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  1. Some useless speculation I thought I’d share
  2. The more I think about it, I think Fields left not necessarily because of Fromm, though clearly that was a factor, but because of our offensive philosophy. We’ve had so many great skill position players do nothing in this offense. Last year, with our great OL & Nata, Mecole, Goodwin, Swift & Ridley we should have thrown for 325 ypg.
  3. Quinn would need to win out to save his job. Would not be stunned if it happened
  4. He is...but so was Hoe Brady until LSY gave him a shot. McDaniel has been passed over many times now, likely due to his drinking issue. You should go to Athens and make it so people cannot ignore him any longer. He can do what brady did for LSU. ”Hearing multiple teams have inquired about 49ers Run-Game Coordinator Mike McDaniel for OC," wrote Hawkins. "I played one season under Mike, and if they want an 'offensive guru,' I'd bet every dollar in my account that no other candidate understands offensive football the way he does. EVERY. DOLLAR."
  5. I hope so. Wes & Gono looked just as solid Sunday. Would be nice to have a solid 3 Guard rotation, all of whom can reach the 2nd level on our outside zone
  6. This is something to keep your eye on. Rumor has it the Panthers owner has made a run at David Shaw. This would suck. My bet is the Redskins land him, though
  7. True. Rumors say Washington & Panthers...wish we would put our name in the ring. But may still prefer Stefanski atm
  8. Just a question. And I never hated CMR, Bobo or Coley. Dawgs are Dawgs so I love them all..but I’m also logic driven and am able to read through the crap. If a rift existed between Coley and Pittman’s best friend, Chaney, it seems plausible some issues exist on the offensive side of the ball. If the coaches can’t agree on a shared vision, how can the players. Just look at the Falcons this year.
  9. I got no puddin’ in this one, my friend. I am all in on getting Mike McDaniels as OC. But it seemed like a shot at Coley
  10. Do you believe this was accurate by ESPN last year? Georgia football podcast: ESPN appears to delete text detailing rift between Jim Chaney, James Coley By Brandon Adams, DawgNation staff January 9, 2019
  11. This isn’t my article. I’m not spinning anything...it’s from DawgNation
  12. If you say so
  13. It’s the ‘Sic em that makes it an obvious jab
  14. Seems like genuine criticism of our offensive philosophy...and he is right “Pittman may have thrown a verbal jab at the Bulldogs’ woeful offense, when part of his answer about his offensive philosophy at Arkansas included this: “… But I don’t think you can just turn around down and down and hand the ball off to the tailback and say ‘Let’s go Sic’ Em.’” Obviously “Sic ‘Em” is a UGA phrase, but maybe he said it unintentionally. In fairness to Pittman, here’s his full answer on what the Arkansas offense could look like next year, per Pig Trail Nation’s Otis Kirk: “Well, you know if you look at the RPO game with the abilities for your quarterback to run and or throw,” Pittman said. “You know nowadays if you get big, big if you are going 12-plus, if you are going 12-22, 21-plus in this league you better have the real deal because they’re gonna have guys at 320, 330 pounds on the other side. I’m not telling you that the philosophy has gone to spread because that’s a lie, but I think you do have to have the edge covered. “But I don’t think you can just turn around down and down and hand the ball off to the tailback and say let’s go sic’em. You might be able to do it in the third and fourth quarter, but so what we want is to be versatile. I love the RPO game, I like the quarterback read game. I like the 11 which is one tight end and three wide outs. I like to throw the flash screens and different things that is into the RPO system.”
  15. Pitt loves Kirby & UGA...but can the same be said about the OC he reported to? That’s where the statement was directed if I had to guess
  16. How do you read that? I don’t think it is a shot at Kirby or UGA, but maybe at Coley. Pitt loves Kirby & UGA...but Chaney rifted with Coley, and perhaps Pitt did as well. Just thought it an odd statement
  17. "I don't believe you can just turn around to the tailback and hand him the ball and say sic em." Pitt throwing grenades on the way out...lol
  18. I would only jettison Ryan if a generational talent was an option...And even then, I would only do it because our CAP was crippled by Dimitrov extending 2 too many elite level contracts
  19. Since 2008, Ryan averages 52 more pass attempts per year. Credit to him for moving the chains and keeping the offense on the field. Vut the numbers are skewed since Rodgers missed half a season
  20. You don’t think Jones is a top-five linebacker?
  21. Once. But the premise revolves around the fact we are older & lack CAP flexibility. And since Ryan is 35 and eats up double the CAP of nearly any other player we have, it’s not tough to understand what you are infering
  22. Getting neutralized again tonight. It’s a bit different when you are not playing with a huge lead or can’t get to 3rd & long. Make him set the edge and defend the run. He isn’t the lock All Pro everyone thinks.
  23. Kubiak recently admitted he has no itch or desire to return in a HC capacity. Wonder if we hired Stefanski as HC could he bring Kubiak in as OC (but no Dennison)