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  1. Best Regular Season/Playoffs - QB’s Over the years there have been a number of truly incredible individual performances that ended up underwhelming in the playoffs. This list is those players that lived up to expectations in the playoffs. What are the top 5 seasons by a QB that includes both regular season & playoffs • Peyton Manning: Broncos, 2014 111.7 PR, 541/787 (68.7%), 6,387 Yards, 60 TD 14 INT •. Matt Ryan: Falcons, 2016 119.9 PR, 443/632 (70.1%), 5,958 Yards, 47 TD 7 INT •. Patrick Mahomes: Chiefs, 2018 112.2 PR, 426/652 (65.7%), 5,670 Yards, 53 TD 12 INT • Aaron Rodgers, Packers, 2011 118.8 PR, 369/548 (67.3%), 4,907 Yards, 47 TD 7 INT So whose single season was the most impressive? A very good argument can be made that Ryan’s 2016 season has no peer in NFL history. Manning’s 2014 was great, but it took him 150 more throws to produce those numbers. If you add the extra 150 throws, Ryan finishes with 7,372 yards based off his 9.4 ypa and 59 TD. To me, it comes down to Rodgers in 2011 or Ryan in 2016. Without question those are the two most efficient seasons by a QB ever. Call me a homer but I’ll take our guy.
  2. Looks like Korey Foreman...geez. DJ Samuels May have no stars atm, but he will be a 5 star in a bit
  3. If Everson Griffen’s contract with Cowboys is under 5 million I’ll be pissed tf off
  4. Welp, Griffen signs with Cowboys. I bet it’s not over 5 million
  5. He adds an option at FB which is important considering Keith Smith is on the Covid list
  6. That 77 team was equal parts great/awful. Only surrendered 9.2 ppg and created 50 turnovers...but that offense. Dang. If not for the Bucs having the worst offense ever that same year, we might hold the distinction. It’s possible the Falcons 74 offense was even worse • Falcons 1977 Offense Stats - QB: 1,350 yards, 48% Completions, 8 TD’s, 16 INT’s - RB: 1,300 rushing yards on 3.2 ypc • Falcons 1974 Offense Stats - QB: 1,307 yards, 44% Completions, 4 TD’s, 31 INT - RB: 1,497 rushing yards, 3.7 ypc
  7. This is some pretty horrific QB play but our defense was so fun to watch. It’s stunning how different today’s game s
  8. Kaleb McGary was one of Mudd’s last protoge’s. Hope you have a big year in his honor, KM Howard Mudd tutored Washington OT Kaleb McGary
  9. It’s official. He back. SB here we come
  10. Don’t love the sound of this..but whatever According to ESPN.com’s Vaughn McClure Falcons head coach Dan Quinn told reporters Wednesday that center Alex Mack, running back Todd Gurley and safety Keanu Neal may have some limitations during training camp. It isn’t known that the trio has suffered any injuries in the workouts the Falcons have had ahead of practices beginning. The limitations steam from the three players’ past injuries and keeping their workload light heading into the 2020 season. Mack is entering his 12th season in the National Football League. He suffered a broken fibula in 2017 right before Super Bowl LI. Mack suffered an elbow injury in 2020. The Falcons will need Mack for 16 games in 2020. At 34-years-old, Mack may be a candidate for load management throughout camp. https://www.si.com/nfl/falcons/news/dan-quinn-atlanta-falcons-news-gurley-limited-training-camp-alex-mack-keanu-neal-2020-season-updates-report
  11. I pretty much agree...those uniforms were sweet
  12. Apparently the FO thinks this is the missing piece
  13. This will likely be announced tomorrow...we needed a 3rd TE but I would prefer to spend our remaining money on defense. Why couldn’t we pick up Jernigan and let Jax sign Stocker....he was a liability in the pass game last year
  14. I wasn’t speaking in absolutes. By saying not at risk, I’m saying not at greater risk than they otherwise would be. There are inherent risks associated with every single thing you do. Yes, Covid is a risk to anyone. But if you are young and have no underlying Pre existing conditions, it’s very unlikely to be a risk to your life or even long term health
  15. I dare say we would have been 1-7 with Cam Jordan at LDE last year (first 8 weeks). The issue was the secondary & Dre
  16. Good info and very reasonable post... I do think the numbers are a bit understated...175,000 dead in 5 months is a large number. And if you remove nursing home and Pre existing conditions from COVID data, you need to also remove it from the flu data. The last bad flu season was 2012-2013 where the US had 34 million cases of flu and 43,000 flu associated deaths. Covid has 5.17 million cases and 175,000 deaths in 5 months. But ultimately, a healthy man/woman under 40 years old is not at risk
  17. Great points...I thought the NFL’s first offer of simply having players take a one time payout in 2020 of 35% made the most sense. The NFLPA outright refused. Maybe 25% would have been more palatable but the NFLPA wanted no part of a one year standard paycut for every player in the NFL. I guess this is why guys like Dennard & Curry are signing for under 1 million when their market vLue is more like 3-4 million per year. We could probably grab a few more quality pieces for pennies on the dollar this year
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