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  1. That’s why TAKK’s new moniker is TALK
  2. Or perhaps he is softening us up for the inevitable blow soon to land: Koetter named HC
  3. Blank getting a new era started off with an incredibly generous donation to a most noble cause. Trying to remove the stench from FB...lol
  4. Is Bieniemy going to call the offensive plays? If so, I’ll pass
  5. This is a bad take on Kyle Shannahan. Nobody is winning with Nick Mullens, CJ Beatherd & Hoyer. Even Belichick sucks with Hoyer. When Kyle has had an average starting QB (Jimmy G), the 49ers are 23-8. That’s a 74% winning percent.
  6. Was thinking the same thing. Quinn was the best of that awful bunch
  7. I actually know what you mean. Kubiak hasn’t looked great this year. He just seems like a personnel fit
  8. Maybe the Kubiak’s will be HC & OC. Would not hate it
  9. If we are being honest, no, we have not scored more. Check your math. Both have scored 122 points Who is your preference?
  10. If true, FML. Not sure how credible, but he is a journalist of 42 years
  11. Brady has done a **** good job considering the pieces he has to work with. Averaging 25 ppg is usually top 10. No McCaffrey for three weeks and they are 3-0 Is he ready to run an NFL team? He has all the qualities you’d want in our next HC...just not tons of experience. A calculated risk that could pay off in a big way
  12. Being Falcons coach aged Quinn 20 years.
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