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  1. Threatening to sexually assault the arresting officers wife? That’s when the officer should turn off the cameras and Rodney King his pathetic ***
  2. Fingers crossed that this is true
  3. Great info. Addresses needs. I’d still prefer addressing G with a veteran, but if your draft plays out I’d be happy. would still like this man in our DE rotation. 4th round projection for now. He did very well vs ND and at EAst/West Shrine this week Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB #NCState DL Kentavius Street at 6-2, 283; runs an electronic 4.58 40; verticals 40 inches & he just squatted 700. EASY
  4. Sark gets another year. If the offense struggles to put up points, he will be let go. In that situation I would hope Adam Gase is like go as dolphins head coach and we bring him in to run the offense
  5. Things I like about Sarkisian: great run concepts, as a great feel for when to run the ball Things I don’t like about Sarkisian: wide receiver route concepts. Lacks special awareness. Not creative in formation disguise
  6. His ego was an issue while at UW & USC, but he was also impaired. If anything the opposite is true with his time in Atlanta. Unlike Shanny, Sark appears to be BFF’s with everyone. This year at least, that wasn’t necessarily a good thing. I suspect we see far more about who he really is as a coach next year.
  7. I would not mind this beast in the 4th. Dominant vs ND and and having great week of practices at East/West Shrine Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB #NCState DL Kentavius Street at 6-2, 283; runs an electronic 4.58 40; verticals 40 inches & he just squatted 700. EASY
  8. Not FA, but draft talk. I would love to see us grab Kentavius Street. He was dominant vs Notre Dame’s OL, is blowing up the East/West Shrine practices & can squat 700 lbs. current 4th round grade but I’d snag him in 3rd. His stock will rise quickly
  9. Dallas and Seahawks were our best overall games this year. Dallas especially. So I’d say that was great start to finish. So there is 1. GB was dominant 1st half
  10. Divisional Round & NFC Championship Game...Rams game. Niners game. 2nd Carolina game. Cardinals. Denver
  11. Or even on turf, in a dome, where a wet and slippery field could not come into play. Situational awareness. But it’s done. We were not winning in Minnesota regardless IMO. Quick Question: If you could remove 2016 from your mind for a second, were you guys more confident about Shanny heading into year 2 as OC or Sark as he heads into his year 2?
  12. He can be pissed all he wants. At no point in this season did we string together 4 quarters of complementary football. If you can’t do that, you don’t deserve a SB appearance.
  13. Don’t be surprised if he is #1 pick in the draft. His physical tools are unmatched
  14. I’d do it in the 1st if it was weed. Gives you the 5th year option.
  15. I’m not certain why everyone has to be rude just because they disagree with a posters POV. Just ignore the thread if it bothers you. No need to be ******** to a member of the fan base.