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  1. If you didn’t know the name, what does this sound like: ”When coach calls aggressive plays on 4th down, it’s the players job to execute” Thats why I read it that way.
  2. Was discussing this last week. Shanny’s offense can no longer be seen except for a few plays here and there. The naked bootleg today was sweet. Worked, too
  3. It reads like he is calling the play, not simply electing to go for it on 4th down
  4. Why is Dan calling any plays on offense?
  5. This is the truth of the matter. Despite being overly top-heavy, this team has more than enough talent to win every single game it plays
  6. And negative 8 million to do it with
  7. KOG is in Virginia and I am in Florida. Would love the beer and good conversation if you’re ever on SWFL
  8. It’s pathetic, honestly
  9. He can’t. There was a sweet naked bootleg though
  10. Still scratching my head over Koetter. I thought he would be far better. Dude is All Yards, No Points And Bevell is on the verge of beating KC to remain undefeated.
  11. Bevell please
  12. What he said
  13. The team doesn’t know so how could we possibly know
  14. I feel sorry @vel has to spend time doing write-up’s on this group. It looks like we changed our entire philosophy on offense, defense & ST’s. Wait a minute...we did vel, just punt on the write-Yo’s. This team has no clue who they are so how can anyone possibly offer analysis. Just say TBD and move on
  15. Nick Chubb going for 200 today
  16. My bad...thought you were Yo_Lover for some reason.
  17. Koetter actually is awful
  18. Still defending Koetter?
  19. McGary...smh. Wish we kept our 3rd
  20. Koetter gets a pass cause supposedly his OL sucks wherever he goes. But he is the constant in each situation. He can’t coach a decent OL in 8 years? SMH Where you at @Ovie_Lover
  21. Is that on the OC? Are the plays just bad?
  22. I am starting to realize why the four former HC’s on our staff were all fired as Head Coach. We look lost and completely unprepared.
  23. Needs to involve a punter & kicker, too
  24. @FalconFanSince1970 is looking like Nostradomous
  25. G-dawg can start working on 2020 Mock Drafts