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  1. Will everyone please stop talking about Vic the player in this thread. It’s more about Vic the human being. That’s why it stings for Mono. Bash Vic in any of the other threads currently being used for Vic bashing Sorry for the responses @Monoxide. This thread has turned shameful
  2. Gordon in 13 Games: 72% and 5,600 yards Burrow in 15 Games: 78% and 5,671 yards Gordon isn’t Burrow, but he has serious talent
  3. Gordon that late in the draft is worth a flyer. He put up Mahomes like numbers in college
  4. Kind of stunned. Perhaps it’s Brady playing hardball with NE...but I doubt it. This quote by La Canfora about Tom reeks of something Tom Cruise would say about Scientology: “Tom wants to mentor a young QB and impart the "TB12 method" on that QB and possibly the entire organization“
  5. No, not really bad at all. Stefanski is a first time OC. Roman was TE coach for two years. Both changed the offense completely this year yet managed to finish with elite level offensive production
  6. Titans allowed like 52 sacks. Worst pass pro in football
  7. I knew the numbers but I appreciate you sharing. As I said, McGary struggled even when we were winning. Dirk refused to help with a TE
  8. How did Roman & Stefanski manage to score 26 ppg or more as first year OC? Roman offense was #1
  9. A core on offense of Julio, Matt, Matthews, Mack, Lindstrom, Hooper & Ridley isn’t top 3 worthy?
  10. And look at Samuels on the right side who would’ve walked for a first down if Jimmy G just check down ****
  11. You’re good, Yo. Keep being you. In the words of Pac
  12. The sky is blue... Sorry, just have to see if this gets push back
  13. I’ve said my piece. We don’t have to agree to be civil
  14. Because of this: Offense: $122,132,806 Defense: $71,701,460
  15. 1-7 Quinn, Morris & Ulbrich made the necessary adjustments and the offense stopped turning the ball over.
  16. Exatlly....
  17. I’ll just say this: you don’t luck your way into 16 sacks. I understand that his pressure to sack ratio was very high, but I still have to credit him for an amazing season that year
  18. Two of the three will be. Maybe all 3 if Scangarelo goes back to SF as OC
  19. I’ll close with this: we my not deserve Shanny, but it doesn’t mean we deserve Dirk. All we need is someone in between the two. That may very well be enough to win a Super Bowl
  20. Don’t forget Ty & even Stocker. Bad offseason moves
  21. I don’t know. What I do know is what 4 years under Dirk has produced. I really hope year 5 resembles Year 1
  22. I would have loved to give Joe Brady a shot. It’s a risk. But we know what we are getting with Dirk and I don’t believe it’s enough to win a Super Bowl. Scangarello is also available. So is DeFillippo. Both better fits for our personnel & offensive philosophy
  23. The true waste was the 76 million (53 guaranteed) we spent on the OL last off-season
  24. I don’t see a single stat in my post
  25. I know the numbers. Let’s see if you do. I suspect not which is why your statement was completely false