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  1. We got Debo from ya...lol. But you guys have been drafting well the last few years, so it’s all good
  2. Dang...this is Pass Protection yet look how far downfield they pushed our OL. Looks like a running play
  3. Or even better, offer your opinion, provide statistics or facts to support it and engage in non-personal debate and/or discussion.
  4. Saying ‘Noodle Arm’ when referencing Ryan makes your opinion equally as ignorant as the OP’s. Why is it people need to degrade Ryan in order to defend Julio, Both are elite and we are lucky to have them.
  5. It’s time to order a code red on Trufant. I guarantee he will never get a roughing the passer or hit out of bounds personal foul.
  6. I don’t think the current version of Matt Ryan is soft at all. The players arent soft...the ZBS is more technique than physicality so we are a finesse team on offense. But it doesn’t mean players are soft (except Trufant). And I suspect behind closed doors Dan Quinn & Co are not so pleasant when players **** the bed.
  7. And if the QB isn’t confident the receiver will make the proper read, you won’t always be the 1st read. These decisions are made in under a second. It’s not nonsense. It’s a fact
  8. I agree. We needed to run 4 verticals to break the deep Tampa 2. That’s on the gameplan (Quinn & Sark), not the players executing it.
  9. Ridley ran the wrong route last week which resulted in an interception. If the QB doesn’t have full trust, you won’t be his primary read. It’s a fact. So I don’t care if Ridley is open...memorize your playbook CR. Ryan will get you more touches if you do
  10. That’s how NFL coaches lose their jobs. Public outbursts are signs of instability and your first step to the unemployment line.
  11. The Iceman has been supported with a defense that has blown the largest lead in NFC Divisional round history (20 points), Conference Championship history (17 points) & Super Bowl history (25 points). If HD doesn’t trip over the 30 yard line in 2012 and his coaches run the ball up 28-3, Ryan would have 2 rings and be a lock for 1st ballot HOF. I still love this game recap on the Douglas trip: ”Ryan, scrambling, finds Harry Douglas behind his man on the right side wide open for a sure TD. But as the pass hangs in the air, Douglas trips over Manti Te’o’s girlfriend and falls as he makes the catch. He does this right in front of the 49ers coaches, who scream that the ball hit the turf. Harbough whines with his o-so punchable face... They challenge. Waiting ….”
  12. Business decisions by our CB’s and simply being out of position. The amount of open space on these scoring plays reminds me of the Big 12, not the NFL http://www.nfl.com/videos/trueview-highlights/0ap3000000987050/See-Chubb-s-92-yard-TD-run-in-360-degrees-True-View http://www.nfl.com/videos/trueview-highlights/0ap3000000987050/See-Chubb-s-92-yard-TD-run-in-360-degrees-True-View
  13. With a name like Kazee you know he learned to kick *** early and did so often. It’s like the ‘Boy Named Sue’ by Johnny Cash
  14. You know what? For some reason I was thinking about that mantra yesterday. I kept thinking what a foolish motivational tool it was. And did the players actually understand not to take the statement literally… LOL.
  15. Do yourself a favor and delete the recording. 3rd down has been our money down yet went 5 of 14 today. Just an ugly game all around