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  1. Please retract my thread saying we will win the game.
  2. Some interesting nuggets in here. Quinn throwing silent grenades at Brown/Carpenter...lol. They gone. Look for Wes at RG which I think will help on outside zone. Quinn let Matthews off the hook IMO. I honestly wish he said the OL is a unit, and since the unit isn’t performing I can’t complement or be pleased with any of them. “A question was raised to Quinn during his Monday press conference: Who among the offensive linemen have you been pleased with for the duration of the season? After pausing for a moment, Quinn named McGary, the team’s second first-round pick in April’s draft; Matthews, who was named to his first Pro Bowl after the 2018 season, and Mack, a six-time Pro Bowler. Unmentioned by Quinn were his left and right guards, Carpenter and Brown. Pro Football Focus currently has Brown rated as the 57th-best guard in the NFL this season with a grade of 53.7, while Carpenter is rated 71st and has a grade of 44.7. Moving forward, the Falcons need to find more consistency in front of Ryan. “Well I think that’s the challenge to say, we want to find consistency,” Quinn said. “And that’s the hardest part of it game and game and game, and series and series and series. That’s what we’re going to keep continuing to battle for.” Reserve guard Wes Schweitzer played 32 snaps against the Buccaneers, taking over at right guard for Brown. Quinn said after the game that it was a planned effort to get Schweitzer snaps, and he may be a person the Falcons turn to if a shakeup is needed. He’s already started two games for the Falcons this season.”
  3. LOL
  4. Code Red = Extrajudicial punishment for a troop member not pulling his own weight. A few are warranted after that performance. So here is my Code Red Rollcall: • First & Foremost, Mr. Kazee, step forward and take your *** whooping like a man. Behind every big play by the Bucs, I saw Kazee. The Bucs mercilessly targeted him and exploited his aggressiveness. I honestly thought the coaches did their job..but Kazee was gashed time after time after time. I could almost say he alone cost us the game...but there is another • Jake Matthews, come on up big man. While McGary was bad, Jake gets the Code Red. An 7 year vet should not surrender 2-3 sacks while getting called for 3 penalties. For 15 million APY, he must do better • Dirk Koetter: he is incapable of protecting an OL clearly getting manhandled. He relies on better talent t win, not scheme. Make him the HC/OC in SF and they have one win, maybe Feel free to add to the Code Red Rollcall
  5. They nearly lost to an average a Panthers team last week. I’m not sure they are on point
  6. Freeman gets 20 carries and 100 yards
  7. So much of it is confidence. If you’re not confident in the plays being called or the blocking in front of you, you will look indecisive or “slow”. Freeman hasn’t suffered injuries that should have impacted his speed. Just needs to know the guys in front of him will do their jobs
  8. My man
  9. He might just surprise if they blocking improved. Once Wes & Lindstrom are the Guards, outside zone should open up
  10. Exactly. That’s my point, behind dokie OL a qilyality rookie can give you 95% of what Freeman brings. Behind crap blocking, only a select few in NFL history have thrived
  11. I think Freeman can still run behind solid OL. But the value of what he brings at 8 mill over a 2nd round rookie for 2 mill simply isn’t there
  12. This is why I avoid RB’s on 2nd and nose definitely 3rd contracts. Their bodies simply can’t absorb the punishment
  13. Bill Belichick scoffs at idea of drafting for need: 'I don't really understand that' By Henry McKenna | April 14, 2018 12:00 pm Needs? Does not compute. New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick brushed off the idea that his team might select a player in the 2018 NFL Draft based upon needs. “Well, again, the whole draft need thing is – I don’t really understand that,” he told reporters Friday. “You put a card up on the board. That doesn’t mean the guy is a good player. I think it’s important to acquire good players wherever they are. If you take a player at a position that you might so-called ‘need’ but he’s not good enough to fill that need, then it’s a wasted pick. So, I don’t understand the whole need thing. I understand player value, and that’s what we try to go by.” Related Do Patriots, Dez Bryant make a good match? Belichick said, however, that the idea of player value can get particularly complicated as he arranges his draft board. “I won’t say it’s easy, but I’d say it’s relatively easy to take the guards and rank them one, two, three, four and five or take the corners and rank them one, two, three, four or five,” Belichick said. “When you start talking about the third guard and the second corner, the third guard and the eighth corner or however those grades line up, whether you’re talking about players that are specialty-type players that are role players that maybe are very good at a certain role but they’re not three-down players. What are their values relative to other players who maybe are three-down players but at a lesser skill set? That’s where it kind of gets tricky putting the whole board together.
  14. When Payton was out for Bounty Gate, Carmichael averaged 30 ppg so he can do it. And give DeFillippo a quality roster and he will become the next “it” coach. They average the same yards as us with a rookie QB and a bunch of nobody’s around him. Jax jumped from 27th in total offense to 11th. He averaged 24 ppg in Minn last year. He is a great offensive mind
  15. They’d win 3 less games with Dirk as OC
  16. I am on board with one of two options: ¥ Carmichael Jr as HC/OC, Chris Kocurek as DC & go to LSU and grab Brady as QB Coach Asst OC ¥. DeFillippo as HC/OC & Chris Kocurek as HC/DC
  17. One OC got 34 ppg from the talent on this roster while two other OC’s got around 22 ppg with arguably better talent.l (Sark/Dirk)....thats nearly a two TD drop in production. Scheme is great but if the guy upstairs can consistently outsmart their guy upstairs, you’ll have an elite offense. Ryan & Julio can’t run the offense...lol
  18. We ran tons of Cover 2 against Seattle, NO & Panthers. It worked great...and even against the Bucs, it produced 2 early turnovers that should have put us ahead comfortably in that game. Offense let us down
  19. Their line is as bad as ours this year
  20. A non-drinker? You’re a better man than I am
  21. Looking over their safety rankings from last year, I just don’t see how we had 2 of the top 5 in NFC SOUTH. And this year, Kazee has been targeted 30 times and allowed 27 receptions.
  22. We invested 78 mill and two 1st round picks on OL during offseason
  23. Can’t blame them. They are playing exactly as they always have.
  24. Brown/Carp would look better if this ended up being true: Dan Quinn explains why Falcons offense will be balanced, potent under Dirk Koetter Matthew Tabeek DIGITAL MANAGING EDITOR Make no mistake about it, Dan Quinn wants more explosive plays and a balanced attack on offense. If you’ve spent any time at all listening to Quinn talk about the offense during the season or since it ended, he’s repeatedly hammered home one word in particular: balance. RELATED CONTENT Falcons make additional coaching staff changes Falcons name Dirk Koetter offensive coordinator Atlanta averaged 98.3 rushing yards, 27th in the league, while throwing for 290.8 yards per game, the fourth-most. The Falcons averaged 25.9 points per game in 2018, 10th-most in the NFL, but they scored no more than 20 points during their five-game losing streak. So on Tuesday, Quinn hired former Buccaneers head coach Dirk Koetter to lead the Falcons offense. While Quinn wouldn’t reveal who else he considered for the position, he did say that there were “two to three” other candidates on Thursday during a conference call with the media. “Let’s start on the offensive side, adding Dirk Koetter to the group, the ability to know how to use personnel in different ways, the explosive plays through the years, the Atlanta offense here will have balance,” Quinn said. “So the ability to add explosive plays and the use of personnel through the years, I’ve certainly been impressed by that.” Quinn said that he and Koetter are on the same page when it comes to running the football and utilizing the Falcons’ weapons. “It will certainly be a blend of what we have,” Quinn said. “He has familiarity with our offense, certainly familiarity with the division and that’s a big thing. The addition of him to our staff, that’s a big piece of it.”
  25. They were both bad contracts, along with Ty.