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  1. Fromm was so bad the 2nd half of the season. His entire OL will play on Sundays, along with 2 of his RB’s & 2 WR’s. There is no excuse for what we saw this year. He missed so many wide open throws today...and all year for that matter
  2. I’ve seen lots of names thrown around, but for my money I’ll take the young, innovative mind who is out to stake his claim as one of the best in the world. I’ll take the guy who has overseen the most dominant unit in football two years running (Patriots secondary). I’ll take the guy calling the defensive plays for the best defense in recent history. I’ll take the guy whose name evokes fear & respect.... Belichick, first name Steve. He has been the longest tenured Patriots coach, learning from his dad since 2012. I said yesterday we should hire Carmichael Jr as HC, Joe Brady as OC & now I nominate Steve Belichick as DC. That’s how you get younger, hungrier & modern. Though I must offer a disclaimer: I love Kocurek as another option to be our DC. But it would be interesting to have a Belichick in ATL...and once I saw he was calling the defense, my interest was piqued Bill Belichick's son Steve has reportedly been calling plays for Patriots' defense 'for weeks' By Bryan DeArdo Nov 1, 2019 • 3 min read
  3. Unfortunately this went as expected. I had no real hope, so the let down is minimal. We never recovered from South Carolina. Offense averaged 21 ppg which is trash. Take away our top 2 receivers and the Blaylock goes down, trash turned into ****
  4. Fromm misses another big play
  5. Burrow throwing over the middle more in 2 quarters than Fromm has all year
  6. I ain’t even mad. No Cages, Pickens, Blaylock & Swift a decoy
  7. At least Fromm hit him in stride
  8. I have to give Coley a bit of credit. I don’t love his WR route concepts, but the plays are there. If Burrow was playing QB for both teams, it’s a tie game
  9. Come back, Jake!!! lol
  10. Bennett about to write a miracle story!!!!
  11. Swift clearly is hurt. And we have no WR’s
  12. Time for an onsides kick. Told y’all this LSU defense wasn’t complete trash.
  13. We need to be in 4 down mentality the rest of the way. Send Kamara & Rodrigo to the showers unless we need an XP
  14. That’s why Burrow is going to be a stud
  15. Should have gone for it
  16. You suck, Fromm. Can’t believe we allowed Fields to walk for you
  17. Guess Swift is decoy on running downs.
  18. I hate that ******* horn
  19. Guess Fromm didn’t think we needed the six points he just missed. That was a walk in td