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  1. I honestly don’t see it. We aren’t nearly as bad as people think. And post bye week we have played playoff caliber football. An 11 point spread is enormous in the NFL. Take the points. Falcons cover and if Ridley & Tru were playing an upset would be very possible
  2. Just look at the Rams. It’s amazing what Gurley does for their offense. He finally gets touches and lots of yards...the result is Goff has 310 yards passing at halftime. Rams have 400 yards offense at the half No run game makes the Rams offense below average
  3. I mean, Harden with 54 and 10-15 three’s... Is he having the best offensive season of all time?
  4. Can anyone with a better understanding of defensive scheme/philosophy explain how Brian Poole goes from average to an elite slot CB simply by changing jerseys. I thought he would revert back to average by December but it hasn’t happened. What was wrong with our scheme? New York Jets’ CB Brian Poole has been Elite in 2019 by KYLE NEWMAN Poole has quickly proven everybody wrong. He’s become one of the premier slot CBs in the NFL in 2019. Poole has allowed just 378 yards this season, which is 27th in the league. He’s allowing just 10.8 yards per receptions, which is 12th in the league. He’s also allowing just 6.5 yards per target, which is 17th in the league. Poole is fourth in the NFL in yards allowed per coverage snap at just 0.66 yards per snap. His 60.3% catch rate allowed is 32nd in the league. What’s most impressive about Poole’s turnaround this season tough is his discipline. Poole was among the league leaders in penalties among CBs in 2018 with eight called against him and five accepted. In 2019 Poole has just three penalties called against him and one accepted. That turn around is a huge reason why he’s been one of the elite slot CBs in the league. These numbers may not stand up to the elite numbers put up by CBs like Stephon Gilmore or Richard Sherman, but they are impressive. They make him one of the best slot CBs in the NFL. Getting a player of that caliber in free agency for just $3 million dollars is as good as it gets.
  5. Bump
  6. Saw this on another site and thought I would share: Calvin Ridley is the 10th player in NFL history to have 125+ receptions, 1,600+ receiving yards and 17+ receiving touchdowns within his first two seasons. Jerry Rice Randy Moss Larry Fitzgerald Marques Colston Hakeem Nicks Gronk Julio Jones A.J. Green Odell Beckham
  7. I’m sure their DL plays a role here Poole was aQuinn pick though
  8. Way to go AB...telling your few remaining fans to grow up.
  9. We have five 1st round picks on the OL
  10. We have a better roster. I’m not worried about our defense. They’ve been on point. Can the offensive coaches put together a winning gameplan? That’s the question.
  11. THAT’s RIGHT!!! Take that L with relish and mustard. LOL SVL3.5
  12. They would have been more ready than Sark was in 2017. And the familiarity, especially between Ryan & LaFleur would have helped the transition. LaFleur was solid for the Rams as OC in 2017 despite not calling the plays. I suspect he would have done quite well. He would have retained McDaniel (a genius) as run game coordinator
  13. I’m good with Oliver & Sheffield the last three games at boundary.... I am less confident in who our nickel will be. Only Sheffield has played the position well this year
  14. Kind of refreshing to see coaches with positive momentum credit Quinn for making them better coaches
  15. No legit solution you say? Falcons were unimpressed with Matt LaFleur, Mike McDaniel’s work, and let them walk before hiring Steve Sarkisian Now that the wheels have completely fallen off of the Falcons offense, we’ve been wondering why Dan Quinn didn’t just promote Matt LaFleur.
  16. You’ve won the day!!!
  17. Belichick wan 5 games year 1 in NE. He had to add talent and implement his scheme which takes time. In 2015 we still ranked 5th in total offense
  18. This **** right here is impressive. How fast is he.....and another Falcons castoff doing yeoman’s work in SF.
  19. Plus McDaniels hired coaches like Eberflus, Cowboys DC in-waiting, and then left them to fend for themselves in Indy. Coaches uprooted their families and left good jobs to join McDaniels. The Colts did the right thing by retaining the 5 coaches...but it was a poor move by McDaniels. His agent even severed ties with him shortly after
  20. When he has a B level QB, his offense is elite. Nobody overcomes lack of QB I honestly thought what he did last year, starting his 3rd string rookie emergence QB most of the year with half the offense on IR was his most impressive coaching job
  21. Ryan first 7 Seasons: 66 Wins Wilson first 7 Seasons: 65 Wins
  22. Ravens will have to throw eventually to win a SB
  23. What’s even lore impressive is including playoff wins, Brady has 136 Wins this decade. That’s twice as many wins as #8 on the list, Staffrd (67 wins)
  24. Dude still makes too many mental mistakes. Jets should be in this game