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  1. Through 6 Weeks the Falcons are a mystery 5th best run defense in NFL 10th in Turnover Margin in NFL On pace for 1,800 yards rushing on 4 ypc Ryan has 11 TD’s and just 3 INT’s Offense scores on 48.5% of drives. 5th best NFL If you told me this before the season I would ha e said at worst 4-2. Unfortunately there are mitigating factors Defense allows 7 ypp Offense stalls in RZ Except for last week, the offense isn’t explosive Safeties have been worse than corners until Week 6 At worst, Falcons should still be 3-3.
  2. Julio goes in deep on the power of knowledge. I like it
  3. I use google chrome and simply copy the link url and paste it via the ‘other media’ button you see whenever you post
  4. Yes sir. It’s just the numbers for a players first 130 games.
  5. Through 130 games he has no peer. Almost 1,200 yards ahead of the next closest WR. Should be interesting to see how the last few chapters of his career unfold
  6. Heading into Sunday, Hooper graded out as the 9th overall TE despite a run heavy system. Hurst is 51st of 67 TE’s. His blocking must improve
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