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  1. Unfortunately, “our” kind of offense is still unknown. We have no identity outside of running on 1st & 2nd down and throwing outside the numbers. That kind of predictability is not how you beat teams with same/similar talent. Predictability is how great teams become just really good teams. That’s us. We rely on having better players. Our offense doesn’t scheme players open. We simply think our 4 or 5 star is better than your 3 or 4 star. Most Saturdays that works. But against Bama or LSU or Clemson, scheme and coaching tilts the field one way or the other LSU isn’t the team you want to try and find your identity playing. Their defense is better than most think. Their games are blowouts at halftime and they go into soft zone. But when games are still important, their defense is stout. On the season, LSU’s “poor” defense has allowed just 52% completion rate vs a tougher opponents while our elite defense has allowed 56%. Out run defense is a full yard better allowing just 2.7 ypc. Can we win? Of course. But to expect a leopard to change its spots this late in the game seems a bit much. Between Week 6 & Week 11 we averaged just 21 ppg. Sure we played better in the 2nd half yesterday, but GT is so bad. The creativity of Brady & Burrow in the passing game will likely overwhelm our defense. We have not seen this before. It’s like the Saints circa 2008-2016. IMO, the first team to score 27 wins. The smart money is on LSU, Fingers crosses its us
  2. Ouch. Cam Jordan sure does talk a bunch of crap. Hopefully Kaleb is learning and improves
  3. Harden has more points than the Hawks thru 3 quarters. Wow
  4. I don’t think it’s even a consideration. If the players are tunning out the coaches, that’s on the coaches. TD has warts, a few big ones recently (CAP management)....but he usually puts a talented team together. Few teams have our roster talent
  5. I was concerned with McGary’s ability to handle speed rushers. His tape vs Auburn & Bama showed a clear flaw in technique. This flaw was glossed over because of the “Mudd” philosophy of blocking....but he is a liability at this point. Easily could have allowed 6 sacks last night. In the 4th he honestly did not appear to be trying We need to draft his line mate Adams out of Washington in the 2nd round. He is a better tackle. Slide McGary inside next to him.
  6. Yes.., and despite what Yo is hinting, I like McGary. I just feel his particular skill set is that of a gard
  7. It begs the question, do you pass on Burrow if he is sitting there at #3?
  8. Sherman started 10 games as a rookie, had 4 INT’s, 17 PD & 55 tackles. Sounds like a bumb
  9. Texans. 500 snaps, 2 sacks and dominant lately. But ok
  10. It’s relevant if the back end is allowing the QB to throw accurately in under 2 seconds...like week vs Saints. No pass rush can get home in under 2 seconds regularly
  11. The Bears got a good one in Tytus Howard
  12. Unfortunately, it seems as though if Fields remained and Kirby benched Fromm early in the year. We would have better than 50 50 odds of a NC. But Fields was just injured St o who knows
  13. No crayons here my friend. Despite his height, McGary’s strengths are things every great guard has. His limitations are things that a Tackle shouldn’t have. Moving forward, being aggressive are his strong points. Once he gets his hands on you it’s over. But he lacks the side kick and/or lateral agility & technique to consistently form a clean pocket I think he can be a very good RT but a Pro Bowl Guard. Just my opinion though
  14. What would your lineup look like with Edwards?
  15. This is why I want us getting Delpit. S tad better work on the back 7 may be all we need
  16. Jordan is not appreciated for just how great a DE he is. I hoped Takk would be that kind of DE for us
  17. 11 sacks allowed. 5 the last two weeks. That’s going the wrong way
  18. He hasn’t learned how to deal with speed on the edge. A guy like Toilolo was needed if McGary was going to be our starting RT this year. Instead we overpaid for Stocker. My gut says McGary has hit the rookie wall and needs rest. Let Ty start next week and give Kaleb rest. His last two weeks have been atrocious
  19. Quite often you act like a 5 year old who just spilled his spaghetti O’s
  20. Great job, Ryan. Yes, you were bad last night. But the facts remain: Your joke of an OL that we invested two 1st round picks & 78 million into during the offseason allowed you to set a new personal best: • 45 sacks with a full 4 games remaining. That’s like having 4,900 yards passing with 4 games left....His sack rate of 10% is double his career average. Thanks Koetter & Co Ryan needs to buy them Steroids rather than gifts next year
  21. I know you were. People crushed you for hating Sark hits and then Koetter hire
  22. Considering how this year has gone, makes complete sense
  23. It’s not one game. I quoted a post I made from April saying move him to Guard. Every single one of his strengths are great at Guard...and his weaknesses aren’t as important at Guard cause he isn’t on an island
  24. We still used a 14th pick on him.