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  1. When he has a B level QB, his offense is elite. Nobody overcomes lack of QB I honestly thought what he did last year, starting his 3rd string rookie emergence QB most of the year with half the offense on IR was his most impressive coaching job
  2. This **** right here is impressive. How fast is he.....and another Falcons castoff doing yeoman’s work in SF.
  3. Ryan first 7 Seasons: 66 Wins Wilson first 7 Seasons: 65 Wins
  4. Ravens will have to throw eventually to win a SB
  5. What’s even lore impressive is including playoff wins, Brady has 136 Wins this decade. That’s twice as many wins as #8 on the list, Staffrd (67 wins)
  6. Dude still makes too many mental mistakes. Jets should be in this game
  7. Darnold with a big miss
  8. Jets need to be in 4 down territory
  9. Falcons would be ideal
  10. Interesting Fields Article Justin Fields: UGA coaches left open chance for me to return by Jordan James 24 hours ago Despite his success, though, Fields revealed in October that he had thoughts of quitting on the Buckeyes to return to the Bulldogs before he even took a snap in Columbus. The quarterback addressed the subject again on Wednesday, as he met with reporters in Atlanta prior to the The Home Depot College Football Awards Show on Thursday. “'Dad, I think I want to go back to Georgia,'” Fields said on Wednesday about his thoughts in the weeks after he decided to transfer in January, per the Athens Banner-Herald. “I was comfortable there. When people do uncomfortable things, I think that makes them stronger at the end so I’m glad I stayed. It’s a credit for my Dad for just helping me out.” Continued.... https://www.google.com/amp/s/247sports.com/Article/Justin-Fields-transfer-Georgia-football-Ohio-State-Kirby-Smart-James-Coley-140337301/Amp/
  11. Wonder how Coley feels about that
  12. To the Queen of TATF, just checking in with you and making sure all is well. I know it’s been a tough year, but you are thought of often and we miss you. I’ve seen you check in on occasion… Just making sure you’re good and smiling as often as you should be @Tandy
  13. It’s all a guess at this point. Nobody knows because he probably doesn’t even know yet
  14. It’s true. But he is Rivals National Recruiting Director. He isn’t a dummy
  15. I completely forgot about Brady’s lost year. So yes, it brings more merit to Josh So his 4 Years Without Brady: 8th 20th 19th 32nd
  16. 14D AGO FOOTBALL Take Two: Will LSU push ahead for 2021 QB Caleb Williams? SECOND TAKE: MIKE FARRELL, NATIONAL RECRUITING DIRECTOR “Georgia probably has to be the team to beat. These kids will go to the highest program right now. They don’t look at LSU and its history of struggling at quarterback and all that other stuff. They’re just going to throw in the Joe Burrow film when they go on visits and LSU will get highly-rated quarterbacks. “It’s interesting because the two guys they got in 2020, both of them have question marks about them. Their 2021 quarterback is going to be a big year and it could definitely be Williams but I would say Georgia has the lead right now.”
  17. He looks perfect for LSU offense. Most analysts think we are still leading pretty comfortably. What makes you so certain?
  18. But he is smart enough not to try accept his 2nd HC opportunity (few get a 3rd) without a quality starting QB in place. He tried it in Denver and as OC with Rams and it was a nightmare.
  19. 48 Games Without Brady: 17 ppg. But honestly, it’s his ego that’s concerning, not his football mind
  20. This gets me all sorts of excited for our future if we land him: Scouting Report EVALUATED 09/21/2018 Brian Dohn NATIONAL RECRUITING ANALYST PROJECTION First Round COMPARISON Russell Wilson SEATTLE SEAHAWKS Evaluation Good but not elite size. Makes 190 pounds look like 170. Dynamic athlete who can devastate defenses with his arm or legs. Great competitor with high intangibles. Natural leader and makes big plays. Strong, accurate arm. Tight release. Can throw 15-yard out, has touch on intermediate throws and throws pretty deep ball. Gets through progressions. Can throw ball 70 yards. Moves well in pocket. Plays poised and relaxed in stressful sitations. Has elusiveness in open field. Needs more experience and improve accuracy when throwing on move. Elite quarterback who can play early for top-level team. First round NFL draft potential. Athletic Background Caleb Williams is a 6-1, 209-pound Pro-Style Quarterback from Washington, DC.
  21. Sure wish Caleb Williams was coming out in this cycle. He is our next Justin Fields opportunity. #1 DT QB He is a heavy UGA lean. Runs a 4.5 with a Russell Wilson NFL Comp by 247 Since Coley is the lead recruiter, I wonder if that’s added protection for Coley? And can he hold off Brady who is the lead recruiter for LSU
  22. It takes it from mere speculation to logical deduction
  23. Great point
  24. This tells me the succession plan after Belichick is Steve Belichick. And why would McDaniels go back with no Brady?
  25. And is it Quinn’s fault that TD signed Ty, Brown, Carp and used the first 3 rounds of draft capital on OL when the defense needed attention. That’s 78 million on 3 guys that don’t play. It’s also odd that both Quinn and TD report separately to Blank. There isn’t a proper hierarchy. Allows for Blank to control things on both a HC & GM level. I would prefer my HC report to the GM who reports to Blank ”Quinn Had To Sell Blank On Relinquishing Playcalling Duties”