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  1. Just waiting on the team to play complimentary football for consecutive games. Has not happened since Week 11 last year
  2. Bottom line is Ryan and the offense were sub par once again today. The last two weeks we have averaged a pretty awful 4.2 yards per play. Koetter is struggling to scheme players open in either the run or pass. One number that bears this out is passes defended. The last two weeks, Ryan has had 18 passes defended which is as bad as it gets. This tells you he is trying to fit throws into tight windows. Either the route concepts are bad or the spacing is garbage. Regardless, this falls on the teams offensive coordinator
  3. Debo has the NFL record through first 5 years of career. Derrick Brooks is all time leader with 6 (linebackers)
  4. Falcons were unimpressed with Matt LaFleur’s work, and let him walk before hiring Steve Sarkisian Now that the wheels have completely fallen off of the Falcons offense, we’ve been wondering why Dan Quinn didn’t just promote Matt LaFleur. By Matthew Chambers on October 23, 2017 5:53 pm
  5. On the season, Koo is 29/30 which is pretty awesome. He is making, on average, 2.7 FG’s per game which would be an NFL high by a large margin. While I’m happy for Koo, the fact we attempted the most FG’s last year and once again this year is an indictment of he whose name I shall not mention. In the last 20 years, only one team has averaged more than 2.8 FGA’s per game: the 2011 Redskins. After today’s 5-5 FG’s, the Dirty Birds are on pace to become the 2nd team. Woo-Koo!!
  6. He is making an All Pro run this season. Without question our team MVP this season
  7. Our 3rd & 4th down defense has been a strength all year. Morris still calls those downs
  8. Who would have thought the best DE on UCLA’s 2017 defense was Mariner, not TALK McKinnley
  9. Whoever started Falcons defense gonna dominate their fantasy league today
  10. James actually earned his contract the year. Very good in the run game. Big loss for us
  11. Kyle nearly replicated our 2016 number with far less talent in SF last year Its ok for fans to expect better offense than DK managed the last two years.
  12. Yeah, don’t let the score confuse things. An offense playing well has 45-50 points with how poorly LV has played and how generous the refs have been. One of our worst offensive performances in two years today
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