryan does...Julio does...Debo does..and so does Grady. Those should be our elite level contracts
  18. We had Marquan Manuel who also specialized in coaching DB’s. Morris was also great on his role as WR coach & pass game coordinator. Morris become pass game coordinator after 2015 and played a big part in Ryan’s surge into elite of elite QB’s
  19. The run game is straight up Koetter, protections and all. Outside of two shovel attempts that failed, I don’t see much, if any, Mularkey or Knapp in the run game
  20. Jerry Jones...they buy 200 million yachts together and now Jones has sold Blank on how fun being armchair GM can be
  21. Bevell at least made sense with what we were trying to accomplish offensively.
  22. Can’t see Belichick having to sell anything to Kraft...or Payton to Benson..or Tomlin to Rooney’s....only one I can think of is Garrett to Jones. And Jones wanted to draft Johnny Manziel over Zach Martin. Owners should be silent owners with regards to anything football related
  23. I don’t think he would have paid Grady or Matthews either, tbh. He’d pay Hooper, though, along with Debo.
  24. Exactly. Playing corner, nickel or safety requires a very unique skill set that you either have or you don’t. No amount of scheme can hide your 4.7 speed or limited athleticism. The same does not apply for the defensive line. The last 3 games clearly demonstrate this. Same guys along the DL with solid back end support now look dominant
  25. Sheffield is the nickel unless he takes Tru’s spot next year. Kazee should never see the slot again. He was awful