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  1. I want Weaver or Uche Rd 2. It’s tremendous value there. Chuck thinks Weaver is an immediate double digit sack guy. Mocks have him falling to Rd 3, but I’d still take him at 47
  2. You may be right. I know he surprised with his combine time...but the tape doesn’t really scream a 4.45 guy. Im just not sure he has the range to frequently play in a Cover 1 shell against NFL receivers. I could be wrong, though. But there is no doubt is instincts and IQ are off the charts
  3. He isn’t a tremendous athlete, but he has great instincts which I’ll take over elite athleticism
  4. I like Winfield, but he doesn’t have the range they are talking about in the video as a post safety. He is a ballhawk...but his athleticism isn’t on the level of premier single high’s. Delpit does have the requisite athleticism.
  5. Our offense was explosive in the 2nd quarter. That’s pretty much it. We scored a total of 7 points in the 1st, 3rd and 4th quarter combined. In the 2nd half we punted 4 times, fumbled once and scored a TD Our non scoring drives in 2nd Half: - 3 plays, 4 yards and 1:50 TOP - 3 plays, -15 yards and 2:15 TOP - 3 plays, -2 yards and 1:30 TOP - 6 plays, 45 yards and 2:45 TOP - 4 plays, 16 yards and 0:54 TOP 5 Drives, 19 plays and 48 total yards while taking up 9:00 minutes TOP. That’s about as bad as you can do over 5 drives
  6. One of the all time under appreciated seasons is Elroy Hirsch Who led the league in receiving yards in 1951, recording 1,495 yards over a 12-game season.
  7. 1200 or bust baby...
  8. You get fired for simply making stuff up
  9. To try and judge a schedule in April is an exercise in futility
  10. JJ > Megatron. And if we are being honest, he is better than anyone not named Jerry Rice at this point
  11. I mean, if we are being honest, do you think they are simply making things up? I doubt it. I suspect there is truth
  12. I’m not sure his production can come close to translating to the NFL, but he is an interesting rospect
  13. We have our starting corners. We should not go CB until RD 3
  14. While Brady had Gordon the first 6 weeks, he averaged 285 ypg and 32 ppg. Once Gordon was traded, there was nobody to throw to. Hardy would have easily been their #2
  15. They ran fewer plays than us