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  1. It’s hard for anyone to get in rhythm because Trae commands the ball so much. It’s not a knock on Trae, just a fact.
  2. At least the Bulldogs won. This could be a long night. Unless Trae is dominant, this offense struggles. Not a great trait for a basketball team
  3. Can we let our strong yet fast running backs get to the outside where their speed can actually be a factor...PLEASE
  4. Every route relies on having better players. Terrible redzone throws. Bailed out by Auburn
  5. Thomas just mauled 3 defenders
  6. You’ve wanted him gone since 2017...
  7. But Gus just said they will run in the 2nd half to open up PA. You calling him a liar? lol
  8. They still are relevant. All he does is throw 8-10 yard out’s to the sideline. It’s completely bizarre
  9. Tua done for season. Dislocated hip
  10. Can we please try a pass on 3rd down that isn’t wide, outside the numbers? The middle must be wide open
  11. Who the freak is our WR coach? We need a new one
  12. OL is dominating Brown right now
  13. PA deep again on 1st down!!!
  14. It’s really his intermediate game that I hate. He has nice touch and throws a pretty deep ball. But he isn’t going to work the 10-20 yard intermediate stuff. Almost the anti-Ryan. Wish Ryan had Fromm’s touch on his Redzone throws and throws outside the numbers
  15. So true. Any idea what’s up with that? He is money outside the hashes but trash on seams or really anything down the middle
  16. Fromm missed Cager & Pickens over the middle
  17. Coley couldn’t scheme open a WR on Super Tecmo Bowl
  18. Confidence is a funny thing. We’ve always had the talent. Looks like the confidence may be back as well Falcons 31 Panthers 21
  19. Would love to see us draft Reed in the 3rd Round if he is still available