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  1. We run just 28% of offensive plays. That doesn’t work. But vs Eagles and today our offense is balanced and the results speak for themselves. RUN THE FOOTBALL 42-45% of offensive plays, please. It protects your defense along with your offensive line.
  2. Unless AB was part of the offseason cluster **** and admits it. Very litttle about this offseason screamed DQ
  3. Seattle is 5th in Rush Attempts Per Game TB is 12th in Rush Attempts Per Game ATL is 32nd in Rush Attempts Per Game
  4. Offense still had to score 31 points in the final 22 minutes. I’d say it was complimentary football along with help from Falcons coaching.
  5. The Bucs defense (31 ppg) & Seattle defense (26 ppg) are bad like ours yet their OC’s are doing more with less. Bad defense doesn’t mean you abandon the run: Bucs Offense: 29 ppg, 108 rush ypg Seattle Offense: 27 ppg, 140 rush ypg Falcons Offense: 21 ppg, 76 rush ypg
  6. Eagles, Colts, Arizona, Seattle, Saints
  7. 2011 Giants figured the run game out late in the year. They rushed for 1,000 yards the final 8 games they played. Rushed for 466 yards in the playoffs alone Same goes for a Packers. They ran for 930 yards the final 8 games (including playoffs)
  8. I like your style
  9. You are actually right about the Philly game. I thought we had more balance that game. So the only game we were balanced on offense was the Saints game. 1 of 8 games Yes, the defense helped yesterday, but let’s be honest: 5 of 8 games were one score games at some point in the 4th quarter. Close enough to maintain balance.
  10. The Patriots example was used because it shows you can run the ball when behind. If you’re smart, you can overcome a 25 point lead while keeping the threat of a run in the playbook. Keeps the LB’s honest and helps your passing game. It doesn’t completely waste the clock if you’re smart about how and when you call it
  11. On a game to game basis, I agree. But you have to agree, running the ball on just 28% of offensive snaps on the season is a problem. Sure we have been behind, but that’s not a good enough reason to become 1 dimensional
  12. Maybe JU politely asked Q to focus on running the team and to let Morris call 3rd down And when Q leaves the room, JU screams, “cause you’re f****** up my great calls on 1st & 2nd down
  13. Don’t care if it was Bert & Ernie chipping in to make 4th down calls. Keep doing it
  14. Complimentary football is always the objective. But sometimes your defense puts you in a hole. Becoming 1 dimensional isn’t the way to overcome that hole
  15. Yesterday felt like Mularkey circa 2010 calling the plays Even tried to set up one of his classic shovel passes but it was read properly by the Saints
  16. Your gameplan should not have to fundamentally change until the 4th quarter. Even if you’re down 14 points, you can keep running the football well into the 4th quarter. Doing so will eventually create explosive plays and open up PA, which is Ryan’s bread and butter
  17. @Ovie_Lover
  18. It actually started vs Arizona. I was surprised JU has been the DC for so long
  19. And it protects the OL
  20. If we close out the season winning 6 of 8, Quinn will be safe. Why? Because I strongly believe either TD or Blank made him fire Manuel and take over as DC. Thats a very difficult job. Only Belichick & Quinn have officially done both roles in recent memory. You saw Quinn’s infectious enthusiasm yesterday was finally back. The team responded. It was palpable even on TV. Don’t be surprised when we finish at or near .500. This looked like a team that found its long lost friend: CONFIDENCE
  21. The move to more even man fronts and moving Morris to DB Coach required the bye week. I guess Ulbricht has been calling the defense since Arizona. Liked it better when I thought this was his first game...lol
  22. The move to have Ulbricht call the defense was nearly five weeks ago. Transitioning to fewer odd man fronts and moving Morris required the bye week
  23. When your DL is stomping the OL, the back end coverage is irrelevant
  24. Run the ball even when behind!!