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  1. We should all be so lucky to retire early with **** injuries...lol
  2. That increase would be mostly due to the new stadium
  3. I would say their respective secondaries were better than ours last year.
  4. I am hopeful for that and believe top 7-8 is attainable. With that said, we did just give up 600 yards in the SB so I don't want to be unrealistic. Truth be told, with our offense, a top 12 defense is enough to win a Super Bowl
  5. We have yet to prove it on the field so the ranking is ok with me. But I'll tell you this: if our secondary lives up to that #5 ranking and our pass rush is top 10-12...look out. You'd have to play incredibly well to beat us.
  6. One man's opinion is another one's BS. Who cares. Trying to get a Falcons forum to agree with you is an exercise in futility. I like your takes though...even if they are BS
  7. Quintorris is his name & Julio is his nickname...not sure why they keep adding new ones.
  8. The Patriots won. They earned it. They deserve it. That should be enough for you, bud. No point in rubbing our noses in it. See you in Foxboro, Week 6. Should be a **** of a game.
  9. Ties are a beyotch...but baring injury, we are far more likely to win double digits rather than single.
  10. The more appropriate question is: would you really want the Falcons 16-0 heading into the playoffs? My heart says **** yes, but my mind says 15-1 is an easier route
  11. I was under the impression that it was the top 100 players of 2017. What happened the previous 3 years should be irrelevant. The fact that Brady and Rodgers have better careers is irrelevant. In 2017 Ryan was better than Brady & Rodgers. Fact.
  12. We blew 2 games in which we held at least a 17 point lead. That's lack of situational football and falls squarely on DQ. If Quinn addresses this one issue, he is top 3. As of now I can't put him much higher than 6 or 7
  13. Ryan will be a HOF quarterback. All that's left to determine is whether it's as a 1st, 2nd or 3rd ballot Hall of Famer.
  14. I am more concerned about facing a great OL...