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  1. I think Gage is every bit as good as Gabriel, if not better. Would still love to add another quality WR in this years draft. I love Darden
  2. The intriguing thing about Trask as a prospect is he has still just barely started scratching the surface of his potential. He sat behind Deriq King in HS. This was pretty much his first year getting all the reps since 8th grade. He should get significantly better IMO. Definitely an intriguing 2nd round QB
  3. I mean, as fans, we are allowed to have rose colored expectations....but don’t blindly keep your head in the sand. Our roster has been unbalanced and overwhelmingly top heavy since 2016. It is completely obvious yet I keep seeing the same generic statements: “it’s not a big deal”, “the cap is fake news”, “we can sign whoever we want”, “having no money and half the players under contract as most other teams is no big deal” or some other nonsense. Makes it tough to have legitimate conversation sometimes.
  4. He was good for hat game. If the first play of the game wasn’t a bogus penalty that negated a 95 yard TD, they win and he has 350 yards passing
  5. Bucs seem likely to let Goodwin walk in FA. We will pick up Ridley’s 5th year option and reassess next year
  6. If they think his contract makes it next to impossible to win a SB with him, why not see what sort of package teams may offer?
  7. As a trade the impact is much different. The Seahawks will pay probably half the contract. Look at the Eagles who are paying nearly 35 million of Wentz contract this year. Plus the Saints will send several great players over as part of the trade I assume
  8. Not only are the Falcons capped out, but they also rank 32nd (dead last) for players under contract in each of the next two years. I just don’t understand how people don’t see that TD left a mess. No money, no players....but ppl think you’re a troll for thinking we are not in great shape
  9. If you don’t see how it pertains to the previous regime: “Fontenot and Smith inherited a huge headache with the salary cap” “One person in the organization is putting in especially long hours. Chris Olsen, the new director of football administration, is charged with getting the team under the salary cap. It's a daunting task. “He was all clean-shaven when he got here. But every day, his beard gets a little longer," Fontenot joked. “Whether I'm getting into the office or leaving the office, his light is on. He's working hard." “We have to look at what is best for the big picture," the GM said. "It's not just about getting under the cap. It's about making good decisions. It's a challenge for all of us.” Fontenot said Tuesday that the Falcons, coming off a miserable 4-12 season, will have to be creative in how they build the roster for 2021.
  10. He is saying both. We’ve overpaid too often lately which means we can’t do so this year again. TF has on numerous occasions alluded to the Falcons being in a pretty poor spot with regards to cap and being able to fill out the roster
  11. A Matthews trade fits the bill, especially if we draft Sewell or Slater. It opens up a lot of money for us and would be a “hard decision.”
  12. The fact he has on numerous occasions referenced overpaid FA’s is quite telling on the job he thinks TD did and the current state of our roster
  13. Hope it happens just so I can see the reactions. It’s a trade you’d hate until you win a SB. Then everyone would say they knew it all along
  14. The bottom tweet is the point that is lost on those blindly raging against a QB at 4th
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