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  1. This.
  2. Most had him in the 2-3 range Kaleb McGary, OT, Washington Height: 6-6. Weight: 317. Arm: 33.63. Hand: 10.25. 40 Time: 5.05. 10-Yd: 1.83. Three Cone: 7.66. Bench: 23. Vertical: 33.5. Broad: 9-3. Projected Round (2019): 2-3.4/24/19: McGary's run blocking is ahead of his pass protection, but he was solid for the Huskies. He has good size at the point of attack and decent technique. McGary accepted an invitation to play at the Senior Bowl and had a nice week. Team sources say that McGary's combine interview was disappointing and they have concerns about his football I.Q, but they believe that he could become a quality right tackle in the NFL. Most team sources were projecting him to the second or third round, although a few thought he might sneak into the end of the first round.
  3. The more you dig, the more you have to question why? This has plagued Koetter for years His passing offense requires longer throws into tighter windows. That makes it harder on the quarterback and his line. Also explains the lack of YAC Koetter With Bucs YAC: “Can Arians possibly do something about Tampa Bay’s recent troubles gaining yards after the catch? The Buccaneers were last with 4.3 average YAC last season. This was the fourth time in six years that they have ranked last in YAC, and they were 29th and 27th the other two years. The problem goes back to before Jameis Winston was drafted four years ago. However, Arians’ recent offenses don’t suggest a lot of change here; those Cardinals offenses also tended to be near the bottom of the league in YAC.“
  4. He runs a rare 1-gap 34 so with Grady assuming they Donald role, his defense could thrive here. What other pieces do you think he would need for that defense?
  5. This requires your thought process, please....lol Nothing about Burrow’s work ethic or leadership or skillset scream Jeff George Burrow in one season is going to throw for kore TD’s and nearly as many yards as a George did in 3 years as a starter at Purdue/Illinois. George completes 55% of his throws, Burrow 80%. One relies on a strong arm, the other on a strong mind
  6. I think you misunderstood. I said Lawrence at 20 is better than Burrow was at 20. Definitely not better than Burrow is currently
  7. If that’s your objective, draft Jeff Okudah. Dude is a shut down corner Matt Miller's Scouting Notebook: Jeff Okudah Is Top CB Talent Since Jalen Ramsey MATT MILLER OCTOBER 11, 2019 What if I told you there was a Jalen Ramsey-type cornerback prospect roaming the halls at Ohio State? That's what NFL scouts believe the Buckeyes have in junior Jeff Okudah. "Pat Pete. Ramsey. Whoever you want to compare him to, go ahead," said one area scout tasked with scouting Ohio State. "He's better than any dude that's come out of there." That's high praise for a school that rightfully claims the DBU title. What makes Okudah so special? It's partially his athleticism and size, both of which are ideal for an outside cornerback who plays in man coverage. But one Ohio State staffer said he's "the most mature and self-motivated cornerback out of the recent ones" they've had. Mature and self-motivated are two words not often used to describe cornerbacks, who can be high-maintenance and attention-seeking. "We're talking about a kid who enrolled early and was a scholar athlete as a true freshman," said the area scout. "At most schools he starts right away, but [Ohio State] had Denzel Ward and Kendall Sheffield in there. He's the most naturally gifted cornerback I've seen since Ramsey—but he's not going to worry you with his mouth."
  8. His strength is in the run game. We pass 70% of the time. Drafting for the scheme you run is important. Tge good news is he has the athleticism to reach 2nd level blocks. None of our guards can reach those blocks on a consistent basis. Lindstrom can, Wes can. Let’s try it out
  9. Yes, I personally would be. QB is such a unique position that securing it for the next 12-15 years is worth making that move. Plus you’ll recoup much of that value with the picks you receive for Ryan. Chase Young won’t win us a title in 2020. But drafting a franchise QB while also properly using the 30 million of CAP saved by trading Ryan could make us relevant for another 12-15 years. Again, it’s all pointless hypotheticals. And I’m a Ryan guy...But it could work Do you think the Packers regret taking Rodgers?
  10. Then you get two 1st round picks for him. Or you try one more year with Ryan. If we win a SB with Ryan next year with Burrow as backup, clearly picking Burrow didn’t hurt the team and we still secured Ryan’s successor without hurting the team. So that’s the best win-win one could imagine Drafting Burrow isn’t done because Ryan is no longer capable. He is still top 5-6 in the NFL. You take Burrow because he is too much to pass up. Picking top 3 is rare. Would you rather wait 3 years and spend two 1st round picks and a 2nd to move up for a QB?
  11. It’s all hypothetical. If it happened, he starts his 2nd year and you trade Ryan for a 1st & 2nd next offseason
  12. Burrow “could” be special. Maholmes is a known commodity
  13. No doubt. Anyone saying otherwise is lying or doesn’t understand the ramifications
  14. Nobody peaks at 20. Lawrence at 20 is way ahead of Burrow at 20. I still prefer JB though
  15. Just look at the Rams. It’s amazing what Gurley does for their offense. He finally gets touches and lots of yards...the result is Goff has 310 yards passing at halftime. Rams have 400 yards offense at the half No run game makes the Rams offense below average
  16. The difference in Minschew & what Burrow projects as is significant. One could be a top 25 QB while the other top 5. They take Burrow if he is there
  17. I think we need to force 2-3 turnovers and possibly a non-offensive TD to win.
  18. Yes. So in my scenerio, if Burrow was available you play Ryan in 2020 and then trade him in 2021 for a 1st. The cap hit would be just 18 million. That’s an acceptable number considering you drafted your franchise QB and received a 1st round pick in the process As a hypothetical, it’s very plausible. Unfortunately Burrow lasting beyond #1 pick isnt
  19. But his dead money can be moved. That takes quite a bit out of the hit
  20. “Dead money has historically served as an impediment to the consummation of player-related trades in the NFL, but recent trends in contract structuring have opened up the possibility for the opposite outcome to take place: dead money as a driver of player-related trades. The new, and increasingly common, contract structures employed by NFL teams allow for dead money to be assigned to any team, whereas traditional contract structures rendered dead money “stuck” with the team which had originally signed the player. As a result, much dead money is now “tradable,” allowing for NBA-style transactions in which one team provides compensation to another team in return for taking on cap-clogging contracts.
  21. And make no mistake, we have the talent to win. We have the defense & ST’s to win. But does the offense have the confidence to put it all together? We will find out soon enough. But watching Burrow vs Bama & Auburn, he was throwing dimes and usually there were more than one open receiver. Their crossers and natural picks are a problem. It’s why I think to win, we need to buck conventional wisdom and drop 8 into coverage. Luckily we have the athlete at LB to effectively spy Burrow. Press man coverage, no zone...should be fun. We are the only defense with the tools to matchup with LSU.
  22. Heading into the season, if I told you the 49ers OL/RB & WR would be what you see below, what would you predict? Then compare to our talent. Then look at production. All you can say is WTF!!!! Coaching and drafting for scheme are just as important as talent in today’s NFL. I honestly think heading into the year you’d say only Kittles and McGlincey are advantages. Every other position we have the better talent • OL: 49ers/Falcons LT: Skule vs Matthews (advantage Falcons) LG: Tomlinson vs Brown (Falcons) C: Richburg vs Mack (Falcons) RG: Person vs Carp (Falcons) RT: MCGlinchey vs McGary (49ers) • RB: Brenda vs Freeman (Falcons) • WR: Samuel, Sanders, Bourne Vs Julio, Oliver, Sanu or Gage (Falcons) TE: Kittles vs Hooper (Wash) QB: Jimmy G vs Ryan (Falcons) Production: • 49ers: 780 plays, 4,536 Total Yards ¥. 350 Pass Attempts, 2,800 Yards ¥. 400 Rushing Attempts; 1,800 Yards ¥. PPG: 29.1 (2nd in NFL) • Falcons: 810 Plays, 4,450 Yards ¥. 515 Pass Attempts, 3,500 Yards ¥. 253 Rushing Attempts; 890 Yards ¥. PPG: 21.7 PPG (17th in NFL)
  23. Solid response. By predictable I am going by our run-pass ratio and refusal to test opposing teams CB’s. Our entire OL and most of the backups, along with Swift & Fromm will play on Sundays. We rush for 200 ypg. Why can’t we exploit the seams with PA? The easiest throws are between the numbers yet Fromm never exploits it. Makes his job so much more difficult. Almost a complete 180 from LSU who throw/exploit the middle all game. We are also incredibly conservative. We run on 59% of the plays. This might impact Fromm’s ability to get in rhythm. Against Auburn, if you take away the one long TD, Fromm was 12-28 for 53 yards. Everything was a checkdown or a five yard out. Predictability. The last 3 games we’ve run on 1st down 28 times and pass 14 times. Predictability And in the run game, we don’t really put our playmakers in space to use their athleticism as often as we should.. More outside zone and screens. This is what Swift resonated mid-season when he was frustrated with the play-calling: “Swift, the leader of the Bulldogs’ running attack, would like to see the offense be less predictable in Saturday night’s game against Kentucky. He didn’t mince words when asked if he’d like to see more creative play-calling as a way to help the Bulldogs’ running backs create big plays. “Most definitely,” Swift said Monday. “I think we need to do a better job of getting the ball to the playmakers in space and getting the ball outside a little more.”