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  1. Julio after offensive meetings with Dirk
  2. 29/30 on FG’s including 6/6 on 50+ yard FGA is likely to earn him All Pro unless he starts missing
  3. It’s mainly cause we only called 23 passes all game. SB51 was an outlier in nearly every single possible way
  4. OT: this idiot just destroyed the ref
  5. Another great option is Kenneth again well. He has the potential to rush for 1,000 yards and also get 1,000 yards receiving. And Gainwell is an All Time great RB name
  6. Him. Or Javonte Williams in the 3rd would be ideal. Both guys break tons of tackles. I like Williams size and speed a bit more, but that’s just me. Also love Hubbard for his uncommon speed.
  7. This picture always disturbs me for obvious reasons
  8. Is Koetter the only coach alive who uses the TV feed to do his scouting rather than All 22 Coaches Film? “That gives them four defensive linemen who all flash dominance at times,” Koetter said. “Not many teams you go against have that. I think from listening to the TV announcers, they say they’re getting healthier and this is the healthiest they’ve been. It looks like they had a couple of guys dinged up in the game (Sunday) so we’ll have to see how that plays out throughout the week.”
  9. The title of the thread is why does Morris like Koetter, not why does Morris like the defense. To answer you our question, no, the defense has not been great when Koetter has been our OC. Our defense has been miserable about 55% of the time during the Koetter Years.
  10. OT: We still have a long ways to go, but it’s shocking how far we have come. This is such an absolutely tragic fact
  11. For a 1st and 3rd, of course you trade him. But no chance we get that unless the Falcons agree to eat most of his remaining contract.
  12. Arians & Koetter are two peas of a pod. Those two refuse to evolve
  13. Yep. We save like 8 million if we cut him post 6/1. Smart contract structure by TD at least
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