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  1. I don’t necessarily disagree...but Sark has almost no NFL experience. None in the 10 years prior to signing on as Falcons OC. Over those 10 years offense at the collegiate level diverged quite a bit from offense run in the NFL. That was my concern regarding Sark. A more appropriate transition would have been Sark as QB coach and later to OC if he thrived as QB Coach. Regardless, he will only get better so fingers crossed and prove us all wrong, Sark. I sincerely hope he does
  2. Bro, I’m not moving any goalposts. Stating facts. Thomas & Sanders shared the backfield in ‘85 & ‘86. Sanders took over in ‘87. They played fewer games, averaged far more ypa, td’s and total yards..again, in fewer games. Disregard their NFL careers, they still are far superior. And I’m a UGA guy.
  3. DVD is the best rushing offense in recent history. Led the NFL 3 straight years, capping it off at 189 ypg in 2006. That’s over 60 more rushing ypg than NO last year
  4. It’s too expensive too hold out much past preseason week 1. Wasn’t it Kam Chancelllor who held out 3 regular season games and all told it cost him around 2 million
  5. While I agree that Julio, like all 2-leggers, is subject to human emotions and insecurities. But rumblings surfaced a month or more before the draft. And Julio can’t be replaced by Ridley or any other human on the planet...lol. But he & his agent are not handling this well IMO
  6. Sanders only had one good year because Thomas was ahead of him in ‘85 & ‘86. AndnThomas is a top 8 all-purpose back in NFL history. Sanders is #1.
  7. Gurley 2 seasons (24 games): 2900 yds 33 td’s Sanders 1 season (11 games): 2750 yds, 37 td’s
  8. Thomas 5,000 scrimmage yards & 40 td’s over 3 Year’s. Sanders 3,500 scrimmage yards and 47 td’s in 2 years i think tandem #2 is far, far behind
  9. The best football tandem of all-time is still OSU. Even as college players they were better than the Saints backfield RB1= Barry Sanders RB2= Thurman Thomas
  10. We got worse as the year progressed so I don’t kbow how to measure that for a playoff loss where we got 10 points. But we will be better this year. We were still the Eagles toughest out so clearly we are a top 6 team
  11. I like the accountability and conviction. I suspect a 6-7 ppg improvement this year. Quinn did not set Sark up for success last year...he needed experienced NFL offensive minds to help Sark make such a giant leap. Things are in place, now. Should be an interesting year
  12. People don’t care to acknowledge Wes improvement over the last 6 games. Liability first half of the year but was average by years end.
  13. I suspect we move up to 26-27 ppg which would be enough for us to bring home a Super Bowl title. We won’t approach 2016, but we we are a more balanced team and don’t need 34 ppg
  14. Games are won by points, either scored or yielded. Where did the defense rank in ppg? Top-10. This is why I often detest metrics. I did not know winning avg yards per drive meant you won the game. Points per game are the starting point...advanced metrics should be used simply to fill in the blanks.