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  1. Welp, as the moderator on Nuggets forum just said: “We didn't even lose to the Hawks the team. We lost to Trae Young. They had no one else play welll
  2. We win 8-9 games this year without Trae
  3. Time for Trae to take over
  4. I would exile TD for Dobbs in a nano-second. That said, except for our current CAP dilemma, he has been a great hire for the Falcons
  5. Bailey has not been good considering his paycheck. If he can only play two f dc owns then it’s not a good signing
  6. But the Bucs have rescinded the option prior to the May 3rd date. As such, Hargroves will either get picked up off waivers or he becomes a FA and new deal is signed
  7. Clearly we play better in a 4-3 look. Crawford flashed again...we got after the QB because the back-end did their job The move to odd man front was a disaster and made little to no sense
  8. Really surprised at how average Bailey has been
  9. My understanding is the 5th year option only becomes relevant on May 3rd. Before that it’s nothing
  10. Poor Duke has just one freaking tackle on the entire season
  11. I think that releasing a player also releases the option. See Corey Coleman Corey Coleman, WR, $10.162MM (Giants): 5th year option not applicable due to release
  12. But he has been waived so the option has been rescinded, right? Assuming a team picks him up
  13. Poor Vic...only the Falcons would take their young All Pro DE who just led the NFL in sacks and ask him to change things up the next year
  14. During the game I kept asking myself WTF is a Tuioti-Mariner & WTF is a Blake. Both had an impact
  15. Why exactly would Tampa pick up his 5th year option if he has been so Jeckyll & Hyde? I think waiving him rescinds the option. Could be wrong, though. My bet is if you sign him, he comes cheap
  16. Certainly an interesting idea. Do I want to spend three 1st round picks (two of them high first) on OL in a 12-month period? I really don’t. McGary has started to settle in but would be a bear at OG. Matthews back to RT? In your scenario, instead of Thomas at #5, I would instead draft Delpit and then take Trey Adams in the 2nd but put him at RT, next to McGary at RG
  17. Confidence is a funny thing. The talent was never really the question. Quinn & Co looked flat, listless and without confidence all year. That was not the case vs the Saints. If the same confident group we saw in NO remains the rest of the year, we will be a very tough out
  18. I’m surprised we have had so little success on inside zone this year. Still far more effective on the edge in the run game
  19. We run just 28% of offensive plays. That doesn’t work. But vs Eagles and today our offense is balanced and the results speak for themselves. RUN THE FOOTBALL 42-45% of offensive plays, please. It protects your defense along with your offensive line.
  20. Unless AB was part of the offseason cluster **** and admits it. Very litttle about this offseason screamed DQ
  21. Seattle is 5th in Rush Attempts Per Game TB is 12th in Rush Attempts Per Game ATL is 32nd in Rush Attempts Per Game
  22. Offense still had to score 31 points in the final 22 minutes. I’d say it was complimentary football along with help from Falcons coaching.
  23. The Bucs defense (31 ppg) & Seattle defense (26 ppg) are bad like ours yet their OC’s are doing more with less. Bad defense doesn’t mean you abandon the run: Bucs Offense: 29 ppg, 108 rush ypg Seattle Offense: 27 ppg, 140 rush ypg Falcons Offense: 21 ppg, 76 rush ypg